Blind Cheetah wicked wolf

A blind Cheetah lives on the bank of a river. Many other birds live on the same tree. The birds also gave Cheetah some of the food they brought. Instead, the Cheetah would look after its young when the birds were not in the nest.

One day a wolf noticed a bird perched on a tree. Wanted to shout them out anyway. But when he saw the wolf coming, the birds began to howl. The blind Cheetah heard their screams “Who, where?” Shouted.

The wolf saw the Cheetah and died. ‘God, my work is done. This Cheetah will leave me alone! We have to try to tame it, said the wolf, thinking, I have come to seek your blessing, Master. Who are you Cheetah? Asked.

“I’m a wolf,” replied the wolf.

“To go away, otherwise I will take your life,” shouted the Cheetah. Frightened by the Cheetah’s howls, the wolf begged, Master! If you hear me, kill me.”

“And tell me why you came.” Said the Cheetah to the wolf.

I came to hear that you are very intelligent, and I want to get your blessing. But you want to kill this buffalo wolf. You should treat me like a guest, “said the wolf. How can I trust you? “Instead, the wolf said,” I realized it was a sin to torture and became a vegetarian.”The blind Cheetah believed the wolf in its nest on the tree. Cheetah Couldn’t understand what was going on.

But the birds noticed that their bird cubs were not visible. When his work was done, the wolf slipped away. A few days later, the birds found the bones of their bird cubs in a blind Cheetah’s Den.

“This blind Cheetah ate our children,” he thought, and all the birds together stabbed the Cheetah to death.

Know the value of time :

In Ethnic Village there was a couple named Deng Lun and Zhao Liying. Deng Lun did good business and amassed a lot of money. Both of these couples were very frugal. But their son Sean Xiao is an extravagant man. Going to school is annoying. Deng Lun, enrolled Zhao Liying, Sean Xiao in a good school. But Sean Xiao used to go to school and play on the pond embankment of the village. Not only that they would take the money their father had accumulated and play some games. He would lose that money.

Their father came to know about this and hit and scolded Sean Xiao. “Aren’t such things good?” He said in many ways. ” But Sean Xiao ignored those words. Heard with one ear and left with the other ear.

Sean Xiao had a friend named Hu Yitian. Why are you doing such work, I’m going to school, you come with me, let’s go? If you study well, can you stand on your own two feet? Why steal like this? You are ruining their love for you. . Sean Xiao also listened to his words.

Sean Xiao used to go somewhere crying whenever their father cursed them. Deng Lun left, making sure “he won’t change anymore.” Soon Sean Xiao became an extravagant adult. But remained lazy. As an adult, Hu Yitian became a police inspector. The village saw Sean Xiao on the table of bullies and was very upset. Calling him “Sean Xiao, how are you! How are your parents?” He asked. “Did my mother and father evict me from the house?” Said Sean Xiao.

“How can you be so mean? If you do such bad things, someone will do the same. If you study, you will become a good doctor and engineer! Do it, and I’ll see if I can help you. Hu Yitian said and left. The friend’s words made Sean Xiao think. His mind changed. Go to the parents and apologize. With their help he also started a business. Succeeded in it consistently!

All forest animals admired fox cooking talent

Great fox has opened a new dining hall. In addition to the wild animals, the beast also invited the lion to a special dinner. The animals and birds in the forest go to the fox dining room and entertain themselves.

Gaining proficiency in the cuisine will cook and serve new dishes with great taste to the guests. All animals ate and could not help but admire fox handiwork. The fox that receives the gifts they give as a reward. Fox spread the word about the wonderful handicraft in two days. Within a few days, it crawled into the surrounding forests. Despite all this the lion of the wild king could not come to the dining hall opened by fox. It also knows something that comes from the adjacent forests and tastes good.

The fox was specially invited by the king but was unable to go due to lack of space. But now the lion decided to go.

The minister instructed the wolf to make arrangements for the fox to go to the dining hall open to wipe away the blood that had been eaten. The fox received the news that the beast was coming to the dining hall with his entourage. This day still made dishes special. The fox greeted the king, invited him and made him a guest, and greeted him with love.

The wolf, the bear and the elephant that came with the king ate the loot. But the lion did not stumble. Something seemed to have eaten. The fox realized that the lion had not eaten satisfactorily.

The beast gave an expensive gift to the fox and moved on with his entourage from there. How delicious the dishes are! I have never eaten such delicious food before, said the bear. Really All the dishes are delicious said the elephant and the wolf. With that the lion got bored.

Stop your food! He did not find anything special in those dishes. Didn’t even taste over. If the whole jungle admires fox handiwork, they don’t understand at that moment why only a lion did not like it. The minister wolf learned that the fox was suffering because the lion could not eat satisfactorily. Thought deeply about this matter. Came to a decision. The wolf sent word that the fox had not been offended, and that this time the king would soon come to the feast again, which must be appreciated.

One evening the wolf persuaded the king to go to the fox dining hall. The lion reluctantly went back to dinner with his entourage. This time the lion exclaimed to those who came with him, “Aren’t they very tasty now?

Kind! There was no difference in fox cooking. Then, now cooked deliciously. But in the past you were not hungry. Then the deer hunted, snorted and sat down to dinner here. Now the wolf who was hungry so knew the original taste. Realizing his mistake, the beast greeted the fox again, gave him a gift and happily left with his entourage.

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