village cat and city cat

One day a town Cat went to the village to meet his cousin. The village Cat was very happy to see his cousin coming from town. The guest did not have much to do with etiquette and polished a piece of cheese and a toothpick with his snack.

The town looked at the Cat-like piece of cheese and said, “What is this? Are the pieces of cheese still alive in yours? Listen to me and come to town with me. Eat dinner there all day. How long will we live in poverty like this? ” Asked.

Hearing these words, the hopeful village Cat got ready to go to town. The two Cats traveled all day and arrived in town very hungry. The town Cat proudly took him to the kitchen of the house where he was staying. The home-cooked meal seemed to be a festive meal for the two Cats.

The village Cat said, “You are right! There are people in our country who do not cook like this except for festivals. In the rush to go to the farm in the morning, they eat sandalwood and leave. This is great. ”She looked around to see what to eat first.

But the Cats heard a horrible noise inside touching the meal. The village Cat growled, “What’s that bang?” Asked. “House dogs, hide quickly!” The town Cat jumped into a hole. The village Cat in the back also escaped. “How long has it been like this?” Asked.

“It simply came to our notice then. When they do not see, we can get the food we want into this hole and eat comfortably replied the Town Cat. On hearing this, the village Cat said, “It is better to eat cheese calmly than to eat dinner in fear! She went home immediately without delay.

Water in the desert :

A merchant set out with his followers to sell his goods in Egypt. On the way, they reached the Sahara Desert. The sand is burning in the heat. It is difficult to travel in it then. Everyone was horrified. The soles of the feet are blistering, and the sun is burning. Now It is very hard to walk on any desert camel. So they do not have enough fresh water. Inquired how to continue the journey without water.

The Merchant thought, “If I lose my confidence, my followers will be in danger. Leaving like this is not leadership. Something has to be done. Otherwise, the goods and labor will be wasted. We have to think of some way to save them.”

Grass flakes were visible insight. He immediately summoned some of his followers and dug a pit there. As they dug, they came across a stone barrier. Tired and cursed the heroine. We are wasting our time! Said. Then the merchant raised his voice, tried to motivate them, requested each and everyone to be confident. Otherwise, we, our oxen, will perish with hunger. Do not lose enthusiasm.”

Whether he said so or not, the stone burst sock formed. Leaning over it, he put his ear and heard the roar of water beneath it. The guy, who was immediately digging, exclaimed, Stop, everyone will be in trouble… take this ax and smash the stone.”

The boy hit the stone-hard with an ax. It burst. The boy was immediately surprised to see the water rising so fast. Everything flew with joy. They drank that water and took a bath. The cattle were bathed. Cooked and ate.

Before they all leave, a flag is flown to let everyone know that there is water there. Travelers from far and wide are reminded that there is a new spring in the middle of the red sunny desert. They continued their journey and ended safely.

Every One Has Unique Talent

Once upon a time there was a boy named ‘Ronaldo’ in a village. Like all children, the boy was always happy to play with his friends and have fun with everyone. He would get up every morning, get well prepared, go to school and follow what the teachers told him. Even at home, he does his work without being told.

Not only that, the boy is very intelligent and agile. Ronaldo gets all the ‘A’ grades and reads well. He also played tennis well. Their mother and father are very proud to see the boy. So all good habits for that boy.

Once I went to a conscious tennis tournament the first place came. Friends and acquaintances admired the boy. And wherever the boy went, he started telling everyone about his game of tennis and his goodness about his grades.

Friends all cut down on playing with Ronaldo. Ronaldo understood nothing. “Why not play with me? Why is everyone going to do something when I go at lunch time? ”He thought. There was nothing that he did to cause it. Then they went to their mother.

“Mom, none of my friends have come to play with me lately, and they haven’t even spoken to me properly at school,” he lamented.

Then their mother asked, “Grandpa, did you say anything to anyone? She asked.

“Didn’t you say anything about me?” “What did you say?”

“I do everything well. I get ‘A’ grades, I get trophies,” he said nicely.

Ronaldo, that was a mistake you made. You should never brag about yourself like that. The mother said, I told you I did everything. What’s wrong with that? Ronaldo asked.

Look at how well your friend Nikhil makes toys, when he came first in the Art Competition. I did not know that either if I read the school newsletter. Also, Mohini took second place in the ‘Debate’. So whoever is interested will work hard on it. Then win the competitions. You did well in some, and your friends did well in others. Everyone is great. Did you see Barney as a child? Barney never said Every body is special’! So everyone is great.

“That’s why no one is right with me. I will never do that again,Ronaldo told their mother.

Ronaldo’s friends also noticed the change in Ronaldo and rejoined their group.

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