William had to do a good deed. It needed some money. So they went to the surrounding villages and set out in pursuit of the disciples to collect donations of money and goods.

By the time the four villages returned, they had received good donations. It was already evening. They all said that it would be dark if they did not arrive early.

There was a climb on the way. That climb only flows to the knee. The disciple who saw it was very angry. “If a follower comes with our educator, why is it so troublesome to halt our travel? The teacher was not afraid of this, thinking, “Teacher, rest comfortably, we will take care of the smoke of this river.”

All the disciples think well and decide to ‘get up’. Someone made a torch and lit a fire. The crow went into it without making a sound. That’s it. Immediately it made a squeaking noise. At that, the disciple was frightened and ran away.

The teacher did not wake up to this goal. He fell into a deep sleep.

Teacher Didn’t go to bed.. I was awake. When I was approximately to dissolve, Whispering bit me with big Wave like a vengeful cobra, cried, trembling.

At the same time, the disciples were amazed to see a young man riding a horse. How brave this young man is coming! The river is sleeping. “This is a good time. See if River is sleeping. Let us cross too said another disciple.

Ok, a disciple, put on his veil first. Anjaneya went to the shore of Yeti while reading the wand. He went upstairs and slowly dipped the torch in his hand without making a sound. The water did not make any noise as the torch was not on fire.

When there was no sound from it, the disciple ran and approached them and said, River is sleeping. This is a good time. Everybody get ready.

Disciples – He did not wake up as much as the teacher did. They did not want to carry him. Everyone prayed to God, lifted the envelope to the teacher and went all the way to the other shore.

However, the teacher did not wake up. All the disciples rejoiced at the passing of the river. Meanwhile, one of the disciples told them to stand in a row. Everyone lined up quietly in a circle.

“Why?” Asked one of the disciples.

“let’s check we all 12 come safely or not,” said the disciple.

So what to do now?” let’s check we all 12 come safely or not,

The disciple began to count each one. That foolish disciple, who left him and counted the remaining eleven.

“we lost one of our friend. Disciple started crying.

Did I not look back? ”Said the disciple.

All the disciples began to weep and cursed him, saying.

Next to him, a passer-by is coming with a shoulder strap. When the farmer saw the disciples, he approached them and said, “Who are you? Why are you suffering? ”

we are his 12 students. If we all get together, it will swallow us up. Said the disciples.

The passerby counted them once. The ignorance of the disciples made him understand. That’s why he wanted to tease them.

“I do not know,” said the disciples

“Who are you yet?” Said a disciple.

Would anyone just say that? I will give you some of the money you have, said passerby very wisely.

Didn’t the teacher tell us to know all the things? So let’s get to know someone else. Give the passerby a bundle and ask, “Who are you?” Asked. I am a magician in disguise.

“Can you bring our man who swallowed?” Said a disciple.

“I’ll bring it, but it will cost a little,” said the bystander.

“Our teacher has said many times that money is not more important than man,” he said.

Then he pretended to be reading something insane that way. He told all the disciples to stand in a row and count each one. So the twelve disciples were numbered.

Then the wayfarer said, “Have you seen this, I have brought you. The joy and wonder of the disciples knew no bounds.

“You are not an ordinary person. You are able to bring our man. Can I repay the loan to you? They took it and happily walked away from there.

Then the teacher woke up. When asked about the money the disciples told him all that had happened. The teachers were bloodied for their ignorance.

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