Greediness Brings sadness

There was a hut near a forest. Among them were Leonardo and Angelina, a couple living together. Leonardo used to go to the forest and collect firewood and sell it in the town. This is how they live their lives. One day as usual Leonardo went to the forest for firewood and knocked down a tree. Then the nymph appeared. ‘Cutting down a tree will damage the forest. Don’t burn the tree ‘he said. Leonardo said how long would my life be without firewood. Then the forest goddess said ‘I will give you a dairy Buffalo. Sell its milk and live happily ‘he said. Leonardo was right. The nymph gave him a dairy Buffalo.

The nymph gave him a dairy Buffalo. Leonardo skinned the Buffalo and came home. Pointed to the wife. She was also very happy. They make their living by selling milk on a daily basis. A few days passed. The Buffalo should be fed and milked daily. Angelina was bored. Make money without hard work. Sent her husband back to the forest. Leonardo skinned the Buffalo and went to the forest. A tree with an ax was going to hell. The nymph appeared. What the hell! Are you coming again? Why are you going to hell with the tree? Asked.

Then Leonardo does not want this Buffalo. Tell me the trick that will make even more money. The forest goddess is OK. Took the Buffalo and gave it to a hen. It lays one golden egg every day. Told to sell and live happily. Leonardo joined the house with the hen. The hen lays a golden egg every day. Those who spend days with the money that comes from selling it. For a few days, Angelina was bored again. This hen lays only one egg per day. If we want to get rich quickly we need a bag that gives us the money we ask for. It sent Leonardo back to the forest to ask for it.

He took the hen and went into the forest. The tree was going to hell. The nymph appeared. ‘What a hill! We came again. This hen lays only one egg per day. We don’t want this, give us a bag of money. ‘ His greed angered the nymph. Disappeared along with the hen.

Leonardo got angry. Strongly cut down a tree branch with an ax. It fell on his legs of Leonardo. The legs were broken. Fell. Angelina came to the forest in search of Leonardo. Somehow she took Leonardo and reached home. Leonardo cannot work. How much? Angelina used to go to the forest and pick apricots, apricots, and plums. Who ate them. Those who throw nuts in the empty space behind the house. Over time, they sprouted and grew. The nuts are ripe. Angelina escaped the pain of going to the forest. They ate the desired fruits themselves. The rest were sold at Santa.

The Leonardo couple realized that they could not only make a living by knocking down trees but also grow trees. Angelina flattened the empty space in front of the house. Planted a variety of fruit plants. Watering regularly every day. One day the nymph appeared. Glad to see the good work they do and blessed. The Leonardo couple knew the value of cultivating plants. The four assisted in planting plants around them. Lived a happy life.

How suvarna killed a monster

Dreamland was ruled by a king named Ashoka. He was known as a good ruler. He had a son. Name krishh. When he was seven years old, a big tornado came while playing with krishh’s friends. Even though everyone closed their eyes and opened it, krishh was not there! The king and queen had no place to look for him. However, nothing worked. The child could not find anything else. The king refrained from going to the palace with that angst.

The queen then gave birth to a sin. The king, grieving the loss of his son, felt that sin was a gift from God to the queens. They named her Suvarna. Ashoka taught her all kinds of martial arts and sciences. From her mother she was a boy of comfort and art. At the age of eighteen she was made into a young woman of good qualities and courage, with golden jewels.

However, whenever the occasion arose, the king and queen were worried about their son being swept away by the tornado. Suvarna also thinks a lot about this. Eventually she persuaded her parents and set off on a horse to look for Anna.

Suvarna, who had gone so far, reached a town after a journey of a few days. All the people there seemed to be drowning in grief. Suvarna stopped at a hut and found out what was going on: “A monster is kidnapping children there every day. The whole city is in a frenzy. No one can do anything.”

“But can I go and use it?”

“Why you? Besides, girl. What will happen to you? Our Maharaja could not do anything! Said old lady. But Suvarna did not let go of his grip. The horse climbed up and went straight into the monster-like forest. But no matter how much you search, there is no trace of Monster.

Tired Suvarna went under a tree and while resting she saw a snake and a mongoose fighting fiercely. In goodness she saw to it that the two of them stopped fighting. But soon after realizing that the mongoose was too smoky, Suvarna killed it and saved the snake. Snake thanked Suvarna and asked if she needed any help. Wanting monster information.

“The monster was not here. The place where he is is terrible. It has a sea around it to protect it. There are fireworks around it to guard the sea. After crossing those demons, you will have to cross the sea beyond the cave. But there are very terrible snakes in that sea. It is not possible for ordinary human beings to cross them. That is why I will give you this gem. Suvarna took them and thanked the snake and set off towards the cave from there.

Reaching the cave, Suvarna first put on the shoes given to her by the snake. She was no longer visible to the demons. Then she crossed the cave and bravely jumped into the sea. The snakes in the sea looked at her and said nothing- because of the bead on her neck!

So the princess crossed the Golden Sea and reached an island. Except for a fort with closed doors, there is no traffic. Suvarna boldly knocked on the castle door. For a long time a young grandmother took the gates of the castle. She looked at Suvarna in amazement and said, “wow baby! No human being has come here by themselves so far. You have been here for years.

I am pushing you to say that the death of this monster is in your hands. As a precaution, I will teach you two mantras. If you read the first mantra, you will become a little sinner. Will wear. ” Inside the fort there were at least tens of thousands of children. Suvarna recited the first mantra and became a child and joined them. When the monster arrived that evening, he asked, “Are tens of thousands done? He asked Grandma. Monster, however, asked the victim to prepare everything. Grandmother prepared everything and first brought Suvarna forward.

The monster looked at Surana and nodded. “baby, it’s time for you to go to heaven. Kneel down to this mother who saw you first,” he said, holding the sword to his side.

Suvarna joined both hands and planted. “No, baby, lie down and bow down, said the monster, pretending to love. “I don’t know, do it yourself. Aww! Don’t you know that, lie down like this, plant like this As the monster lay on the ground, he took the sword next to him and cut off his head with a single blow of gold?

When the monster died, tens of thousands of children who had been raised by him for many years received their forms. She too was freed from slavery. All those grown children remember their family details! With the glory of the grandmother, they all reached their homes.

One of those children, krishh! Suvarna was very happy to be able to save her brother so accidentally. Their parents made large-scale charities and held ceremonies for their lost son and for having a brave daughter. Everyone praised the golden adventure.

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