fox wanted to become a tiger

If the tiger was roaming in the forest as a king, all the animals would have fled this side and that side in fear. Seeing that, a fox was very rotten. All animals are afraid of the tiger, and if you think about the reason for this, it is thought that the reason may be the tiger’s stripes. Fox went to a blacksmith and asked her to put tiger stripes on it. He shot the iron rod well and put it in the air. The fox cried out, “Stripes are not an unwanted pain, just another arm.” “So the colors are sour,” said blacksmith.

Fox went to the painter and asked him to paint. He blushed as the fox asked. The fox stared at those colors. Immediately he went into the forest, roared like a tiger, and made a howl. Even the fleeing animals roamed around and listened in amazement. Meanwhile, the rain fell, and the fox’s stripes were washed away in the water. Seeing this, even the smallest animals began to mock the fox.

The fox knew very well that day that we should not change our ways by looking at one another.

vile friendhip gives you bad results :

We are in danger because of a mean friend. Those who do not tolerate seeing those who have the quality of helping harm others unknowingly. Friendship with such people brings danger forever. Let us know the story of the swan which lost his life due to such a friend. In the forest adjoining Amazon, a swan and a pigeon were very friendly. The swan was as white as the full moon.

Living happily helping other birds as long as it is possible. The pigeon, on the other hand, was proud to say in front of the birds that the swan, the best of the bird species, was his friend and that the swan had befriended him because he was good.

Valmiki, a hunter from Amazon, came to the forest one day to hunt. He searched until mid-afternoon and found not a single animal. He got up early and went under a nearby tree, unable to bear the heat, thinking that the forest was bored with anyone’s face. She woke up to see a swan sleeping under the tree. To it appeared a hunter sitting under a tree with a sweaty body. The swan felt sorry for him when he saw him.

The tired hunter fluttered his long wing like a whistle, waving to the wind, wanting to make amends for a while. The hunter, tired of the cold air, fell asleep and lay down under the tree.

At the same time the pigeon that came there saw the swan doing the work and how sorry you are, throwing the wind hard at the hunter who came to kill us. You are not ashamed to serve such a sinner. Swan friend to it! Philanthropy mid-body said adults. The other person said we should help as much as we can.

Turn! Help well! The pigeon laughed mockingly and flew away with the droppings so that it fell exactly on the Valmiki face. He opened his eyes angrily and looked up at the tree as the droppings went straight and fell on the Valmiki nose. He saw a swan with outstretched wings. Immediately received the arrow and aimed and hit the swan. It went straight and pierced the swan’s skull, killing it.

The benevolent swan lost his life for the work done by the vile pigeon, so be aware that it is dangerous to make friends with the vile pigeon.

snake never leave its original nature

Chang was a good farmer in Hongcun Ancient Village. Chang’s mind is good. village people come to chang for seeking suggestions if they face any difficulties. Chang was doing his best to help them.

Once while plowing the Chang farm a snake was seen. Ordinary farmers kill a snake as soon as it is found they do not even see whether it is a poisonous worm or not. But Chang paused for a moment and saw ‘what a snake it is. Looks like it’s a venomous snake! When Chang wanted to kill it, it said Chang! I was born on your farm. All the others ate the rats in your farm and saved your crop. Now that I have lost my house porch and are shivering, will, you kill me? Please! That.

Chang felt sorry for it. He took it home and kept it in a warm place near the fireplace. He set up a basket over it and began to care for it. He would take it to the farm every day when he went to the farm.

Once one of the eagles saw the snake coming out of the basket and grabbed it by the rivulet volley. The work of the snake would have ended if Chang, who was sowing seeds nearby, had not thrown the scythe in his hands at the eagle. One time one of the cats grabbed it. Re-emerging, he chased the cat away in time and rescued the snake. So many times Chang saved it from the clutches of the enemies.

One day the snake found nothing to eat. The hungry snake remembered the past. Chang remembered that he was going to kill himself. The snake, forgetting Chang’s kindness, boiled with rage. Slowly Chang reached behind and fell down to bite.

Chang turned back to circle and found its head on quickly. The snake, begging to be released, opened its mouth with a hook without being heard. He peeked at both of its fangs including the venomous cysts behind those fangs. No longer does it harm anyone? And then left it on the farm.

Look no matter what the snake does, thought Chang, in his mind.

Look the man has not lost his mind’s thought the snake, running away.

Lion roard like a cat

There was a lion in a forest. The king of the jungle would terrify all the animals whenever he saw it. The pub spends its time telling the lion that a fox is barking. All the animals that could not bear the lion’s suffering decided to come together and confront it.

Everyone in our forest is a king. Whose food is we earning. Whose life is we living for. Times are changing. There are no kings. There are no geese, said a monkey to all the other animals. And all the animals which agreed to the words of the monkey together. No longer thought that the lion had the appropriate intellect to say no profit.

Immediately all the animals reached the cave where the lion was. Standing in front of the cave. The time of kings is gone, we are kings ourselves they shouted loudly. Those words and howls were heard by the sleeping lion. The fox has been saying for a long time that all the animals in the forest are doing something big. This is a word. Thought to himself.

The lion roared through the cave, thinking, “Once he roars, all the animals will have a heart attack. They will run away. But strangely from its throat Maw .. Maw…! The sound was written. No matter how hard he tried to gather and roar loudly except for the sound of the cat maw, there was no real roar. This frightened the lion.

If animals know this, is there anything else? The lion fell into a frenzy of disgrace. If you look up from the cave outside the cave, not only large animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, wolves, but also rabbits, monkeys and deer were seen shouting loudly. The days of kings are gone. We are kings.

That’s right why doesn’t the lion make a noise? Said the fox with suspicion. Unable to catch the rage it slowly sneaked into the cave. Asking questions the lion. Raja! Did you see how many of these animals were drowned? That is. The scum when the lion opens its mouth. Boss are you the king of this forest. Why do you look like that? The fox asked twice. However, the lion did not bark.

Oho! You are good, you have left the monarchy knowing full well that times have changed! Said the fox again to himself. However, the lion did not open his mouth. In the meantime, all the animals outside the cave asked, What is the fox doing playing with the lion? There was a suspicion that. With that they shouted loudly for the fox to come out.

Survivors of the fox are gone. Came out slowly. All the animals fell on it and were killed. Friends! Listen to me. I have spoken to the lion. Now the lion himself has left the kingdom. He has also ceased to roar. I am coming to tell you this good news. In the meantime you have called yourself.

With that, all the animals understood about the lion and the fox’s cunning. They all knew that the day had come when the lion tied his tail but the fox would also refrain from chanting. We laughed that we are kings and all the animals left happily. That’s it Now the story is over We are home!!

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