Singing Frog

One day a hunter went to the forest. He left home in despair as he could not find any animals to hunt. On the way he saw a Frog playing sweetly near a lake. Seeing that, he said, “What a pity! What a Frog puppet is playing!” That hunter was shocked. He immediately recovered from the surprise and captured the Frog and took it to his home. The captive Frog, captivated by Flute singing, is captured by the hunter shortly before he recovers. It did not understand how to escape.

The hunter put the Frog in a corner of his house and asked him to play Flute. That Frog, that played reluctantly.

“I will take this Frog to town and make money by playing with it in the squares,” said the hunter with his wife and children.

“Oh God,” thought the Frog in his mind. He immediately put it in a box and said to his children, “Children! Watch carefully not to miss it. I will go to the market and bring a good cage to put it in.” The hunter left for the market.

As the hunter went on, the Frog played flute very sweetly. Immediately the two children went to the box where the Frog was. “Did you like my singing?” “Take me out of this box. Let’s all sing and play together,” said the Frog with the two children.

The children pulled out the Frog. While the Frog was playing sweetly, the children played. This has been going on for a long time. Those kids who were finally tired and drenched in sweat. “Are we drenched in sweat? Shall we take a bath now?” Said the Frog as he executed his plan. Immediately the children brought water in a bucket. “These are not enough for me. Let’s bathe in the river lets go. ” The two children took the Frog to the river, and it immediately jumped and escaped.

Ethics: It is wise to get out of danger when it is too late.

Letter to god :

In one village there was an innocent boy named Ash kechum. He is an orphan. Neighbors help with the rest of the meal. Schooling was also made possible by their kindness.

Once Ash kechum had no money to buy books. Someone once heard that ‘God Himself helps those who believe. He wrote a letter to God and decided to ask for some money to help him.

He thought for a long time about how to write a letter to God and finally wrote. ‘God! I have no one. I believed in you. Please send me 100 rupees to buy books out of pity for us’ … He put the letter in the post box saying ‘God, heaven’ where the address should be written.

Ash kechum took the letter to the post office along with all the letters from the postman. The postmaster was surprised to see the address on the letter and presented it to the postmaster. He opened the letter and read it. The delicate point of that letter touched the postmaster’s heart. He sent a money order of Rs 75 to Ash kechum.

Four days later another letter to God came from Ash kechum. In it… God! You are so great. I never thought my scream would be heard so quickly. However, I got only 75 rupees. You will be sent 100 rupees. But it does not matter if the postman gets 25 rupees out of it. It’s not your fault… I’ll write you a letter again if you need anything else. Postmaster Ash kechum who read it felt sorry for the innocence.

friendship with the wicked leads to evil

One day a fox was sitting on the bank of the river and was screaming. Hearing this, the crabs in the surrounding holes came out and asked the fox, “Why are you crying?” Asked. Oops! Drive me out of the forest with all the other foxes in my group the fox replied. Crabs pity asked why it happened. Because if those foxes are plotting to eat you, I’m not – how do they want to eat nice creatures like you? That’s a fox. Where are we going now? Asked the crabs. I don’t know, we have to take care of the work anyway, replied the fox.

All the crabs thought together. They went and asked the fox to guard them. The fox confessed and thanked him. She stays with crabs all day and tells stories and laughs at them. At night the full moon came into the sky. The riverbank lit up with moons. Have you ever wandered in these cool moons? Frightened, the fox decided to take the crabs away immediately, telling them not to go far beyond their burrows. The crabs also left when the fox told me what you were afraid of. After some distance the fox began to roar. Suddenly many foxes came out of the forest and climbed on the crabs while watching the crabs wonder what had happened.

The crabs became frightened and started running back and forth. But the foxes landed a lot of crabs. Some of the crabs that somehow survived the ordeal and suffered greatly from the intrigue of the fox. They understood that friendship with the wicked leads to evil.

The King Ordered ! Does not tell this matter to anyone until you see my face a hundred times.

Great King Mufasa is touring the kingdom one day to see if the people are happy with his rule. Ask a farmer working on the farm “Are you happy with what you earn? He asked. I am happy Raja! I earn only one rupee a day. I will eat 25 paise out of it. I will lend another 25 paise. I will repay another 25 paise. I will drop the remaining 25 paise,” said the farmer.

“But how can you say you’re happy?” Asked the king. “Raja! My first 25 paise I spend on food for my family members, the second 25 paise I spend on children so it’s like insurance for my future. I spend another 25 paise on my parents. What could be happier than paying off their debt. I donate the last 25 paise to the poor.

The king was glad to hear what the farmer had to say. Giving him a gold coin as a gift, the king approached the court and said, Does not tell this matter to anyone until you see my face a hundred times.”

The king put the riddle in front of them in his court. He announced that he would give a good reward to those who answered. A wise officer remembered that the king had gone to a town and met a farmer there. Immediately the farmer approached and gave him a bundle of gold coins and returned to the city.

The farmer also came to the court on the morning of Next Day. That wise officer explained the answer to the riddle questions nicely. After all, the king swayed angrily and said, “How dare you! After showing my face a hundred times, I told you not to answer to anyone!”

“King! I did not answer your words. This officer gave me a bundle containing a hundred gold coins. Your toy is printed on the coins. So I did not tell the officer this answer either after seeing your face a hundred times,” explained the farmer.

The king was pleased with the intelligence of his officer and the intelligence of the farmer and honored them both.

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