Ghost telling story

Undeterred, Virama went back to the tree, lowered the corpse from the tree, put it on his shoulder, and left the cemetery in silence as usual. Then the ghost in the corpse said, “Raja, how long do you wander around the graveyard in the middle of the night and in the middle of the night? Sometimes a man can benefit by changing his decisions. A persevering young man like Johnny, changed his decision at the last moment. I will tell you his story, listen without knowing the care.”

A young man named Johnny has a good job in the city. He was not yet married. His parents wanted to bring Johnny’s uncle’s daughter Jennifer as a cousin. She does not read much. Not even that blonde. Johnny means passionate love to her. However, Johnny does not want to marry a gem that has no specialties. Once Johnny came to his hometown for some festival. His parents told him, “Get married and chase the gem at work.”Johnny skipped the original without answering directly. That evening Johnny went for a walk in the mango groves far away from home. It started to rain at sunset. He ran a short distance and hid on the edge of a hill. But that’s when he got really wet. “Aw, well drenched. Inside, Son,” said an old man who saw him through the window and opened the door.

Johnny went inside while blushing. “Sandra, bring the rag, Rama. He is soaking wet in the rain,” the old man groaned inside. “Beautiful name!” Johnny thought. Meanwhile, the roar of the footsteps was heard and stopped near the threshold. Old man went to Threshold and received the cloth. Says about themselves; they are new to the town. Johnny is very eager to see Sandra. But, as the milk also went to Threshold and old man received it, he did not miss that opportunity. Johnny went to the house after catching tomorrow’s work. Newly knitted curtains for old windows. She invited Johnny with a smile and said, “The curtains are floating like this when our twilight is over.”

The man took two pomegranates from their manger and went to the house of Johnny and Sandra. The street door is closed. A melodious song is heard from within. Johnny Sweet was immersed in listening to the song. He did not notice an old man coming from the temple then. He put the pomegranates in the old man’s hand, chatted for a while, and came home. To him Sandra seemed a suitable wife by all means. He was determined to marry her, even though she was not pretty large. Next day decided to see Sandra anyway and tell his opinion to the old man.

As Johnny was approaching Sandra house the next day, he was suddenly stabbed by a bully who came from the next alley. Johnny fell down. His arm was injured and bleeding. The old man came out of the house. She looked at Johnny and said, “Oh, what happened? There is blood on his hand, come inside.”

“I am coming to tell you one important thing. I did not see a bull running from the side alley at that thought,” said Johnny. Old man took Johnny home, sat him down, and shouted, “Sandra, hold the water with the spoon.” Sandra was standing at the window of the room watching all this. There were no signs of pity or sadness on her face. She moved out of the window, took a glass of water and came to Johnny’s place. Johnny’s eyes widened at the sight of her beauty. He had never seen such beauty in the city. With the water brought by Old man Sandra, Johnny washed the wound. After that the yellow, clean cloth said wet.

Sandra brought the yellow cloth and gave it to her mother and went inside. Old man Johnny was bandaged for injury. When he calmed down a bit, he said,” Now tell to me, Son! What your going to say to me?” Johnny immediately came home saying, “My wedding is going to be with our uncle’s daughter. You, too, must come in the evening.” The ghost told the story. Why did he change? Did he not deserve such a great beauty? If you do not even know the answer to these doubts, your head will break. ”

Virama replied, “It is right for Johnny to change his decision. Every man should have at least some good qualities. When they are lacking, no matter how many other qualifications there are, masculinity, self-esteem and courage are the minimum qualities that a man should possess. The woman who was not there did not perform her duties properly as a wife and mother.

Sandra Johnny did not move even after seeing the wound and the bleeding. Did not show sympathy as a fellow man. This thing proves that she is a stone heart. That is why Johnny decided to marry the daughter of an uncle who has all the qualifications, but also the minimum of love and affection. ”

Learn to like what you do first, then you will not get bored of whatever you do

There was a laundress named Harry in a village called Houston. He had a donkey. Every day Harry would carry bundles of clothes on its back to the pond. When he returns home to wash and dry his clothes, he returns home and picks up someone’s clothes. That ass is not the type to be satisfied with what it has. That ass is tired of working and doing. It’s not like that.

One day the donkey prayed to God, “Oh God! Please let me out of this work. I hate to do such a thing. This Harry is carrying immense burdens on me. Please god save me.” God appeared to the donkey prayer and said, “I know what you do for a living. With that the donkey happily went to the potter Smith. A few days later the donkey got bored of that work too. It seemed difficult to carry the pots and sell them back to the Every village The donkey prayed back to God. “God! I wanted to work with the potter, but there is no difference between working with the laundry and working with the potter. Please give me another job.”

For the second time, God listened to it and made it work for a shoemaker. A few days passed like that. The donkey thought, “I’m not good here either. He’s carrying weights by me and killing me.

The donkey prayed to God again. But this time God was also fed up with the donkey. “Pure extortion no matter how many times you are sent. Extracts are not satisfied with anything. Learn to like what you do first, then you will not get bored of whatever you do,” he rebuked the donkey.

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