The little tortoise was very happy

Apparently there were some tortoises in a pond. One day a boy caught a small tortoise out of those tortoises. He took it and raised it for a while in the tub at home. He left it back in the same pond when someone told him he would be happy if it grew in a natural environment. The tortoise cub was very happy to be free again and to meet his grandchildren. But by the time it returned, the water in the pond had receded. During the summer the suns were higher than ever before and the water in the pond evaporated from the heat.

The tortoise found it difficult to tolerate that heat. The rest of the tortoise could withstand the heat. I was comfortable in the shade. I came across this pond unnecessarily again. It’s cool and cozy to be there. A big tortoise that noticed it, listened patiently to all its pain and understood. “Somehow send me back to where I was before,” said the big tortoise to the small tortoise.

“This heat will not last long. Will you be a hostage somewhere for the rest of your life that will have to struggle some day? You should not be among us who cannot bear even these hardships for freedom. Then the little tortoise said But I won’t go. I will stay here she said. It rained for a few days after that. The water in the pond had risen. All rights reserved. The little tortoise was very happy to be there without leaving in a hurry.

The Joy That comes From Helping Others :

Two seeds fell from the mango trees on the farm and came into the field. Hidden in the layers of the earth. There was a movement in the grains as the drizzle continued for a few more days. Then the first seed said to one another We still have no sense of hiding in this earth. We must grow into plants and plants and fulfill our responsibilities. Why are you in such a hurry. Do we all have difficulties since we sprouted? The series of hardships begins when the shoots sprout.”

So it would be better if we stayed on earth to avoid all this suffering. The second nut says otherwise hardships are inevitable. However it is our responsibility to germinate all these as the first seed seeds that silently heard. She said that the meaning of our life lies in giving cool shade and fruits to those who come to us and seduce us.

The joy that comes from helping others is not all there is. How many people get the opportunity to help others in every way? I do not know if I will experience that satisfaction and happiness. Your thing is OK! But the first seed decided that I would only germinate. A few days passed like that.

The first seed sprout is made of a mild and attractive with smooth gums. The bewildered farmer put up a hedge and protected it. The second seed hid warm underground. While doing so one day a group of chickens were digging the earth’s crust with their feet where the seed was hiding.

Hen saw the second seed that came out while digging and swallowed it in Quickly. What’s more Aww ! I wouldn’t have taken this step if I had done what his friend told me to do. If they don’t do the work assigned to them, they will take the same fate as me.”

Rabbit learnt a life lesson

There was a toad rabbit in a forest. Too much cowardice for it. Fear of seeing large animals. It is enough to know that animals bigger than himself are coming hiding behind any tree or anthill. Even a small noise, even if the leaves sound finally threatened and ran. The rest of the rabbits mocked it as cowardly.

A few days later the rabbit had an aversion to life Bad… Bad… I wonder if there is anyone else in the world as cowardly as me. Every time was scared to death but decided to commit suicide. She jumped into the water and went towards the lake to take her life.

There are some frogs on the shore of that lake. Big frogs gossip frequently. Small frogs play by jumping from water to shore and from shore to water. Look at a frog that sensed the arrival of a rabbit. A rabbit is coming this way. ‘

With that, the commotion in the frogs started. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Hold on let’s hide, hold on, they warned each other. Immediately jumped into the lake. When the rabbit reached there, all the frogs in the water jumped into the water and put their heads out and looked at the rabbit in horror. Seeing that, the rabbit’s mouth went up. This is why they were scared to look at me. I want to do them!

Then the rabbit was taught a truth. There are many creatures in this world that are weaker than themselves. It is not right to be afraid of everything. When there is danger, it must be faced with courage. And she set out for her place, thinking it was foolish to fear danger. That incident caused confidence in the rabbit. She has since decided to live bravely. From that day onwards, All the time remained cozy without fear. The change in this rabbit came as a surprise to the rest of the rabbits. All appreciated it.

How the Frog turned into prince

A king had a beautiful daughter. In the vicinity of their palace was a forest, with a well in it. Every day the Little princess would sit by the well and play. One day while she was playing the car fell into that deep well.

“Oh my beautiful car,” cried the princess. “What is it, princess?” A voice was heard from the well. A frog appeared to the girl who saw him hanging into the well. “My car fell into the well,” cried the princess.

“Don’t,” cry said the frog. “I’ll take your car. And will you give it to me instead?”Asked. “What do you want? My dress, my jewelry, my gold crown?” The princess asked. “No way! Just make me your friend. Let me sit at your table, let you eat in your gold plate, let me drink in your golden glass, then I will bring you a beautiful car.” Said frog. Said frog. said the little princess. The frog jumped into the water in one fell swoop and brought the car up.

That’s when the princess locked the car on Quickly and ran home without even saying ‘thank you’. “Stop, stop,” shouted the frog. But the princess ran away without hearing the frog and fell into the well. The next day when the princess woke up and came out, the frog was found near the door. When the princess saw the frog, she closed the door and ran to her father.

“What, mother?” Asked the king. The princess explained what had happened to her father. “never break your promise. Do not let the frog into the house,” said the king. “Take me up. I must eat in your golden plate,” said the frog to the princess. When the princess grabbed the gold plate by the hand and touched the frog, it turned into a handsome boy.

“I am a prince. An evil Lady has turned me into a frog. The touch of a princess will turn me back into a prince,” said the witch. Said the prince, transforming from a frog into a man. The king then asked the prince to stay with them. The princess was overjoyed to find the king and her brother to make up for the lack of sons.

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