ox said i can pull Hundred carts

There was a poor man named Xris Wu in a city called Beijing. All his possessions were a hut, a bull. When its mother died when it was a calf, Xris Wu lovingly raised it. Yang Yang! Xris Wu affectionately calls it.

Xris Wu observed the poverty of the ox ‘He worked very hard to fill my stomach with food. The debt of this great man must be paid. ‘

One day it said to Xris Wu, “Master! You know, how strong I grew up growing in your shadow! They are not in this kingdom like my weights. You meet the landlord Deng Lun and bet that my son—in—law can pull fifty carts! ”

Xris Wu went to Deng Lun and said that word and said great about the strength of Yang Yang. Not only that, he bet his ox could pull fifty carts. Deng Lun was shocked to hear his words and prepared for a bet of one thousand rupees.

Not only the villagers who knew about the bet but also the people around had gathered. Fifty carts filled with grain were tied to Yang Yang. That bull tried so hard to pull them. But not a single step was taken. Xris Wu beat it so hard. But to no avail. With that Xris Wu lost the bet and lost a thousand rupees.

He returned home very sadly. Then the ox said to him, Sir! Forgive me. I can’t pull it off. That power is in me. Because my legs did not move forward. Bet this time you can pull a hundred carts! He said.

But Xris Wu did not believe its words.

I grew up in your house as a son. Trust me on this one time. But this time, if you make me lose the bet, I will not show you my face. He bet ten thousand as Taurus said. He also said that anyone in The city can take part in the race. Xris Wu sold his huts and prepared money.

Everything made Xris Wu mad. However, people came in droves to watch the race. One hundred carts filled with sacks of grain were built one after the other. Xris Wu climbed into the first cart, sat down, grabbed the reins, and lovingly tapped the bull, “Son, move forward.”

That’s it. the bull stepped forward while everyone was watching. Hundreds of carts moved along with it. So Taurus ran forward on foot.

Xris Wu won the bet. Deng Lun gave him tens of thousands of rupees. Not only that, the people who were amazed at the strength of the bull also put some money on each head and gave it. Yang Yang with Xris Wu returning home ” Master! If I win the bet for the first time, you will get a very small amount of money. That’s why I didn’t pull out the first time. ” Hearing that, Xris Wu leaned affectionately on its back.

Demon in bottle :

The Peter is a wise boy. One day he was walking near Amazon River. Suddenly his voice rang out. He noticed it coming from under the tree next to it. Go there and look and see a bottle. There was a little man-like creature in that bottle. The creature removed the lid and begged the Peter to release him.

The Peter, who had no doubt about the creature in small form, took the lead. Immediately thick smoke came out of it, and a terrible demon came out of the middle. “Who are you?” He asked. “I am a demon. A witch, has trapped me in this bottle. I am free now. I will eat you,” the demon shouted loudly.

The wise Peter said, I do not believe you. You are so big, how did you get into this little bottle? He asked. To which the demon entered the bottle saying Why can’t, I enter. I’ll show you if I need to. Without any delay the Peter immediately tightened the bottle cap. The demon who saw it said, “Please redeem me. I will not harm you in any way.” “How can I trust you? I wanted to eat myself as soon as I left you,” said the Peter. The demon said, “I will not harm you. I will also give you a wonderful wand. As soon as you touch it, the diseases will disappear. You will be comfortable and healthy. Also, if you touch any object first, it will turn to gold.”

The Peter who believed its words freed the monster from the bottle. With the help of a wonderful wand given by the demon he also remembered what it said and went straight without touching anything and touched the big tree. It turned to gold. The Peter soon became rich.

King kept Test for the honesty

One day srikrishna and Bruce was standing in the fort premises talking. In the context of the words, srikrishna asked, “Bruce, can you tell me who deceives the people the most in my kingdom?”

Merchants Lord! Counterfeit goods are sold. Stones in rice and water in milk deceive thousands of people, said Bruce. I do not believe all traders are deceivers. There may be some good ones and some bad ones! Lord, I know everyone is deceiving people in some way, srikrishna said. Can you prove that? Surely Lord, I have a plan. I will prove it if you give me permission, said srikrishna.

The next day the merchants of the town of Agra were ordered to appear before Emperor srikrishna. Merchants who did not know the reason were frightened. srikrishna with them We have called you for a good deed. I want to make a festival that is relevant to all religions. You all need a glass of milk each.

If the Lord commands you to drink, we will bring you a bucket, said all the merchants openly. You don’t have to take it too hard. All you have to do is bring a spoonful of milk tomorrow morning, Bruce said.

Bruce put a large Ganga in a room for them. Before sunrise the merchants lined the bars with bowls. They came one by one and slipped the cup in their hand into the cage. After everyone left, srikrishna and Bruce went into the room. Srikrishna’s face turned white as he looked into the crow with great curiosity. There was not a drop of milk in that cup. So there is water.

All merchants thought the same, Lord!” Everyone else pours milk. Everyone brought water so that no one would know if he poured water on his own. He said with a smirk.

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