There was a potter named Ronaldo in a village called Ramapuram. Poor Ronaldo used to make pots and sell them in the village to support his family. Ronaldo dreamed of educating his son and daughters well and making them benefactors. Ronaldo persevered to educate his children, despite all the hardships caused by poverty.

Ronaldo enrolled his tenth grade son in college. Ronaldo, who wanted both the children to read well, changed his mind for a few more days. Since he did not have enough money to read to his daughter, he decided that it would be enough to read to his son.

Besides… Ronaldo thought,”What does a girl read and do? whether she wants to do jobs or not… but if she puts it in the hands of an bridegroom forever, she will sneak up on mother in law house.” As a result, he educated his daughter and kept her at home.

If so… Uplifting son skipped college and went to movies, parks, enjoyed with friends. The tests were erroneous due to neglect of study. Ronaldo, who knew that his son, who wanted to study well, was walking among the bad guys, was very upset. He also taught his son to study and make pottery at home.

Apart from making pottery, Ronaldo was well trained in that work. He also taught them how to sell them at a good price. With this… Ronaldo’s son came to know the sweetness of hardship after earning four years. Now he wisely stayed at home and did as his father told him.

However Ronaldo, realizing the mistake he had made in the case of the daughter, felt that it was not over yet and sent the daughter back to school. She was well educated and soon got a good job, as her father had hoped. There are no limits to Ronaldo’s happiness now that he has corrected his mistake.

Ronaldo, the son of a schoolboy who has dropped out of school and is now useless, is overjoyed that his son will get in the way in a few days and his daughter will get a good education and a good job. So… hoping that the sons will be raised, the adults who are of the opinion that the daughters should be educated, will still wake up with the Ronaldo experience.

moose foolishness :

A moose escapes in an ax to escape the hunting wolves that chase it. Fearing for their lives, a bull looked at the moose in its nest and said, “Friend! Why don’t you go to your enemy’s nest by yourself? Go stay here longer ! ” Warned.

Instead, the moose said, ” Friend ! Please let me stay where I am. I will slowly slip out of here when the right opportunity arises to escape. ”

In the evening some workers came and put grass and fodder for the oxen and cows in the barn. But there, they could not find the presence of moose along with the bulls and cows. The cattle also asked the moose to graze with them. But, “Friend! You can graze with us now. Those who have now gone have not smelled you. But the threat lurking in you has not escaped. Now our master will come. You must tell him it is time of danger until he comes and goes.”

As soon as he arrived, “Why is my feed not enough for my cattle. I am watching their empty stomachs. There is something wrong with this.”The owner, who had witnessed the moose roaring in the middle of all the cattle, called his workmen and ordered them to capture the moose. Sadly! The moose was captured by the owner of the oxen.

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