true national service

Desiring to serve the country since childhood, Prince George used to give national service lectures to children near the crossroads. ‘Look for a way to earn yourself! Come with me to the farm! The father was the one who annoyed him. but Prince George’s father looked selfish. Everyone should think about the country too! Avoid selfishness! Some village elders said, The fools here do not understand your sermons.’ Go to the capital and meet the king! Your hard work will be recognized there! Said.

Prince George went to the capital. The king met Gary in the park. I left home to serve the country! Said. Said everything about himself. The king congratulated Prince George. Be my guest for a few years! Said. Next Day Prince George vacated the inn. The king took him home. It is a very spacious building. Servants throughout the house decorate the front room. ‘Relax in this building!’ I’ll be back in four days! The king walked away. Prince George stepped into the inner room and was shocked, there were twenty rooms inside.

All are moldy. Smell the bats over! The curtains are torn and the doors are broken, and the floors are broken! Shrubs all over the place! ‘Clean the interior rooms!’ Said. In four days the whole building was cleaned. The new curtains cleaned the windows marble backyard. Flowering plants and fruit plants were planted. Today the king came to see Prince George. He looked at the building and said, Awesome! The appearance of the building itself has changed! He praised Prince George. ‘They ruined twenty rooms and sat decorating the front room. What a benefit the front room was so beautiful! When the house is full of monsters’ said Prince George.

I expect this answer from you. The country is not just the capital city! There is no point in developing the capital as much as decorating the front room. You repaired all the rooms. Also, all the wools in the country should be improved! Only then will the country recover, said the king. Prince George listens intently to his words. The king opened his mouth again. Everyone should repair their home and town! The same true national service! No need to come to the capital for that! Bring barren lands together for cultivation.

Tell the illiterate to read for free. Remove the overgrowth! Repair the roads! Plant trees along the roads. There is no national service beyond the donation of labor. Not in the name of national service. You Must do for the country! Said. The curtains were removed before Prince George’s eyes. Today I will go to our hometown and work on my lectures. Then My Father is happy. Our hometown, Steets will improve. Prince George took to leave at King.

right wife for Prince :

Isha Fisher ruled over the largest empire in the country. Her only son was the future Maharaja of that kingdom. The prince was six feet tall and very handsome. He came of age. The Isha Fisher wanted to get married. The fiance also wanted to be very beautiful and gentle.

The prince received contacts from many royal families. But none of those princesses fit the Isha Fisher’s desired characteristics. News spread across the country that the Isha Fisher was not having many relationships. Hearing that, a beautiful princess decided to meet the Isha Fisher. The Isha Fisher seemed to want to know what kind of princess she wanted as her daughter-in-law. So the Isha Fisher wanted to go and meet Gary in person.

The princess informed the Isha Fisher of her arrival through the soldiers. The Isha Fisher had a beautiful room in her palace ready for her. When the princess arrived at the palace, the Isha Fisher’s maids took her to that beautiful room. To find out how sensitive the princess was, she put some jasmine on the bed in the living room and laid seven beds on them. The princess, who was lying on the bed at night, could not sleep at all because of the jasmine.

She had red spots on her back. All the oats were gone. The Isha Fisher who came to see the princess saw her shit and decided that she would be the most sensitive, the Isha Fisher for herself, and the right wife for her son.

the villain does not even hesitate to take the lives of friends

A large tiger lives in a hill cave in the Sundarbans forest. That tiger is Very cunning. It is not hesitant to do anything for food. There was also a Mango tree near the cave. There was a stork living on that Mango tree. Although the tiger and the stork have no great friendship, they occasionally talk.

One day while the tiger was hunting and eating a goat, a thin bone pierced its throat. No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you shake the neck, no matter how hard you inhale the air, the bone does not come out. It was evening when the tiger was struggling with so much pain.

The stork got its food and reached its nest. The tiger in the cave came to tell us how it was. What a friend to see the pain of the tiger. What’s wrong? Ask questions.

Then the tiger Don’t forget friend! A piece of bone pierced my throat. It hurts a lot. Pull it out a little with your long nose and don’t tie the knot! Said the demon. The stork was very upset to see the tiger suffer. But since the tiger is a ferocious animal, he stood there thinking that he should not be surprised to have swallowed himself after removing the piece of bone.

The tiger noticed this and asked, “Friend, I will not do anything to you, do not be afraid. Pull a piece of bone and help a little. I will never forget your help. With this the stork graciously put its long nose into the tiger’s throat and pulled out a piece of bone. Since then, both the tiger and the stork have become friends.

A few days passed like this. One day the tiger went hunting and did not find a single animal until the evening. Reached the cave somehow, languidly, languidly, starving. Nothing came out of the cavern and sat down. At the same time the stork also reached home.

Seeing the tiger sitting on the ground, the stork asked, “What friend. What happened again? She asked. Then the cunning tiger pretended to cry, “Friend, a piece of bone is stuck in my throat again. You must not help this time either.”

Sadly the innocent stork which thought the tiger’s cry was real put his long nose in the tiger’s mouth again. What’s more the cunning tiger savagely bites the stork’s neck and eats it.

So kids! The moral we learn from this story is that the villain does not even hesitate to take the lives of friends. If we make friends with such people, the stork will take us too. So, do not make friends with bad people.

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