We Make mistakes in a hurry no matter what. Eventually, they realize that mistake and suffer. Haste is always the reason for an accident. There was a scholar named Raja Varma in the village. A mongoose was crawling under the tamarind tree in his yard.

It was living by eating Fermented Rice thrown by Raja Varma’s wife. One day Raja Varma went to take part in the epic festival taking place in a neighboring village. mongoose came into the house and went into the middle room and lay down with the door corner.

In the same room, Raja Varma’s son is sleeping. Raja Varma’s wife is working in the kitchen. Where did it come from? A snake reached the roof of the house. From there it slowly drifted towards the child lying in the arts from the arts.

At the same time, the mongoose noticed the snake. mongoose jumped down, grabbed the flying snake, thinking that she had a chance to repay the loan of his owner.

The fight between the snake mongoose began. Eventually, the mongoose killed the snake. After that, he went to the kitchen to show Raja Varma’s wife what he had done. Raja Varma’s wife throws a green rock in her hand over it. To that blow, the mongoose died. In the room her kid was safe, she noticed a dead snake. Then she realized what happened. She felt very bad for the sudden decision.

Ass and Camel Story :

Once there lived an ass and a camel. They were good friends. One day they felt hungry. They went to a nearby garden to eat cabbages. There were plenty of cabbages there. While they were eating the cabbages, the foolish ass brayed. The gardener heard the bray. He came out and saw the camel. He beat it. The ass hid somewhere. The innocent camel was beaten. It got angry with the ass.

After some days both wanted to cross a river to eat fruits. The ass was not able to cross the river. The camel carried it on its back. The camel got an opportunity to take revenge on the ass. Whereas crossing the stream, within the center of the waterway. The camel started dancing. The ass fell and drowned.

never ending story :

One there was a king. He was very much fond of stories. He declared that he would give his daughter in marriage to the man who would tell him an endless story.

One day a young handsome man came to the king. He began telling an endless story. The story ran like this. Once there was a little ant. It was hungry. It found nothing to eat. It saw a big building. It crawled inside it. There was a heap rice there. It carried a Strain of ice to its home and came back. Again it carried another grain of rice.”

The young man repeated the same story many times. The story seemed endless. The king got vexed. He understood the cleverness of the young man. He married off his daughter to him.

handsome man overconfidence:

Once upon a time, there was a well-educated handsome man in a city. He was very confident in his intelligence and intelligence. That overconfidence made him proud. He left the city and went to the countryside to teach.

As soon as he did so, his troubles began. All those who envied him thought they were geniuses. To teach them is to prove that He is wiser than they are. A handsome man who was very confident in his intelligence went to an uncle and wanted to prove that he was smarter than that uncle.

If the person cannot answer his question, he gives himself coins. The handsome man stipulated.

The handsome man scolded the uncle, saying, “This is a very easy question to win. The whole town flocked to see the quiz. The educated handsome man asked the first question, What is the capital of England?’

“I don’t know. I’ll give you five coins,” said the other uncle.

London‌ he said. The handsome man was admired by all the people. The handsome man pocketed five coins.

Turns quick, but it doesn’t appear to turn at all, what is it?” The handsome man asked a second question.

“I do not know. I am going to give you five coins,” said the uncle.

The handsome man said land and pocketed five more coins.

The handsome man asked the third question, “What is going on during the day and going down at night? I do not know the uncle.” I’ll give you five more coins. ” The handsome man, who had received a total of nine coins, rejoiced, and the poor uncle’s wife began to weep. Then came the other uncle’s turn. The handsome man said he was glad he agreed to give the handsome man five thousand coins if he could not answer his question.

What is that thing in the world “strolling with two legs within the morning and four legs within the evening”? The handsome man who asked the question did not utter a word. The hair began to curl. All the people remained silent. The handsome man must have presented the uncle with the five thousand coins he had with him.

The handsome man could not be curious. Asked the uncle.

“I don’t even know what. I am going to give you five coins, told the uncle.

The mind turned to the handsome man who had been educated with the answer of the other uncle.

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