King realized his mistake

Once upon a time there was a king named Jason. The king, as the name implies, was very generous. Judge. Good brave. He always cared for the needs of the people in his kingdom and upheld their well-being. He protects the people from any danger. Encourage people to help meet their thirst. The kingdom was weighed down with peace and security, with all the good things the people always praised the goodness of the king.

One evening the king strolled through the park and entered a nearby forest. The forest is densely wooded and beautiful. The king is delighted with the beauty of nature. The king was hungry for a while. Joined an ashram nearby. There lives a saint. The king approached the saint. He asked.

The saint said, “Friend, you can eat your favorite teeth here. Jason is like truth king. Because of his goodness, there are no bitter teeth in this kingdom. When King Chiranjeevi dies, the neem gums are like sweet grapefruit. Sour tamarind is as sweet as ripe mango. Dharma protects them.”

Immediately Jason cut off some neem gums and ate. Surprisingly the juices are like dripping grapes. Tamarind ate and watched. It is like a very sweet mango. The king was very pleased. He left for home with joy. The seed of pride sprouted in his mind. “I am a great king. Who in the world is like me? Aha my fame has spread in all four directions.”

The king began to disregard the regime with arrogant pride. Not recognizing the hardships of the people. He began to spend a lot of time drinking, eating and sleeping. People were surprised. Riots, robberies, thefts, fights everywhere in the kingdom. Crops do not ripen. The king’s behavior did not change even though the drought was raging. Rejoicing with contempt.

One day the king went back to the monastery. He went to the forest where he had gone before. He came to the ashram he had seen before. Then he came to the ashram he saw. Then the saint who saw it. Curious to hear of his greatness. The saint tapped him on the back and asked, “How are the conditions in a human forest? What teeth can I eat? Can I eat neem? Can I eat tamarind?”

The saint also recklessly said. “The whole kingdom is corrupt. The king does not realize the good and the bad of the people. There is famine in the kingdom. There is no food. There is no food. The king was incensed by the criticism. Sighed. Humbly and humbly, the saint fell at his feet and prayed, “I am the sinner. I am the cause of this extreme situation. Pride has overwhelmed me. Lord, save and bless me.”

The saint blessed the king. Jason’s behavior changed. Began to rule the kingdom again righteously. It rained in a timely manner. Crops were plentiful. The trees produced sweet teeth. The kingdom is prospering. People from any corner started talking about the greatness of the king.

Test for find Intelligent son :

There was a merchant named Liotta in America. He has two sons. He put them to the test by assigning his business responsibilities to one of them and decided to hand over his business responsibilities to those who passed that test. He called his two sons and gave them some money and told them to “buy anything that can fill the house with this money.”

The eldest son rushed towards the market on the platform where he was taking the money and he realized that grass was the cheapest commodity among the commodities in the market. He bought grass with all the money his father had given him. Yet that grass was not enough to fill the whole house.

The second son thought that his father’s task should be done very wisely, thought about it, bought a candle with one rupee from the money given by the father and came home and lit the candle in the room. The candle lit the whole house while watching.

Liotta was satisfied with his youngest son’s intelligence and told the eldest son to assign business responsibilities to the youngest son and provide him with assistance. Both sons were happy.

what is the secret? The boy did’t get wet in the heavy rain

A sage practiced deadly penance for many years in the forest and attained many great educations. The sage tried very hard not to get wet in the rain.

Went to a nearby bush he clung to the beginning of the tree where he was sitting and sat down however, he could not overcome the raindrops.

The veil he wore did not completely cover his whole body, so the sage’s body, which had actually dried up, began to tremble. The wind also dropped. The whole forest was silent.

The sounds of pouring rainwater could be clearly heard.

He was herding cattle into the forest for grazing, and he was herding them towards the village. His clothes were not wet at all. The child with the dry clothes is very cleverly skinning the cattle.

On top of that he was singing a good folk melody on the sky, Happily. The sage was surprised. He thought: “How many educations have I learned?” That He did not sleep properly all that night. If such a small child does not know where he was educated, he will not be able to sleep anymore. From the moment of dawn he waited, When will that boy come to skin the cattle?’

Meanwhile, the boy said Hey! The sage, who could not stand it, asked: “Boy! I noticed that even after the heavy rain yesterday, you did not get wet and went to the village with dry clothes. How could you stay in this forest without getting wet by that rain?” The child laughed shyly: “Oh that secret! Nothing, Swami! When it seemed that the rain was coming, Expect my shorts untied the rest of the clothes and threw them into the small pot near me I put that in cover. I sat in the shade of my golden cows standing that’s all. I wasn’t too late My clothes are not wet at all. “

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