mirror shows what you are

Apparently there was a boy named Akin in a Osusu village. One day he was playing and went to a room with old furniture in their house. There he saw a mirror. Akin liked the round mirror in the engraved wooden frame. Bring it carefully and show it to the mother, ‘Mom! I will take this mirror. The mother said, “Okay Dear! But be careful. This is our ancestors. It should not be spoiled. ” Akin said OK.

Taking the mirror, Akin wiped it clean and looked at his face, his face looking gloomy. ‘That’s why my face was so sad. He looked in the mirror again after playing with his play objects. Even then there was a look of sadness on his face. After a while he ate his favorite food. Looking at his face in the mirror after eating looked the same as before.

‘oh god! Akin swore to himself, “Don’t look at your face in the mirror,” that evening he went to play in the park with his mother. While playing there, Akin saw a kid crying and there were no adults next to him. Akin realizes that kid is missing. With the money he had Akin bought peanuts and peeled them and fed a kid. He also drank fresh water, then the little kid stopped crying. He played kid and searched for his parents. Meanwhile, kid’s parents appeared. Very happy to see kid. Akin was praised for taking care of kid.

Invited to come to their home anytime. Akin went home and told his mother about it, and his mother was also happy. Then he remembered the mirror and looked at his face in the mirror. The face appeared to be glowing in the mirror.

Justin Bieber felt lonely on the moon:

How to achieve success in studies and Exams?

Nasir, son of Henry, a prominent businessman, and Sullivan, son of Smith, who works as a laborer near Henry, are studying in the 10th class Prominent school in Chicago. Henry has a good reputation in that school. Therefore, even if Nasir does not come to school properly and does not write anything in the exams, he is the one who passes without getting angry and passing the marks depending on the opportunity. So Nasir used to hang out with everyone.

As soon as Sullivan left school, his father would come and take him home with any supplies he needed. Sullivan reads all the lessons close to home, reads the questions carefully and completes the day’s work on the same day. Tenth graders read more carefully with fear than exams. Tenth grade exams have begun. These tenth grade exams are the best turning point in every student’s life. So Sullivan would stay up all night and take a thorough look at each lesson and store it in his brain. Seeing the hard work of the son, the mother and father also stayed awake and accompanied him without falling asleep.

Henry wanted his son to come to State‌ First Class’, for which he explored various avenues, paid bribes and finally got the questionnaires. Nasir studied the answers to those questions and wrote the exams well. Sullivan also wrote all the exams well with self-cultivation. The results came two months later. Nasir, who had obtained the question papers earlier, came to the school first. Sullivan, however, passed in the first class. Nasir was congratulated by the school children. Nasir, Sullivan, joined Trinity College. Nasir has been in trouble ever since.

The lessons taught by the lecturer are not understood. Day by day college means more and more fear. With that fear he got into the habit of going to college and turning into fearless. Sullivan was well-read, so he understood everything and got good marks. Nasir tells his father not to go to college. He asked what would happen if he was forced to join his business. With that, his education stopped. Henry’s dreams of adding his son to the high peaks were shattered.

Sullivan grew step by step. Learned Computers. Wrote competitive exams. Passed easily in all. He got a top government job in India without going abroad even if he got the chance. Henry heartily congratulated smith for saying that thing happily. Henry realizes that he has ruined his son’s future. ‘Ever since I was a child, I have been in the habit of buying with money. That habit darkened my son’s life. Wrong, wrong me! ’He thought.

Ethics: The student’s future will be bleak if he passes the crossroads without reading with self-cultivation.

Dont allow wicked persons into your house

Once upon a time there was a very big forest. Snake anthill in that forest. Most snakes were nesting in that mound. One day a well-fed hedgehog came to the anthill. The snakes came out screaming at its grunting sound. They looked at the hedgehog and asked what the story was.

“Today is my good fortune. I ate a lot of food. When I saw that most of the starvation was to sleep somewhere, there was a commotion of birdsong and other noises all around.

“There’s not much space inside. It’s okay. We’ll sleep a little. The hedgehog slowly slipped inside. It was so warm inside the mound that it immediately fell asleep.

As the pig slept, its natural nature was to pierce the snakes with a single thorn on its dung. The snakes screamed in front of it, “Go!”

Here I am cozy here. Even sleeping well over. Do not spoil my sleep. If you’ve bothered so much, get yourself out. With this the thorns pierced the snakes well.
Sadly snakes. Do more. They went out swearing to themselves that it would not go well.
Morality in the story: Cheating comes first when giving shelter to the wicked.

Intelligence can give you everything

Namely a king. He has a lot of money. Called a sculptor to hide and set up a secret treasury. Even its secret was not made known to others. Is it less than the sculptor who built it? Unbeknownst to the king, he made another secret passage in the stone slabs that had been fixed to the wall, and before he left, he closed his eyes and told his sons about it. When money is needed. The original king of selfish. He observed that money was eaten up because he had the quality of looking after money alone on a daily basis.

The king set up the scissors cage. As usual one of the two who came got stuck in it. Not wanting to be in a position to remember himself, Brother beheaded the man trapped in the cage. The head was taken home by the brother. Is the king stupid? Realized that this work was done by two. He found the modem hanging on the fort and told the guards. Look at it and catch if anyone tries to take it. Unable to fight, the beheaded man deftly guards Sarah, intoxicates her, lowers her torso, and seizes her home.

The king understood that he was impossible. When he lured his daughter beauty. She announces that she is getting married to Wade, who has done a terrible job and a skillful adventure. He is survived by his brother, who told him that he had cut off his head and eaten his torso. She spotted him and tricked him away as he was about to be caught by the guards. The king, who thought he would not be saddened if such an impossibility arose, said that there was no point in punishing the real treasure thief. Then the departed brother. If you were cut down now, who would stop you? Asked the king. Your a king so no one has the guts to ask. But if you miss the word, you played, you will have to answer to God in heaven tomorrow. But if you miss the word, you played, you will have to answer to God in heaven tomorrow. That’s not it! The kingdom also gave as a gift.

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