Hari and Siva were good friends. They were smokers. One day they decided not to smoke anymore. They went in for a bet. If anyone was found smoking, he had to pay a fine of a hundred rupees to the other. Both agreed on this bet and challenge. They did not smoke for a long time.

One mid-day Siva could not control his desire to smoke. He bought a cigarette. He went to the nearest park. He forgot to buy a box of matches. Just then he saw some smoke coming out of a corner. The smoke was coming from a bush.

He went there. He asked the other to give him the matchbox. He lifted his head and saw him. Oh! Hari was there smoking stylishly. They laughed at their useless challenge.

As you sow so you reap :

Once there lived a poor man. He took a loan of five hundred rupees from his friend. He could not repay the loan. The friend filed a case against him in court. The man met a lawyer. The lawyer agreed to save him. He advised his client to say ‘Baa’ in the court to each question put by the judge. His fees were fixed at one hundred rupees. The trial began. The judge put many questions. The man replied Baa’. The judge thought. that he was deaf and dumb. He dismissed the case. Outside the court, the lawyer asked his fees. The man said, Baa and went away. The lawyer paid in his own coin.

unity is strength :

Once there lived a good man in a small town. He had five sons. They were lazy and selfish. The good man was worried about his sons. He advised them not to quarrel among themselves. But they did not listen to his good words. They did not care about him at all.

The old man thought of a plan to bring them round. The good man requested his work to bring a bundle of wooden sticks. Then the good man asked his sons to break the wooden sticks bundle. But none could break it. The old man got the bundle. loosened. He asked his sons to take each one a single stick and break it. The wooden sticks were broken easily. —Then the sons understood that unity is strength.’


Once there lived two dogs. One day they found a big loaf. They started quarreling for the loaf. They failed to share it equally. So they went to a fox to get the matter settled.

The fox was very cunning. It wanted to eat the whole loaf. It intentionally divided the loaf into two unequal parts. It bit the larger piece. It became very small. Then it bit the other loaf piece saying that it was too large.

The fox ate all the loaf piece by piece. Nothing of the loaf was left for the dogs. They became sad and went away disappointed.

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