Don’t gift these 8 items to anyone

We give gifts to our relatives, friends, and loved ones depending on the occasion. Everyone thinks of giving whatever gifts they like depending on the function.

But whatever the occasion, certain items are perfect for gifting. But in the rush to gift things that are used in daily life, many people give some things as gifts.

The gift we give has an important place in Vastu Shastra. Therefore, gifting some items is not free. The things we give affect the house and its energy flow. Due to that, there may be fluctuations in the energy system there. Thus, according to Vastu Shastra, 8 essential objects should not be gifted under any circumstances. Vastu Shastra says that if you want positive progress in the life of your relatives, do not gift these things.

Sharp objects

Knives and any sharp or pointed objects should not be gifted for any reason. These cause negative energy. Rewards should only be given to encourage unity and positivity.

Black objects

Black has a negative connotation. Therefore no black material including black cloth should be given as a gift.

Cacti or thorns

Gifting of plants is common. Any other plants can be given, but thorny plants such as cactus should not be given. Vastu Shastra warns that these will increase negativity and create obstacles in all fields.

the clock

Gifting a watch is very common. However, in Vastu Shastra, a watch or watch is not a gift. These indicate a time limit, meaning that there is only a short amount of time. A clock tied to time does not promote a relationship. Any item beyond the time limit can be gifted to enhance love and romantic relationships.

Electronic gadget

Gifting of electronic gadgets is also common. These disrupt the flow of natural energy in the house. It is best to gift items that promote a calm atmosphere.


Mirrors have a profound effect on the flow of energy. Vastu Shastra says that mirrors should not be placed anywhere in the house. Also, it is not a giftable item. Mirrors reflect negative energy. Doubly so. It is beneficial to give things that increase happiness and positivity.

Leather goods

Many people gift wallets, bags, and other leather goods. However, leather goods are not suitable for gifting. Skin is associated with negative energy.


Be careful while choosing artworks like paintings, sculptures. Because they can inspire negative and aggressive attitudes. Choose only those things that bring you happiness and peace

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