Nature has its own rules

Formerly a sage used to perform penance near The Amazon Rainforest. There he also taught the Vedas to some students. One day, while preaching the Vedas, a sudden wind and rain blew away all the cups in the ashram. The whole ashram was cluttered. Seeing all this, the sage forgot his discernment at once and rebuked him with his asceticism, “Stop your merging.”

Nature is at peace. Everyone praised the sage. Then Muni wanted to know what the rest of the world thinks with his magical power that those who are here admire me so much, and that the whole world admires me even more. He closed his eyes late as he thought and realized what the rest of the world thought.

Then he knew one thing. Some lives were lost due to the sage. That is how the wind and the rain were coming. But the sage once recalled the principle of morality that he knew he had to abide by for as long as he could, knowing that the sailors who had been rescued before the sudden wind and rain subsided had caused their boats to sink.

test for intelligent student :

John ran an ashram school. Many of the students joined in at an early age and returned with good knowledge when they reached adolescence. Among them were two disciples, Liam and Logan. Both are equally gifted in all disciplines. The masters like those two very much. He wanted to give that ashram to one of them after him. But who would want to put a little test to find out who deserves it.

One day the masters called them and said, Kids! I want to go to penance. I need deer skin by tomorrow. Bring it on, he said. But, the real reason is not mentioned.

Liam and Logan went to different directions. Liam searched for a dead deer anywhere in the forest. No matter how much I searched. He went to the surrounding fields and inquired about the deer skin sellers. Liam returned to the ashram with empty hands as he could not be found there either.

Logan went ahead to a nearby village and bought weapons such as bows, arrows and swords. He went to the Nallamala forest and killed a buck. Peeled its skin and set out to give it to the teacher. By the time Logan leaves, Liam is standing with his hands clasped in front of the teacher, describing his attempt for deer skin.

Logan then proudly put the deer skin in front of the teacher and told him how he got it. John remained silent for a while. He later said, “Dear Logan! I have long been teaching that every creature born on this earth has the right to live and to have kindness to fellow creatures. You have acquired knowledge, but you have not acquired knowledge. Liam valued demonic kindness more than my word. I entrust the responsibilities of this ashram to my successor. I also became a cause for a creature to die. I can not. I am going to the Himalayans to atone for my sins.

Saving from childhood is very useful for tomorrow’s good deeds.

Jacob and Levi are studying 10th class in Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology School in United states of America. Jacob brings more than ten rupees of pocket money to school every day. Jacob has four or five friends around him as flies gather around the jaggery.

Those who eat snacks, take rental bicycles and cycle, and spend more time on games than on the start. Levi carefully hides the pocket money given in the house in the kiddy bank. Use notes to the last page. He buys old textbooks, wraps them neatly, sticks colorful name slips on them and keeps them neat. The teachers were so fond of him.

But the students were shouting ‘Greedy Levi’. However, he would go to bed smiling without getting angry. Jacob does not do any work at home, but pays commissions on time for bringing any goods from the market. He would spend that money on those he admired.

Levi used to go home in the morning and fetch the milk he wanted. Some people in the colony would wake up in the morning and fetch milk bags with Levi. They were paid Rs 15 per month for doing so. Levi carefully accumulates that money. Although their father paid them to go to the movies every month, they also hid.

Everyone in the class wanted to do a teacher honors program together for Teacher’s Day. It was decided to put ten rupees per head. Everyone paid the leader as expected. Jacob, however, took 25 rupees from the house in the name of Teacher’s Day and spent the money saying that he had not given it at home in class. On Teacher’s Day, Levi did all the work himself.

Levi gave hundreds of rupees of his own money so that the children would not be alarmed if the money collected was worried. The children were shocked. Greedy Levi gives hundreds of rupees was discussed by all and Jacob was very upset.

That turned out to be annoying. After leaving school, in the middle of the road tried to hit Levi. Levi was not afraid to say “Jacob! Why are you angry with me? I never thought differently about you. We have come to study. If that happened then your life and your parents’ hopes of getting you a great education would be dashed. If you do not spend, friends around you will not come near you. If you hit me, you hit me, hit me. ” Jacob was stunned by the unexpected. Thoughtfully, he lay down and walked away.

Jacob has changed since then. That change hurt Jacob’s friends. They made a cosmic effort to bring Jacob to their path. Jacob did not come their way. He concentrated on his studies. Old friends have moved away. The admiration for Levi who changed himself grew. Levi took the unwritten notes and wrote them down. Stopped retail spending, twists and turns.
He read intelligently and passed the exam in first class. In USA, up to 10th class is possible. If you want to read upper class, you have to take a bus to the next town. Jacob wondered what to do. He asked his father to buy a bicycle. He said he would buy it two months later due to financial difficulties.

He decided to go by bus for those two months. Jacob looked back at the sound of Tring, tring cycle. Levi and Jacob looked at the bicycle in amazement and asked, When did you buy the new bicycle? Did you buy yours? How much? He asked. Our father did not buy it. I bought it with my own money. Sixteen hundred. Come on! Sit back. Let’s go to the school where the two meet, said Levi. Jacob sat down and asked in surprise, “Where is so much money?”

Levi laughed and said, “If you deposit one rupee without incurring unnecessary expenses, you can buy a bicycle. If you spend money, you will not be approached by friends, know, he said. Jacob was very ashamed of those words, “Levi! Are you a true friend? From now on I will travel in a good way with your advice he said.


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