hard work will bring valuable praise as well as valuable gifts

There was a boy named Justin in Yew Tee Village . He is very lazy. Expect every task to be easy. The hardest part is moving too hard. One day the Justin encountered a scholar in that village. To test whether there will be a change in the Justin There is a way for you to become rich. If you dig a pit ten feet to the right of the Tamarind tree in the north-eastern part of the village, you will find gold jewellery, said the scholar and left.

‘How deep to dig for gold jewelry! What if there really is no gold to dig? All the effort will be wasted ‘thought the Justin and left his brother. Every task is something that escapes with a twist.

There was a famine in the village for some time. Water to drink or cattle, people had to face trouble. No matter how many people tried to dig the well. The water did not fall. The Justin suddenly remembered what the scholar had said. If he finds gold jewelry, he wants to take it and go anywhere and live comfortably.

He immediately took a spade and started digging near the tamarind tree in the northeast. No trace of the jewelry was found. However, money is needed to escape this drought. So the Justin kept digging to capture them anyway. Three days passed. On the morning of the fourth day, the Justin’s feet were wet with water.

After a while the water started to soak. Justin quickly came up from the ditch. The whole pit was filled with water. Upon hearing this news, they all came and praised the Justin for his hard work. Everyone gave the Justin many gifts that he had done a great favor to the town.

Realizing that hard work would bring valuable praise as well as valuable gifts, the Justin began to work hard from then on.

Rich means who has great qualities :

In Kangkar Village there was a landlord named Edmund Chen. He was often overwhelmed by the innumerable fields he owned. Not a single rupee of the proceeds from the sale of the crop is donated to charity. At least those who work as laborers are not even properly paid.

There was also a farm of a man named Jet Li next to the Edmund Chen farm. Unlike Jet Li Edmund Chen, instead of giving enough money to the laborers working on his farm, he distributed some of his profits to the poor people.

One day Edmund Chen and Jet Lil were walking and talking on the field. “the crops are nice this year, What do you say bro?” Said Jet Li with Edmund Chen. Instead, Edmund Chen said. What happiness is there if you give so much money, Jet Li? Are you hiding all the money you have, except for wasting all your money on charity ? He exclaimed.

I forgot to tell you. I had a dream last night that the richest man in our town died tonight, said Jet Li.

Edmund Chen denied Jet Li words. That dreams come true. What?”Ignored that. For a while the two of them went home on their way. Although Jet Li denied the allegations, Edmund Chenn was still a little sad. The fact that he was rich in the village reminded him over and over again.

Edmund Chen called the doctor as he did not want to make any more profit. The doctor who examined him said. “You are very healthy. There is no harm to your life. However, Edmund Chen was not at peace. Jet Li was worried that there would be some truth in his words. Frightened, he told the doctor to stay with him. Edmund Chen must stay awake all night.

Early in the morning, a workman came running. “Master… Jet Li sir died in his sleep at night! Said crying. The doctor next to Edmund Chen said that it was his virtue that the great man, who had never aspired for money, died in his sleep without any difficulty.

Rich means, Not one who has a lot of money… a real rich man who has great qualities” is what his mother said softly to Edmund Chen. And that’s it he changed his behavior from that day on and started helping the four of them with the money he got from his wealth.

Animals declared revenge on humans

It is an ebony forest area. All the animals met about an urgent matter. Anxiety is evident on the face of every animal. First the Lion King got up and said Animal people! People are ruthlessly cutting down the forest area where we live. What would happen to us if timber thieves and landlords did not cut their businesses like this? Where do we go? Already many species of our animals are extinct. Some have moved on. Now we have met without any discrimination. Give advice to whomever they can. The fox said to it, Lord! It is in ethics that any path can be adopted when it comes to survivors. The strategy before us now is to fight those who are hindering our livelihood.

God has given us the power He has given us. Our eagles are more powerful than their binoculars, and those who see our bat invented the radar machine. Our dogs can smell human odor from a great distance. No matter how big an army our wasps can wrap around and kill. Some of our animals can live a long time without food and water. Also, our elephants, tortoises and camels are all bullies. Let’s get to work with timber smugglers before. Then the elephant gets up and then falls on the crowd. We will destroy all the herds of our elephants.

The tiger and we will fight until our problem is solved. We will tear down the wicked people in anger. Thus, every animal was ready for battle. There is nothing unattainable if Linking’s friends fight together about a goal. The path looks the same if you step forward boldly. There are many good people among the people too. Governments are also thinking about our welfare. Charity groups are on our side.

At the word of the lion king, the animal all expressed solidarity and began to fight for her existence. The timber thieves who had come into the forest earlier were chased away. Later the herds of elephants went in droves to destroy the villages. The geniuses, such as the fox, went into the fields and prepared their way for the fight, even for the pets like the ox, the cow, the horse, the donkey. The animal world is turned upside down. The human world roared. Herds of foxes flock to the villages at night and gather their pets there, friends! The man is selfish and does whatever he can to be happy. It does not matter if the whole world is destroyed. It doesn’t matter if the trees or the forest are nesting in the heat, or the way we are defecating.

Raising a bull is all about his farming but not with love. When the bull is old, they forget about the years of service and sell it to the oxen. The cow is raised for milk. The lamb is slaughtered for its meat, the hen is raised for the udder, the cat is raised for the leaves, the horse is raised for the transport of goods, and thus every pet is captured and raised for his own selfish gain. Even pets are determined to fight wild animals when foxes teach that they are being killed when necessary. The whites turned on the owners who came to them. They were castrated and left their sticks and fled.

The animals burst out laughing. As the oxen, oxen, donkeys, and other animals turned, the people fled from the streets to the woods. Those who came to the forest were chased by elephants. Crowds flocked to find food, milk, eggs, and grain. The sadhu animal looks like a giant even if it does not approach the cow. People who thought our work was over.

The government brought down the big military. The animals were brutally killed with guns. With that, the livelihood credit unions and the animal workers started a big movement on behalf of the animals. There the intellectuals gathered and God created this world about all living beings. Not about human beings alone. If we devour their habitat, they will fall on our habitat. If the trees are cut down, we will be lost along with the animals. The earth will be destroyed. So where are we? We decided to grow trees and have the love of living beings.

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