cruel Black Panther will eat me

The pious Nicolas roams around preaching about God. So one day in a village called Newark, he informed the people about God and the glories of God, worshiped and left for another city.

In the middle of the road, you have to go through a jungle. The Black Panther, who was traveling in the forest, was so tired that he went to a bush and rested in its shade. He was tired from walking and slept with his eyes closed.

Meanwhile, the Black Panther looked away when she heard the sound of an animal moving from a corner. He was shocked to see the animal in front of him. God put the burden on God that you have the responsibility to protect me from this Black Panther trap Nicolas.

“This cruel beast will eat me anyway. I can live only because of your glory. Your devotee protects me, Lord! Nicolas scared, he completely in shock . He closed his eyes and prayed to God. So the Black Panther never came close. Gently opened his eyes in fear.

And that’s it once again Nicolas must be surprised to be a Black Panther. Because… The Black Panther on the other side is also raising both legs and praying to God. Thinking that all this was the glory of God, the Nicolas got a little courage and went to the Black Panther. O Black Panther. I am in mortal fear. I beg God not to kill me and save me from you. There is a meaning in that. And why are you praying? Asked the Nicolas. Oh man! I beg God to save me from you too, said the Black Panther. “Why?” Asked the Black Panther again.

Why Because Everyday people are Hunting us! With this all our species are going extinct. We have no chance of surviving freely. I pray to God to see that does not happen,” said the Black Panther.

Is it true children! These days our humans are at the forefront of hunting and killing wildlife. We all have a responsibility to make sure that wildlife lives as freely as we do. So let’s strongly oppose those who hunt and kill wildlife!

Brain less Donkey :

Apparently there was a Wolf in a forest. It gave birth to the desire to eat Donkey brain. However, the Wolf does not have the power to kill and eat a Donkey. The Wolf is actually cunning. Got an idea for it. Immediately the wolf went to the Bengal Tiger. “O King, I want to give you Lunch with Donkey. You should not. The dinner with the Donkey was meant for the Bengal Tiger, who agreed that it was okay to think no more.

The Wolf went to the Donkey one day. “I Will Give you party. If you do as I say, you will be the king of this forest. ” The foolish Donkey believed those words. Immediately the Wolf flew along. The Wolf took the Donkey closer to the average Bengal Tiger. The Donkey was scared. Trembling, the Bengal Tiger ran closer. Immediately the Bengal Tiger jumped on the Donkey. The Donkey escaped.

The Wolf went to the Donkey again. “Why did you run away?” “The Bengal Tiger killed me, and I escaped,” said the Donkey. “The Bengal Tiger did not come to kill you. I came to hug and congratulate you whether you are the future king or not. You are unnecessarily scared, said the Wolf, taking the Donkey back to the Bengal Tiger.

The Wolf told the Donkey to “bow his head” after the Bengal Tiger approached. As soon as the Donkey’s head was bent, the Bengal Tiger killed it. Immediately the Bengal Tiger ate the Donkey. The Wolf snorted.

She told me to bathe the Donkey and come and eat it. The Bengal Tiger flew as well. The Wolf ate the Donkey’s brain before it could bathe. The Bengal Tiger came and asked what the Donkey brain was. “O Dear, if that Donkey has a brain, How does he believe my cunning words.” said the Wolf. ‘It would not have come to me if it really had a brain,’ said the Bengal Tiger. The Bengal Tiger began to eat meat. During this time the Wolf slowly slipped out. The Wolf thus fulfilled the desire to eat the Donkey’s brain.

Ants are born to be sculptors

Once upon a time the beast king had a desire to erect a sculpture of his father in the forest. Immediately, the crow announced this matter in the forest. The elephant, the bear, the fox, the beast, who entered the sculptural education, approached the lion. ‘Sculptors! We had the desire to erect a lion statue of our father the beast king who ruled this forest in the past on the day of his death. Welcome to the chatterbox! Said the beast.

Meanwhile, an ant got tired and said, Lion king! I also came to hear you fried chatter. Give me a chance, she said. The beast king closed his eyes and looked at the little ant. What did you come to sculpt too! Maharaja! I made many sculptures out of clay. Our race is very famous in architecture. Today the largest monuments are built by mankind who is inspired by the sight of the mounds we have built. Give me a chance, said the ant.

The elephant, bear, and fox, which were very large in shape, laughed at the ant. ‘King of beasts! What does a flying ant sculpture do when you sneeze? ‘Said the elephant. The lion fell in thought. ‘I don’t believe in you. I will give you a chance, though. If any of you is great, I will give them valuable gifts as well as the position of court sculptor, said the lion. The lion was glad to be given the opportunity to believe in himself.

What ant friend! Do you need items to make sculpture! asked the lion. Can it carry tools? Smiled the bear. ‘Sculpture is not easy,’ said the fox. The ant looked at them strangely. “What are you talking about ?! Roared the beast. “Maharaja! Just give me four feet of ground, said the ant. The beast showed four feet of space on the ant’s desire. And all were engaged in their work. The lion was gone from there.

The sculptures were ready for the next day. The lion himself approached the sculptors and tested their workmanship. The sculptures of the elephant, bear and fox looked beautiful one above the other. Finally, the lion reached the ant. The ant showed the beast a sculpture he had carved. That’s it the beast king was shocked. The sculpture is as magnificent as his father standing in front of him. A sculptor who showcases his artistry with just clay without tools. Along with the lion, the elephant, the bear and the fox were amazed. The beast king brought the ant closer and said ‘Friend! Even if I see your shape I believe in your work. You are a wonderful sculptor in this creation. ‘

The elephant, the bear, the fox were ashamed. Ants are born to be sculptors. That is why they have learned that snakes can invade beautifully constructed mounds. The lion honored the ant with valuable gifts as well as the title of court sculptor. ‘Even if others look at us and believe they will look at our performance and believe.

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