How is the rabbit in the moonlight

If we see the case of the full moon on the night of the full moon, the crescent will be white. But in the middle of it is a rabbit-shaped scar. Do you know how this rabbit came to be in the moonlight? Once upon a time, many thousands of years ago, the moon was white and silvery. At that time there were a rabbit, a monkey, a fox and a Cat living in a forest on earth. The rabbit was telling his three friends the best anthropology and advising them to get out of the beast.

The rest of the animals were able to see and respect their friend the rabbit but were unable to practice the virtues that the rabbit says. Because the monkey is capricious. The fox has become cunning, and the fox is cunning. No matter how benevolent the rabbit may be, these innate Habits have not changed.

Meanwhile, Karthika’s full moon came. That morning the rabbit said to his friends, “Broathers! Today is Karthika’s full moon, the day of fasting. The monkey, the fox, and the cat shook their heads, and each of them went out one by one, promising the rabbit that they too would fast during the day and eat when the moon rose. From the moment he decided to fast, the monkey seemed to be starving.

“Ma’am, can you endure this hunger until dark at night? If you survive, Karthika will be fasting for the full moon,” the monkey began, searching for the fruit trees. The fox went to the area where the tigers roamed to fast. No matter how much the stomach is doing, the food does not want to be eaten. But after some distance a half-eaten deer body was found in a bush. Any Tiger will kill it and eat some and hide there. If he loses it because of fasting, he will find food after dark! So the fox tied up the idea of fasting and immediately started eating.

Cat climbed a tree with the intention of sleeping until evening. A bird’s nest and its young were found in the branches of the tree. The cat forgot about fasting and ate the chicks. Of the four friends, only the rabbit fasted until the evening. Sunset and moonrise are also coming. The rabbit caught a sigh. None of the guest guests appeared. It is more virtuous to dine with guests than to dine alone. So the rabbit stood in front of the house waiting for the guests.

Finding rabbit loyalty, Moon God came to test the rabbit in human form. “I have been fasting since dawn. There is no one who puts so much food in the wilderness. Moon God asked the rabbit. “Sir, I have plenty of leafy greens here, but where can you find a suitable meal? So kill me and eat me and satisfy your hunger,” said the rabbit.

Can Karthika commit suicide on the full moon day? How can I not kill you? Moon God asked, “Sir, do not inquire into it. You bring dry sticks and set fire to it. I will burn in it. Then you will eat me comfortably. That is the rabbit. The man disguised as Moon God piled up sticks there and made a big fire. The rabbit once remembered God and jumped into the fire.

But, the movie! The fire did not infect the rabbit. “Sir, the fires are not burning. Said the rabbit mourning. By morning the fires were gone. The moon appeared in its radiant form and picked up the rabbit and said, “Blessed is your birth. I will keep you with me forever. Come, lets go Said. Since then the rabbit moon will be coming soon.

Lion king scared by goat eyes

There was a shepherd named Loki in a village called Nagaland. One of his goats is a goat which he loves very much. He affectionately named it scooby. Loki, along with all the other goats, took scooby to the forest one day to graze.

The goats played well in the private forest with the herd. Eat grass and leafy greens from the stomach. The very happy scooby ran wild and disappeared from the herd in the excitement of going ahead of everyone. No matter how long he returned, he could not reach the herd of secret goats. It’s already getting dark, very near it found a cave, scooby went into it.

Scooby woke up when he heard something squeaking. The lion, who was staying in the cave, finished his hunt and came inside with a snort. Privacy never saw it except to hear occasionally about the lion. Such was the suddenness of the sight of the lion in front of him. However, she mustered the courage and decided not to be afraid as the lion would not leave her if she looked scared now.

But the strange thing is even the lion was scared to look at the secret. When he saw the strange bearded, horned beast shining brightly in the darkness, he realized that the lion had joined him and was waiting in his den to kill him.

Observing all this, Goat scooby got some courage. The lion looked at him and made a plan to scare him and escape from here while he was still scared. But how to escape in this darkness? scooby, who thought that if he escaped he could not go anywhere in the dark, in the forest. It would not be good to go anywhere now, somehow wanted to stay up till dawn.

The lion, on the other hand, is thinking the same way. The whites plotted that the strange beast would find out something, make friends with it if it was stronger than itself, and kills and eats it if it was weaker than itself. I thought it would be nice to be a little quiet until something white.

The goat scooby and the lion both slept and watched each other all night. At dawn the goat mustered up the courage to say, “Who are you?” She shouted. The lion was just as bold as “I am the lion, the beast. I am the king of this forest.” said is still scared on one side.

“Are you the king of this forest!?” Are you the king of this forest!? You’re so skinny. How can you be the king of this forest? I mean, the rest of the animals in this forest are weaker than you.

Scooby said he killed many animals with his horns and could not kill a single lion. Fearing that his initiation would be completed if he killed even that lion. Seeing the lion being frightened, the goat became even more agitated he vowed not to shave his beard until he had killed the lion, and that his initiation was complete with today. At once the lion fell upon him.

That’s it the lion screamed loudly and ran out of the cave. The goat stayed there till scooby turned white and then went into the forest. Already its owner Loki had come to the other side in search. Seeing the owner, scooby ran and stood in front of him.

Loki, who was pleased to see scooby, said, “Do you know how upset I am that you have gone nowhere? If I did not come home all night, I would wander in the forest and would wonder if I had lost any food for food. Are you safe? Enough with me.”

Then the goat scooby, the owner Loki happily went home with the goat herd. Kids you have to know about goat elegance. Even though such a goat came to his life, he remained brave and learned through this story how he scared the lion and saved himself!

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