There was a town called Sultanpuri in the vast empire of Emperor Niranjan Mukundan. There was an ashram in the village where a blind saint lived. The people believed that the saint, who was always penitent, knew the future of the people of the village. One day a man takes his niece to his ashram. The girl is not in good health. Because a few days ago, when she was blindfolded, her mother and father were brutally killed by someone. The girl who witnessed the agitation has been out of control ever since.

The afflicted girl is taken for healing in the belief that the little saint will heal her. But as soon as the girl saw the saint… she started crying. She cried and said that he was the one who killed his uncles. Everyone who heard it was amazed. Why would a great saint kill someone? Over and over the blind man wondered to himself how he could do that work. Not only that, he said that the girl was insane, so he was saying something. The saint who supported it also confirmed the matter and expelled them from the ashram. However, the girl continued to cry all day. With this he took her to the little smith, doubting that what she had said was true. After hearing all that had happened, smith summoned the girl, her little one and the blind saint to the royal court the next day.

Did you kill this girl’s uncles? Asked the blind saint smith. “I’m blind, how can I kill myself?” Said the saint in reply. Also. Within a minute, smith pulled out a sword and fired at the saint. Realizing that he was in danger, the saint immediately took another sword and counterattacked on smith. The king also sheltered the girl who had been harmed by him.

Tenali Ramalinga Painting talent:

Sri Krishnadevaraya had eight great poets in his court. Among them is the famous poet Tenali Ramakrishna. He is also known as the Tenali Ramalinga poet. He is known as a comedian, a genius, a punctual man, and a comedian.

Once upon a time there was nothing for the royals to do… I wonder if it would be so beautiful to paint the walls of the fort. He called in a painter for the job. When the artist drew fine pictures with his creativity, everyone admired him a lot. But the Ramalinga poet has many questions.

To the Ramalinga poet who saw the picture of a man standing back to the side… “Where is the other side, what are the rest of the body parts?” Had doubts like. Mentioning the same thing to the scribes. Ramalinga.. Can’t you know that? Do you have to imagine them?” Said the scribes.

Ramalingakavi said, “Aha as well as Prabhu the dolls used to say something like this. I now fully understand it.” After a while, one day he came to the scribes and said, ” Maharaja.. I have been practicing painting all night and for a few months. I will paint some pictures on the walls of your building.”

The face of the scribes, who could not be happy with this, opened. “Awesome.. Ramalinga poet to paint, paint. Remove old soot paintings and you draw new paintings ” said the scribes enthusiastically.! He immediately whitewashed the old paintings and started drawing his own paintings.

In those pictures there is one leg, one eye here, one finger in another… This is what the Ramalinga poet drew. So he filled all the walls with body parts and accompanied the scribes to show off his handicraft skills. The king was frightened when he saw the separate body parts. Asked.

Can you imagine what I did not put in these pictures, Lord? Said the Ramalinga poet. The scribes remained stunned by Ramalingadi’s answer. Meanwhile, Ramalingadu said, “Lord, Tamarinka has never seen the best in my paintings.”

Let’s see the excitement return to the royals. The Ramalinga poet took the scribes to a wall and asked them how they were. Looks like that wall is empty. There are green streaks all over the wall.

“Is this Ramalinga..?” Asked the scribes. “Lord of the grazing cow,” replied Ramalingadu. Where else .? Said the Maharaja. Kadandi said the cow ate Ramalingadu. Where else.? Asked the scribes again. Prabhu Ramalingadu said that the cow went home after mowing the grass. The scribes, who appreciated the wisdom of Ramalingakavi in their hearts, could not ask for anything more.

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