God is in everyone

In one school Lincoln teachers used to add lessons and fables to the lessons taught to the students. Luke, one of the students, became known as a good student for his careful observance of what his teacher told him.

As usual one day the lesson began to tell of the existence of God. God is present in all living things in this universe. Lincoln taught the children to see God in fellow man. He said that God would always protect those who walk in righteousness.

One day, on his way home from school, our Luke, who was listening to the teacher, saw an out-of-control horse coming towards him. The manner in which the horse was coming caused fear of not being anywhere in Luke. Remember the words of the teacher… God is in the horse to protect him. He is still standing in the way of the horse.

The rider on it was screaming to get to the side. However, Luke did not miss. The horse came fast and pushed him to one side and left. Luke, who was sitting crying with his arms and legs washed, saw his master coming. He saw Luke crying and greeted him. The master suffered when he learned what had happened.

Did Luke say that God is present in all living beings as well as he is in that rider so he warns you not to miss? We must not deny that God is in everyone. Also do not sit idly by doing what God saves. Our effort said we should do it. Understanding what was going on, Luke wiped his eyes and left for home.

lot of benefit to getting up early in the morning

Carter is very intelligent but waking up in the morning is not due to him. He loves to sleep lazily. No matter how many ways, his father tried to discipline him, he could not.

One day Carter’s father got up early in the morning and finally went for a walk. On the way he saw a bag of gold coins. It looks like someone threw it away. Carter was still asleep when he picked it up and came home. Carter’s father poured a glass of water on Carter, and Carter woke up and asked father why he did this.

There is a lot of benefit to getting up early in the morning. Look, I found a bag full of gold coins. Said the father. The profit is gone, but the one who loses the money loses a lot. Is it because you slept before you got the money he dumped that you lost because you slept earlier? Carter slept under the mask again. Not knowing what to say, Carter’s father turned away.

arrogant lion

There was a lion in the amazon forest. An animal that is naturally strong. The lion has an endless arrogance that adds air to the fire. It is a horizontal chore by all the animals that live in the forest. A game played by a lion, a song sung. While this was going on the maze was unspeakably dry. Unable to withstand the famine, all the animals fled headlong. If the king of beasts, then where are the lions’ prey? The spot has been there for years. But, it eventually made its way to the crows not far away. Crows, foxes, donkeys and oxen live in the distant forest as good friends.

The lion got there. He did not give up his pride when he emigrated. The crows found themselves the king of the distant forest. The fox, the ox, the donkey – all three came to an agreement. Everyone got food together. The lion is sitting on one side, and the other animals are sitting on the other side. The lion looked at the bull and said, Distribute it to me.’ The bull puts four equal shares of food into four. The lion was angry. Jumped on the bull and clawed. The bull is dead. Fox and the donkey cried inside.

The lion turned to the fox and said, “This time you will share. The fox is clever. Distributing food on a stick is not by me! That is. The lion’s pride was gone endlessly. ‘Okay! I will share it myself ‘and divided the food into three parts and said:

‘Since I am the beast, one share is mine and the second share is mine!’ He said, holding the third share leg, If you dare, take the third share!’ That is. But who dared to lock food under the lion’s toes? Thus, the lion devoured all the food. The tadpoles were starving. However, the lion was the only one to swallow the food. Killed the bull? It’s too. What was swarming in the maze to feed, was cut off to run to find.

Made the lion sick. Do nothing! The disease came to a head. The animals that had been suffering from the lion for years came and cursed and kicked the lion. Even though the lion could not get up, he was staring at the eggs. But no animal is to be feared. ‘If life is good, I will take revenge’. Some animals are still frightened by the sight of eggs.

One day the donkey came. ‘Did you come to kick too?’ Said angry the lion. Are you still arrogant, king? Worry is dead but sours is not dead! That’s an ass. The donkey turned back without speaking again. Kicked lion’s nest. With that the lion rolled both eyes.

‘After living so long, I finally had to be beaten to death by a donkey. Oops! How perverse is my death? Cried the lion. But who cares?

Dove and Rat their Foolish Friendship Story

That’s the maze. A big tree in that forest. Two Holes on that tree. There is a pigeon in one shell and a hamster in the other. Back in the forest, the pigeon and the rat eat the cocoons and live comfortably together. The two were good friends and never left each other. A wolf invented the mixing of a dove and a rat. She hoped to eat the nuts and bolts and eat the ones that were the strongest. The wolf is inventing for a chance to catch them.

One day a rat saw a fruit hanging from a tree in the distance. It was fun to eat them. However, in order for the fruit to reach the tree, they have to cross the middle ridge. The pigeon can fly. The rat feared it would fall into a fast-moving stream. How? If the pigeon’s leg is tied with a rope, the pigeon will fly and lean on the tree! Since the rope was tied, they thought that well the rat as well as the pigeon would go over the tree, and they tied the rope so that their idea was good.

The dove flew over the rive. Even the rat hanging on the toe rope was flying in the air, both leaning on the fruit tree! The wolf is watching them. Slowly climb up and reach the abyss and sit at the beginning of the tree. Seeing the wolf, the rat became anxious and ran back and forth. Slipped. The pigeon’s leg, his leg tied with a rope, the rat is hanging in the air and trying to climb up!

Wolf raised her head and sat eagerly waiting for the rat to fall under. Meanwhile an eagle came crashing down like an arrow and struck the rat. Due to the rope being tied, the pigeon also became food for the eagle along with the rat! The wolf squatted looking at the picture in the sky.

Adults say, “It’s good to be friends! But, it’s not good to be friends when there is a difference in lifestyle.

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