Hawk does not bite a normally lying snake

A baby hen carries her young chicks along with them, wanders over the trash, and eats worms. A snake in the nest next to it, it saw the hen and the chicks. Anyway snake wanted to swallow a baby. The snake knows that if the mother catches the hen while the hen is watching, the mother hen will poke her eyes out with her nose!

Thinking of raising any height for it, she lay on her side like a dead body. Snake! The snake, which is not yet frightened, turns around and the hen jumps from side to side, lying on the bed without moving or moving.

The hen was frightened to see the children jumping out of the snake. Seeing the snake that was not moving, thinking that it was dead, the mother hen went to the side. Meanwhile, as it was getting dark, the mother hen picked up the children and left. However, the chicken ran away when it saw the hen behind it!

Snake glad that his height worked well. The next day he could eat another chicken, lying dead in the same place by the time the chicks arrived! The worms climbed up and ate, and the hens and chicks came in as usual. The mother hen saw the snake lying there. “It’s been like this since yesterday. Let’s see what’s dead”, the snake came closer and rolled it with its nose.

When the snake is out, it does not move, it does not move. The chicks roamed around and went sideways. Meanwhile, a hawk on Quickly came crashing down like an arrow and struck the snake!

Normally, a hawk does not bite a normally lying snake. If the snake is lying down, he will be pronounced dead.

Bear you are good, but the servants who come with you are not good :

“There was a man in a Mentmore village who used to go to the forest every day to fetch firewood. One day while he was doing this, a bear came across him. The bear ate the food and was satisfied.

Afterwards, the carpenter brought the delicacies every day and put them on the bear, and gradually the bear became good to the carpenter. Bear spent time eating and playing with the ingredients he brought. The crow, which was the assistant to the bear, saw the fox one day and said, Lord! You have not hunted recently. You have not roamed with us before.

When asked why, the bear told him everything that had happened since he had befriended the carpenter. Curious to see their new friend carpenter. Said the crow to the fox. “Okay, come with us” The bear took them and left. The carpenter saw the bear coming and ran and sat down on a tree. The bear went under the tree and said, Friend! Then why do you sit on a tree when your friends are curious to see you? ”

Then a carpenter said Dear bear! You are good, but the servants who come with you are not good. The fox that came with you has tricks. Crow’s favorite beak, sly. So it is not good to make friends with you. ” The bear was ashamed and left, after which the woodpecker went to his house.

How to reach heaven? How long does it take for a soul to reach heaven

A teacher had thousands of disciples all over the country. Wherever he went, people gives huge respect to him.

As he walked from one place to another on the pulpit, people would stand in line and pour flower rain. Thus, he was stationed in a village, traveling all over the country, receiving gifts and donations from wealthy disciples.

Yet no matter how many disciples he had, it took him twelve years to reconnect with those who had once visited.

Once, as the teacher was going from one town to another, someone in the middle of the road shouted and stopped him. Although he looked like a lunatic, Atlas stood with his arms outstretched in the middle of the road and insisted that the pulpit would not move forward until the teacher spoke to him.

The teacher became more impatient but he did not let himself go! So, immobile, he thought, ‘Let’s talk to him for a minute,’ and he said, What do you want? He asked, a little annoyed.

The lunatic said I must go to heaven. People have told me that you are a great teacher and that you know very well what the way to heaven is. That way you have to show something. ”

The teacher laughed heartily. “Will you ascend to heaven? Very easy well, stand there. Raise your hands, stretch out toward heaven and stand – that’s all, you will reach heaven.

The lunatic was delighted Oh that’s it! As the man calmed down again and asked another question, the teacher tapped his palanquin boys and left. The pulpit moved forward.

Twelve years later neither teacher was allowed to come to the other side again. As he was crossing the outskirts of pulpit town, he found the man again.

This time he raised his arms and stretched out towards the sky and stood motionless. His hair, beard are faded and wrapped in cardboard. The nails grew. The black curls are back. The clothes were torn and shredded. However, he did not seem to get anything. His eyes are still looking at the sky.

As the teacher walked beside him a miracle occurred to him that crazy man he got up as soon as he stood up and slowly started his journey towards the sky!

The teacher seemed to faint for a moment. Somehow, unless he told the trick to tease the lunatic, he would not have thought that he would implement his advice as an initiation for twelve years! Moreover, he does not believe that his advice will work! Does he not want to see heaven? The next morning he got up and jumped out of the pulpit, found the legs of the lunatic, and said that he would go to heaven with Him!

He realized that there was no other way for people like him to see heaven!

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