My friend said before

In one village there was a stray dove that lived on a daily basis, satisfied with the food it found. So I stayed for a few days and went to another town. There are well-conditioned Rich people out there. They ate very strong solid food and left the rest behind. That flipped and the dove ate well. Gradually strength gained. Nearby is the sea. In the evening, swans would come and roam near the sea. Dove had seen them and wanted to befriend them and revealed her desire to the swans. The swans added the right wing to theirs.

A very cozy stretch period. One day the dove was jealous of the swan. I am stronger than they are. Less than me! Beauty to beauty, strength to strength, I have the ingenuity to fly so high. Or how to accept my friendship when I ask for it. Do not brag that these are white. I will suppress the smoke with a small bet. Feels good to see a good moment and go near a swan friend! Let’s take a look at our strengths for once! That means the swan is shocked! Friend! Why is this now an endless waste trend. No, friend, that means the dove smiles and says, “Oh, are you afraid of losing if you compete with me? Or so precious! Not worth it buddy! That’s why it bothers you!

Suffering for me! Hahaha! Look at me correctly! I can fly like the oceans of the Seven Seas, circling the globe. How high can I fly. Do not be prepared to bet with me if you have the courage. If not, admit that you have lost.

Well, why not a friend? Come so let’s go for a picnic on the sea.

The bet began.

Dove shows his strength by flying high in the sky. Look at the swan! Friend! You Get tired. After that it becomes harder to jump. Hear the name and come down! Sunlight is high.

The dove smiled sarcastically when he heard those words and flew up. Have a look! How are you flying? After traveling some distance thinking, dove got tired of the heat of the sun. As well as going a little farther the boredom came and she looked around to see if there was any evidence in the sea that she could not flutter her wings. But nothing was found except water around. Then cried.

Oops! My friend said before. I did not listen, though. I will drown in the sea in a few more moments. The swan put the dove on its back and brought it to the shore. Thanked the swan for bringing it ashore and offered to apologize. The swan smiles and smiles!

The first thing to know in order to confront others is to look at our birth, then our strength (possibly wealth, in our intellect,) and then our increased position, position, and care. If the opponent wants to be strong, wait until the time comes. Is this our time? That is what the conditions we are in tell us. We have to adapt to those conditions.

If the adversary is an irresistible force, the plant must surrender if we want our work to be completed by them. Or give up if you think it is not necessary. Also, if you go blind and get into a fight, there will be no head upstairs. The torso remains. Said the swan. The dove lay down in shame and walked away. From then on he knew his qualifications, his affordability and became friends.

snake showed its true nature :

Apparently Wang Yibo running on a road saw a snake trembling in the cold and stiff. Seeing the trembling snake made the Wang Yibo feel very sorry. He immediately poured milk on the snake. The snake did not feel cold or shivering even after drinking the milk.

With pity he took the snake to his chest and slowly nodded. For a moment the snake’s trembling subsided. Immediately the snake showed its true nature. That bit the bait. Sadly that bait died of snakebite. No matter how much pity and mercy are shown to the wicked. They will not be thankful. That is why adults are told to be careful and make friends with good people.

How Dog Teaches a Lesson to The Donkey :

There was a merchant named Mayank in a village called trilokasancharam. He had a donkey and a dog. However, the two were not always in alliance. A dog is not a good fit for a donkey. Somehow enduring the dog for the owner.

Mayank used to travel from one village to another carrying goods on his donkey for business. He would even take the dog along when he did so. So one day while going for business he stops near a tree to rest as the sun is burning.

Mayank was so tired that he fell asleep where he was sitting. Both the donkey and the dog found the owner and stopped under the tree. However, both of these are very appetizing. If you wake up the owner who is sleeping well, you will not be able to do anything to get angry.

The donkey is not so hungry as it is full of grass on the way. But the dog was so hungry Friend you at least ate the grass on the way. I could not find anything! I’m very hungry. If you sit like this, I will take the bread on your back and eat it. The donkey was demonized.

But the donkey was not like no way, not at all I will not sit down. Stop until the owner wakes up. Otherwise, you can go and wake the owner yourself she said. If the owner beats him when he wakes up the dog sits hungry without speaking.

If so there was a wolf there for a while. When she saw the well-groomed donkey, she jumped up and bit it, hoping to suck its blood. The donkey who saw this was sweating profusely. Immediately called the dog and shouted “Go and wake the owner, otherwise this wolf will take my life.

Since the dog was actually a guru on the donkey What’s wrong stay until the owner wakes up. Let’s see what happens when he wakes up he said. Still, the stubborn donkey apologized to the dog for what he had done.

With this, the dog, which was a little softened, barked loudly and chased away the wolf. Since then the donkey has become very friendly with the dog.

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