The monkey king

Paul, who always tells the truth and Elias, who never tell the truth except for lies, are walking together in the forest one day. Unexpectedly the two of them entered the kingdom of monkeys. Knowing this, the ape king ordered Paul and his army monkeys to capture the fields. After all, in a matter of moments, the monkeys captured them both and took them to the king.

The king sat up with his courtiers. The king of monkeys, who was seated on the throne in the house, invited both of them into his house. “Humans! I am the head of this kingdom. What kind of king do I look like to you?” He asked.

Looking at the king of monkeys who never told the truth except lies. “Lord! You look like the most mighty, mighty king.” “And how are my army and entourage next to me?” Asked the king of monkeys. Elias replied, “All of them are like strong and intelligent followers and comrades of a powerful king.” He was overwhelmed when the monkeys set a throne and sat on the field praising themselves.

After that the king of monkeys returned to Paul who always told the truth. “Now you tell me. How do I feel about us? Tell me truth.” The monkey sat the liar on the chair. But I do not give up my personality. So Paul thought to himself that I would tell the truth as I thought. He said, “You are a wonderful monkey. All the people next to you are monkeys which are as brave as you.”

The king of monkeys applauded Rama’s honesty and personality and gave him diamonds and gems as a gift. The king of monkeys punished the lying sector with a hundred lashes. Elias whole body was rushed to the hospital with injuries. Unable to kill his personality, Paul told the truth and reached home with diamonds and gems.

good story for lazy sons :

There was a farmer named smith in a village called Bamberg. He has two sons, Johann and Adolf. Both were married. As the house got bigger, everyone was there to meet. Johann is older. He would get up in the morning and go to work on the farm and help his father. Adolf stays lazy and goes to work during the day and spends more time dreaming. Who would have said that he would lie down without doing any work.

Some time has passed. A magician came to that town. Performed many educations. Finally, he turned the grain into gold. Adolf was surprised. When the magician had finished performing, he asked him to tell him how to turn grain into gold. The magician who knew about him earlier was going to tell me tomorrow. Go to his house and stay the night and own the next day with the grain you and your wife harvested. You need to make jewelry for your wife when you get gold dude! Not only that, you have to work with everyone in your house. Do not sleep during the day.

Said. He told his father that he wanted to make gold and took his own farm and worked hard with the help of his wife to grow more grain. Due to his good fortune, the crops grew well. The granaries came home. Waiting for the magician.

One day the magician came. Did you enjoy seeing Adolf helping everyone and make jewelry for your wife? He asked. She giggled and laughed. Did you enjoy seeing Adolf helping everyone and make jewelry for your wife? Asked innocently. Showing sacks of grain Are these, not gold! Said. Then I looked at the object and pointed to one side of the grain, a piece of brass like gold, smiled and heard about you, I lifted this to put an end to your daydreams and to make my sister married life happy.

I love you. I could not come to your wedding. I played this play with the help of friends. My sister recognized me. I swear not to tell you. He said that he knew your subject through your elder brother and kept silent knowing to everyone that you are happy to be healed. He happily spent time with Elder broather Adolf helping out on the farm.

Man is not dead. He is fast asleep

One day Akbar Padusha went hunting with his minister Birbal. The cold was extreme as it was winter. After walking some distance, they saw a poor man lying on the side of the road. The man had no cloth on his body except a torn cloak.

Akbar looked at the man as a test Birbal! Does this man seem to be dead? He asked. Birbal went to the man and looked at him as a test and said, No, Lord! This man is not dead. He is fast asleep.

Unable to believe Birbal’s words, Akbar said, No bed. No blankets to cover. No, Lord! He is sound asleep. Such sleep is not for you, nor for me, said Birbal.

If you don’t work hard, that’s it!

Immediately Akbar went to the man and looked at him observantly. The man realized he was in a deep sleep and was shocked. Immediately. Birbal! This man is as fast asleep as you are. But I do not understand how he could have slept so cold on these rocks.”

Jahapana It has nothing to do with staying rich and sleeping. Sleep comes only when it is hard. This poor man is tired of working hard. That is why he got a good night’s sleep, Birbal explained.

However Akbar could not believe Birbal’s words. That’s not Birbal. If this guy had the rich food and drink and the swan to sleep with would he be able to sleep more soundly? Said Akbar. Huzur! What you said is not true. If you want, make him rich for a while,” said Birbal‌.

With this Emperor Akbar decided to prove that what he said was true. He awoke the man and took him with him to the palace. The man set up a separate building with all the amenities to live in. He made all the arrangements for delicious food and drinks, a relaxing nap and so on.

Forty days passed without any other work except for the man who worked hard and worked to rest in that royal palace. One day Akbar asked Birbal about the man. Lord! That fake rich man has had a fever for three days. Akbar was shocked to hear that. I mean he has no rest, whose negligence did this happen? He asked.

Jahapana Four days ago in the evening he sat in a cart and went for a walk. There was a cold wind on the way. He had a cold and a fever, said Birbal. Did he have a blanket at that time to protect him from the cold? Akbar asked. Lord! They have immense mercy on that man.

Does he sleep well? Asked Akbar. Nobody sleeps properly. The rest of the crew rests on the swan and sleeps for a while, said Birbal. What? Why? There was no cold when he slept on the side of the road with torn clothes. Here he was covered with a woolen cloth and had a cold. He was able to sleep comfortably on the rocks here. Akbar was surprised.

“There is nothing to be surprised about in this, Lord! It is as if he had sinned and afflicted the rich said Birbal. The man who slept comfortably on the rocks could not sleep on the hammock. This was his punishment for being rich. He used to work hard all day. So his body was healthy. So he slept well. Birbal explained.

Akbar still did not believe Birbal’s words. That night he picked up Birbal and went to the mansion where the fake rich man lived. There the man lay awake on the bed. Akbar asked Birbal, “Why is that person not sleeping?”

Jahapana! Something is sitting next to him and stabbing him. That is why he could not sleep said Birbal. Birbal went inside and tested his mind. A cotton seed appeared under the blanket. He showed it to Akbar and said, Look, Lord This new rich man is not sleeping because of this.”

Birbal told Akbar, “He had never been stoned before. Now this little seed is hard on him. You do not even have to plow with his hand. It is a punishment for being rich. It is because you do not work hard.” By then Akbar had agreed with Birbal’s words .. The next day he sent the man out of the palace .. Akbar sent him out of the palace telling him to work hard and live comfortably as before ..!

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