What is the importance of the cow?

Why worship cows? The priests said that the cow is the embodiment of all the gods and if you worship the cow, you will get the pious fruit of worshiping all the gods. It is stated that cow is worshiped and worshiped in the Shastras. Priest Vamsi Krishna said that Kamadhenu means fulfillment of desires.

It has been revealed that if you worship yes, all good wishes and wishes will be fulfilled. He reminded us that even in the Puranas, Ashva Puja and Ghaja Puja are mentioned as Pasu Puja. The priests said that first the poison came in the milk of the ocean, and then with the arrival of Kamadenu, it was received by the gods.

He said that the cow is considered as the all-god figure who fulfills the desires. He said that Go Pooja is still performed first in most famous temples and we see Go Pooja being performed even during the construction of temples. It is said that after performing Gopuja to Moolamurthy first in famous temples, it is customary to perform pooja programs by showing the cow to Moolamurthy. The main feature of Govukunde is taking energy directly.

It is said that it gives us pure milk with D vitamin in it and this milk is yellow in color. He said that if the newborn babies do not get their mother’s milk then the cow is called cow after mother and mother after mother by giving cow’s milk. The priests say that by worshiping the cow, the blessings of all the gods and Ashta Aishwarya will be achieved. It is said that cow’s milk also contains the same type of nutrients as mother’s milk. It has been revealed that many diseases can be cured by cow dung and cow urine.

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