father gave 40 nails

There was a ten-year-old boy named Arnold in a village called Bondsville. He would get extremely angry. Someone would get angry at Arnold for anything and answer them by hand. For Arnold, who was so angrily stamped on everyone in town, it seemed so sad that everyone hated him.

Arnold wanted to change his behavior anyway. He told his father the same thing and begged him to let him go.

Arnold’s father, who wanted to see a change in his son advised him to drive a nail into the wall whenever he got angry and gave him a bag full of nails. Arnold, who was okay with that, nailed 40 nails to the wall the first day. So slowly Arnold kept lowering his anger.

Also, the number of nails hitting the Arnold wall with anger also gradually decreased. It seemed to Arnold that it was easier to reduce his anger than to nail the walls. Eventually, Arnold didn’t get angry for a whole day. The subject rushed to the father and said happily.

Look Son! If you don’t get angry any day, remove one of the nails that hit the wall that day, said Arnold’s father. Arnold started removing all the nails from the wall on the day she did not get angry as her father had told her. Eventually, he showed his father that he had removed all the nails that had hit the wall every day.

With this, the father took the nails given by Arnold in his hands and carried them to the wall. “Look son… did you see the holes in the wall? They will never close. Also, the words ‘we’ in anger will remain as indelible scars for the rest of our lives. No matter how many times you apologize, a word will last forever rather than a blow,” Arnold’s father explained.

So kids! Anger is what makes man without discernment. The words we say in anger hurt our parents and loved ones so much. If they remember such words as well, they will not be right with us for the rest of their lives. Since we cannot get pure love from them, we should know that anger is the source of misery and get dirty!!

Most important lesson in the life :

A teacher puts some objects on a table in the classroom and stands in front of the students. The class began. Without saying anything, the teacher filled a glass jar with stones.

He then took some small pebbles and filled them into the jar. As soon as the glass jar was shaken, the pebbles plunged into the empty space between the large rocks. Again the teacher asked “Is this role full now?”When asked, the students replied “full.”

The teacher took some sand out of a bag and filled it into the jar. The sand occupied the empty space left by the character. Again “Is the character full?”

“Now tell me, does this glass jar reflect our life? Have you noticed? The big stones are the most important things in our life – our family, health, etc. If these two things are not necessary for the rest of our life.”

“Small pebbles are all other things – our job, profession, home, etc. The rest of the small things are sand. If we had parked the glass jar with sand in advance, there would have been no place for pebbles and big stones. It’s just like our life. We need to focus only on the things that make us happy. Playing with family members, spending time at home those moments that are lost when there is time, never come back again. Satisfied that they had learned an important lesson, the students filled the classroom with applause.

What is the correct punishment for Bribery

King Arnold of Most prominent kingdom. He is a popular ruler. He was very helpful to the poor. One fine day a very poor Brahmin came to Arnold. His name is Barak. Brahmin! What work are you on? Asked the king. That is what the Brahmin said very humbly. ‘Maharaja! I am Very poor. I could not bear that suffering. Please help me. The king realized his suffering. Looked at his crooked observation. His clothes were torn. His body was made to look like thin bones. The king thought for a while. ‘Now you come every morning.

To meet me said the Maharaja. Barak took leave at the king. Barak met the Maharaja the next morning. ‘Take this letter. Give it to our treasurer ‘said the Maharaja. Barak took the letter and went to the treasurer. With that letter in mind, the treasurer gave Barak two bounties. Barak was very happy. Two bounties mean a lot more money in those days. It costs his family some money on a daily basis. There is still money left over. The king is giving letters daily. The treasurer takes the letter and gives two bounties. The life of a Brahmin is spent happily. One day the Barak took two bounties from the treasurer. He was Returning to the home. On the way he saw a man.

‘Do you see me near the king every day? I am the royal barber. I will massage the king every day, said the man. Yes. I saw you there. What else works with me? Said the Barak. I massage the king daily. His body is light and happy. You will arrive at that time. The king is gladly helping you. That means that happiness is coming to us! I have a lot of reputation here. If I tell the treasurer the money, you owe will stop. What I should not say is that you have to do a job. Give me a share of the money you get every day.

Half a gift should be given daily. The barber said he did not turn his word to me. His name is Robert. Barak was shocked. Didn’t know what to say. Barak did not say anything for a while. Then he went on his way saying “I will not bribe you. But Robert did not leave Barak. He appeared on the road every day and asked for a bribe. One day a barber from Robert confronted Barak. ‘The king is angry with you, said Robert Barak.

Why? Said Barak. ‘You have to leave the smell coming from the nose. The king is annoyed by that bad smell. I told you to wrap your nose in cloth from tomorrow said Robert. Barak thought it was true. Went to the prince of Robert. “Some even look down on the benefactors, said Robert, pressing the prince’s feet. ‘Who are you talking about?’ Said the Maharaja. A Brahmin who carries two bounties daily from You. He was muttering something in the morning. What’s the matter? I asked. The stench was coming from the prince’s mouth.

The Maharaja said that to endure it means to cover the nose! Said Robert humbly! The next day Barak arrived in Robert just as he had been told. He met the king with a red cloth over his nose and mouth. What about the king? Asked Barak. ‘Bad smell coming from my nose. It makes you irritated. Maharaja to prevent it! Said Barak innocently! The king knew of the Robert move. Barak also said that Robert had asked for a bribe.

The next day the Maharaja gave two letters to Barak. Give this second letter to Robert. You show your letter and take the money ‘said the Maharaja. Chennai appeared on the way to Barak. The Maharaja greatly appreciated your service. Barak replied that he had told you this letter. Robert ! I am very sorry for not giving you money. I do not want money today. Take this letter and take the money yourself,” the king gave the letter.

The treasurer went to Robert for money. The treasurer who saw the letter was incensed. Instead of money, the soldiers captured Chennai. “You threatened Barak for a bribe. The Maharaja ordered that your mouth be pierced with a needle. Your bribe is the appropriate punishment for him,” said the treasurer. Robert was ashamed.

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