You might have heard the story about the two Lions. If not, here is the refresher. Father told his kid that a battle between two Lions inside each one of us goes on all the time.

First Lion is the Evil character, Lion. it produces germs of anger, envy, sorrow, greed, arrogance, stress, lies, and tension in our minds. Whereas, the second one is a Good character, Lion. it generates the energy for hope, peace, happiness, truth, and ethics in our mind, heart, and soul. The kid asked, so who wins the battle? Father replied the one which you feed more!

The question is that which Lions do we feed daily and how much? If we surround ourselves with negative people, then definitely we are strengthening the Evil Lion.

if we spend our time with good and positive people, then we are encouraging the Good Lion to overcome the Evil one. In the long run, the Lions represent our character because our character gets molded either into Good Lions or Evil Lions.


Once there lived an ant and dove. They were good friends. One day there was heavy rain. The ant was carried away. by the current. It was floating and trying to reach the shore of the small stream. It was in great danger.

The dove saw its friend. It dropped a big leaf near it. The ant got on to it and reached the shore. It thanked the dove. A few months passed by. A hunter came with his gun. He saw the dove on the branch of a tree. He aimed his gun at it. The dove does not see the hunter. The ant realized that its friend was in danger. It quickly crawled and stung the foot of. the hunter. He missed his aim. On hearing the sound of the gun, the dove flew away. It was saved by its friend.

Greed brings grief :

Once there lived a king. His name was shoolin. He was rich but greedy. He prayed to God. God appeared before shoolin and asked shoolin what he wanted. shoolin asked for the boon that whatever he touched would turn into gold. God granted him the boon. shoolin was very happy. He turned spoons, tables, cloths, silver plates and toys, etc. into gold by his golden touch.

He turned natural flowers into unnatural golden flowers. Unfortunately, he touched his only daughter. She, too, turned into a golden statue. He realized his mistake. He wept for his daughter. He repented. shoolin prayed again to God and requested God to take away the boon. God agreed. The daughter of shoolin turned from gold to a natural girl. shoolin learned a lesson.

Great Old Man:

That’s the bus stand. Traveler chatter, confused with the cries of guys selling popcorn. Meanwhile, Naveen entered the bus stand with a briefcase in his hand. Naveen looks gorgeous with glasses for her eyes, a gold chain around her neck, and a safari dress. He is waiting for the bus to board. Meanwhile, Naveen looked back at Babu’s call. Not far from him was an old man, disgusted with a torn beard and torn clothes. Naveen looked at the old man recklessly. Babu Goodem said the bus stopped here. Naveen answered the question bluntly and turned his face to the other side. Babu again! The same old man called. Naveen asked with a disgusted face and eyes.

Babu said that the old man was afraid of Naveen’s gaze and stopped at the busy junction. He turned to the other side and said that it would stop. Naveen places great importance on cleanliness. Such Naveen is failing miserably by talking to an unclean old man. He also swore in his mind that he was working with so many passengers at the bus stand and asking himself. Meanwhile, the Goodem bus came and stopped at the point. The people who came to the bus stand are pushing each other to get on the bus. Some even put handkerchiefs and briefcases through the bus window and reserve seats. Naveen also put his briefcase in a seat by the window and looked around, wondering if everyone could get on after getting on.

Moments later Babu from inside the bus! Naveen looked at the bus as Babu shouted that this is you. A man wearing a black bunny is holding on tight and yelling at the old man he had seen before. Unaware of what had happened, Naveen jumped onto the bus at once. Naveen’s attention went to the bus as the black bunny fell on his briefcase in the man’s hand. That is the word of the house thief. He rained punches on the thief. When Naveen arrived, Sadly the old man left the thief. Meanwhile, a constable saw an altercation and hit the bus. Knowing what had happened, the thief struck him with a stick and took him out.

Meanwhile, Naveen’s attention fell on the old man, who was leaning against the bus rod. Sadly he looked at his clothes and was so upset that he had hated her so far. Old man and helped him beyond words. If he had not caught the thief, he would have lost all his study certificates, Rs 2,000, and clothes in his briefcase. That is why he is holding the hand of the old man who is tired of thinking in his mind that he has to repay the debt to God knowing the mistake he has made, look, Grandpa! Sounds so dull to you! Sit in my seat and relax for a while but Grandpa! He took it and sat down in his seat.

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