Eligos fire monster

This is the story that preceded people learning about the use of fire: People knew about fire but did not know how to make it in that era. There was a monster named Eligos in a cave in the Everest Mountains in the Nepal Islands. The terrifying Eligos note had fangs gleaming like flames.

The flames erupted whenever he opened his mouth, like the flames emanating from a large furnace. Luckily the monster was always lying in his cave and snoring and sleeping. Rarely comes out. As he walked up the hill with his big limbs, the tree moths hiding behind the flames emanating from his exhaled breaths.

At the foot of the hill, the villagers, living on the sea shore, were screaming at the sight of the monster. He prayed to God that he would continue to sleep without leaving the cave.

The village was home to four active boys, Peter, John, Harry and David. Whenever he saw a monster spewing flames, he wondered how good it would be to snatch fire from his mouth. “Mindfulness can make delicious food!” Said John. “In dark late nights, our villagers will get light and hot food,” said Peter.

The four brave young men took some dried coconut leaves and set out for the monster cave. They approached the monster cave. The monster snarled and fell asleep. With each breath of his, the flames come out of the gnashing teeth of the mouth and look strange as they go in and out.

In the light of the flames, the young men, without any fuss, walked slowly into the cave. They put the dried coconuts they had brought with them into their mouths so that the monster would not be disturbed. Set them on fire. The young men turned away with great enthusiasm. Then a young man named David, with exaggerated enthusiasm, jumped and touched the burning coconut in his hand to Eligos’s lips. Because of that he wokeup and looked. Four young men are running out of the cave, with burning coconuts.

“Who dared to steal my fire?” John went back and forth without getting their hands on it and plunged back into a cave near the village and placed a large rock across the cave entrance. “Aha! It was as if we had no longer escaped from Eligos. Weight lifting is not an option. This rock can’t move an inch, ” John said.

Eligos, who had reached the entrance of the cave, turned around and shouted for them to come out. However, they remained untouched. The monster went mad with rage. Flames and smoke billowed from his face and ears. The fire spread from his and spread to the surrounding forest.

Eligos endured the heat. Even the young men inside the cave found it difficult to cope with the heat outside. It was thought that the survivors could escape if they escaped from the cave anyway. Eligos couldn’t even stand there. Standing by a rock across the cave, he said, “Dear, Young men, there are fires all around. If you let me in, I’ll sing you a nice song, he said nicely.

The young men wanted to tease Eligos and pushed the rock a little sideways. Seeing that, Eligos said, “How can I get away in such a small alley? Move the rock a little further, he said.

One of the young men inside, Peter, was struck by an idea. He said it softly to his friends. The four of them shoulder to shoulder and pushed the rock a little farther to the side. Eligos plunged headlong into it and looked inside. That’s it! Peter warned, “Now!” Eligos nodded as he knew what was happening. The flames that had fallen out of his mouth had cooled and turned black.

Pushing the rock aside, the three young men came out of the cave. Calling the people of the surrounding villages, “we all killed the monster. His teeth no longer burn. However, we did bring the fire. We will never have a monster again. As long as there is fire, our lives will go on comfortably! The villagers rejoiced at those words. Admired the courage of the youth. They shared the fire among themselves and were able to cook the beets and fish comfortably.

10th class student got the valueble instructions by the master

Paul is a freshman in the 10th grade at Hyderabad public School. With his proficiency in sports, Paul impressed everyone at the school within a few days of joining.

Quarterly examinations are held at the school. “Paul, what are you doing, is not wrong,” shouted the accounting master who came the supervisor? The student next to him lowered his head trying to copy from the answer sheet and said “Sorry sir! I did not read it properly. If the marks do not come well, our mother and father will scold us. So I did this.

The maths teacher noticed the students writing the test, warning the rest of the students to stop writing the test and telling Paul to go home with him before the test was over. When the test was over, he went to the staff room and met the math master before going home.

“I heard you were a very wise man. What else can I do? What do you need to copy? If you tell the truth, I will not complain to your people.

“Some lessons are not understood by the master. I wondered if the rest of the kids would laugh if I asked questions in class. I left them unread. I watched cricket matches on TV before the exams. With that I could not read the answers to the questions even though I wanted to read before the test. So I tried to copy and paste and get marks like this, Master, Paul honestly admitted his mistake.

“Look Paul, the path you have chosen is wrong. Copying and getting marks like this is only a temporary success! Even if it makes you and your people happy now, it will not be of any use to you in the future. Marks can be achieved by copying, but never mastering the respective lessons. One Can not comprehend the knowledge in them. Over and over again if you succeed in copying this time, you will get used to it again or again. Then what is your future? All such qualities as intelligence, memory, and perseverance are obscured, and you are left as a person who relies on others. Don’t your parents want you to be like this? ”Asked the accountant.

Another master listening to the conversation said, “This is the explanation why the master would never do such a thing again with four blows.” “Punishment is not necessary in all cases,” said the Master of Accounts. Lessons in class need to be listened to carefully in order to grasp the knowledge in the lessons. If there are any doubts, they should be salvaged without hesitation. The lessons taught on any given day should be read today. Doing so requires a lot of discipline especially at the student stage. Instead of wasting time, it should be used for education and mental development. Only then will you thrive in life as your parents hoped. ”

Paul, realizing the valuable instruction given by the master, to lead his future life in the right direction, studied hard, never copying afterwards.

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