wizard life in parrot heart

Earlier, the kingdom of Mahishmati was ruled by a king named bahubali. The king’s wife was Madonna. She was so beautiful. They had a son named Shiva. A magician named Lord Voldemort was building a magic shrine in a large cave in the Mahishmati forest.

Lord Voldemort, a magician who excels in magic, knows what is going on with his magic. One day he saw Madonna, an incredible beauty, in a magic mirror near him. Seeing her beauty, he wants to own her anyway.

He immediately went to the royal palace in the guise of a Shiva devotee and asked Madonna to beg. Madonna, who came out to beg, was immediately transformed into a rabbit with his wand and put in a sling by Lord Voldemort. As soon as he came to his magic hall, he made Madonna normal and forced him to marry her. She immediately fainted when she saw the terrified man.

In the meantime, his wife had not been seen in the palace. The magician Lord Voldemort, who came to his magic hall, turned everyone into stones with his magical power.

So many years have passed. Meanwhile, Madonna’s son is sixteen. The boy swayed furiously when he learned of the magic Lord Voldemort who had stoned his mother and turned his father to stone. He went to the magic hall to save his mother and father anyway. There he did well to a Muslim. She entered the temple as her grandson.

Gently telling his mother to be with him. Lord Voldemort tells him to find out where life is. Immediately Madonna spoke well with Lord Voldemort. She pretended to agree to get married. “But tell me where your life is,” she conditioned the Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort said, “Dear Beautiful lady! How much you are interested in my life. I am not afraid anymore. You can be confident that no one can kill me. “No, Dear, you have to tell me,” Madonna insisted. With that. Lord Voldemort said that “there is a big banyan tree on the island called Azkaban across the seven seas that tree has a golden cage in its bark and the parrot in that cage has its life. He said that if he killed the parrot, his life would be lost.

Madonna said that she had prayed with her son about all this. Hearing all this, Shiva set out for the parrot. The ants crossed the maze not far away, and the crows crossed the distant creek. Garuda reached the place where the birds live. There Garuda killed the snake that was going to eat the baby birds. Appreciating Shiva’s help, the Garuda bird sat on its back, crossed the seven seas, and landed on Azkaban Island.

Immediately in the bark of the banyan tree, Shiva pulled out the golden cage and caught the parrot. When Garuda came to the magic hall sitting on the bird, he killed the parrot in front of Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort also died immediately. His magic shrine also disappeared. The secretary turned into rocks and his soldiers became normal. With that, Shiva chased his mother and father and left for their kingdom. At a young age, Shiva was hailed by the public for his brave adventures.

Bear and Fox Friendship remains Forever

In Spiny forest there was a bear named ‘Babloo. It was too dark, too short, too strong, too awful to see. The rest of the animals were terrified when they saw it. But in fact Babloo is very good. Has the quality of helping everyone. For that reason the bear was considered by the wild beasts as their leader. Babloo hired a fox named ‘Bunny’ as his mentor. Bunny is a genius. I am very confident. That’s why Babloo loves Bunny so much. Bunny shows a lot of confidence in their leader, not like a stray fox. Bablu judges according to Bunny’s advice in any dispute. All the animals were bound by his judgment. Babloo and Bunny are loved and admired by many animals in the forest.

Bablu Leadership and Bunny’s advice are not to the liking of the wolf ‘Scar’ and its friends in the forest. Scar is the one who makes fun of the innocent beasts that his friends go astray. As punishment, Bablu instructed the wolves to wander around the forest all day. Because of that Babloo is not what it used to be. Who wanted to remove Bablu from the leadership position anyway. Scar and its friends did not understand what to do with it.

The bunny near the bubble is very clever. Cunning. Thoughts that don’t hit us hit it off. Scar told her friends that she would give the same correct advice if she woke up and crushed it. Would anyone advise if a wolf got up and barked at it? Let’s do all the etiquette for Bunny and ask for advice on our plan. Then let’s hit two, so we don’t get in our way yet. How is our idea? Andi. According to the plan the bunny came to a height.

They did all the etiquette and asked for the advice they wanted. Bunny realizes that he is trapped in a dangerous situation. Wanted to hurt the wolf gang. Babloo told them what was on and what was not. She said she would like to remove Bablu as leader and make Scar leader. She says that she looks awful because she’s blacker than all the other animals, and that’s why everyone is succumbing to her maturity. Bunny wisely advised that wolves and foxes alone could chase Babloo away if Scar’s black body could be made worse than Babloo. Scar completely believed the words of its friends Bunny. Scar anxiously asked the bunny where the black could be found.

Should Bunny think for a moment and break their torment anyway? How to save the bubble? Fell into the idea of ​​being. I saw a new asphalt road being laid through our forest path in the middle of what seemed to be a bunny. That tar is very black. There is a lot going on. No one can compare you to spraying it on your bodies. Then it says that the newcomers to this forest will look like terrible beasts. In a few moments the Scar along with his friends ran to the place where the bins were and jumped into the bins to compete. They drowned in the bins and could not get out of them. The animals in the forest were aware of the incident and were glad that the perpetrators had been punished accordingly.

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