Enemies and friends are formed according to the way we speak

There is no enmity in the world. There is no enemy. Where did the rest of the enemies come from?

Your mind is your enemy. There is one Upanishad story related to this.

In Likeng Village, there was a woman named Angelababy. Unable to bear the pain, her husband left home. Her word of mouth increased the number of enemies throughout the town. She stopped coming here for fear of being strangled. Sadly here the tribe suffers saying “Alas why don’t everyone in town talk to me. Why am I so hostile to everyone?

One day a sage came home here. She complained to sage here. Say everything that happened. No one in town was talking to me. Why is sage so jealous of everyone? Asked. Sage replied;

“Beggar, You Bitch!” Said. This Angelababy was incensed when he heard that word. He took one of the sticks next to him and said, “Idiot! If you tell me all your worries, sage, you will hurt me! Raised the stick to hit. Immediately sage. Stop smiling. Now why are you blaming me and increasing the enmity with me? I do not know! I mean I took the stick to hit you as if it was something. You do not like the language I use. So think of the enemy.

The reason we become is the enemy is because we do not like the behavior of others. That’s it. Everyone in the world is the same for the best. So with good intentions he sees everyone as the same. Stay in touch with those who come to you, and with those who meet you and speak softly. Then you will all become friends. He said and left. As a sage said softly and greeted warmly, everyone soon became relatives. Knowing this, Husband also returned home. The story has a happy ending.

Emotion: Enemies and friends are formed according to the way we speak. Everyone is an enemy if we behave badly. Friends are formed if greeted warmly. The way we speak at any given time is important to us. Our mind is our enemy.

Whose hardship reached them :

The city of Austin is ruled by a king named Eastwood. There was a diamond merchant named Reeves in that village. He would go to the surrounding villages and sell diamonds and return to his hometown. One day Reeves rode his horse and set out for the next village. On the way you have to go through a large forest. When he reached the middle of the forest, the horse he was riding had a thorn in its leg and it collapsed, unable to walk. Meanwhile, three thieves fell on Reeves, beat him up and stole his diamonds.

Reeves Consciousness escaped the blows inflicted by the robbers. The robbers went to a cave a short distance away and wanted the three of them to share the stolen money equally. Thinking we would share the meal, a third went into town and sent the meal wet.

If two thieves are the third, our share will decrease. We decided to kill him, saying that if we kill him, we will be punished. The man who went to the meal thought that if he killed both of them, the whole thing would be my own barn and brought poison in the food. The two hid in a cave and when the third man arrived they, attacked and killed him and happily ate the food he had brought and they too died. The only bag left was the Reeves diamond bag.

After dawn the sons of Reeves set out in search of the father. When they reached the middle of the forest, they found their father and horse missing. The robbers lay dead in front of the cave, searching for anyone around. Next to them were his father’s diamond bundles. Father took the horse with those diamonds and came home. In the end whose hardship reached them.

the parrot is saying, Rascal‌! I will kill you get out

Loki is fun to hunt birds. Once he went to the forest. There were many parrots on a tree. He has always wanted to raise a parrot. He sprinkled some grain on the ground under the tree and laid a thin net over them. Look very carefully but do not know that there is a net. When the net was set, he quietly hid behind the tree.

After a while the two parrots sniffed the seeds on the ground. Six in how many nuts! Well well! Said the parrot that landed on the river below.

“Stop it, friend!” It may be some trap warned the second parrot. Those words did not reach the ear in a hurry to see the food. Leaning on the ground tanging in traps happened immediately.

‘I keep saying. You have not heard. It’s useless for anything. The second parrot was leaning on the ground a little away from the net. Really! What a benefit to inquire now so much trouble! What a disaster! Cried the first parrot.

Meanwhile, Loki came here from a tree. The second parrot flew up the tree as soon as he saw him. He pulled out the trapped parrot, trapped in a cage and watched it helplessly.

Loki took the parrot to his house and put it in a cage. His children were very happy to see it. The parrot has been trapped in that house since that day. Many kinds of fruits were served. But the parrot felt that life without freedom was tantamount to suicide. But what a situation that can’t be done. Days passed with every moment worrying about his plight.

Loki encouraged the parrot to speak small words every day. Hello! Hello! Come on! Parrot learned small little words called. Loki put it in the front room and listened to the parrot’s words to his relatives and friends who came to his house and was praised by all. Everyone was so happy to see the parrot. But it was very sad for that parrot.

The parrot does not take much language to convey his feelings to them.

One day Loki was annoyed by his son and one of them peeked on his back and said, I will kill Rascal! To get out he scolded angrily. The parrot heard it. Loki saw the child walking out crying as he cursed. Immediately an idea formed in its mind. Kill Rascal‌! Get out! Parrot memorized those words over and over again. All night long he forgot the rest of the words he had learned and kept memorizing that one word until it came to his throat.

The next day Loki came to their officer’s house. Anyway I heard you have a talking parrot show me! He asked curiously. Loki proudly showed him his parrot and said Say hello to sir!

Immediately the parrot I will kill Rascal‌! To get out she said with a sweet words. The officer’s face flushed with shame when he heard those words. Loki was worried and did not hear the parrot scurrying. Rascal Get Out! Get out! The officer walked away angrily.

Same thread from that day. Whoever comes home that parrot Getout‌ Rascal! I will kill Rascal! Shouted. With that, Loki came to the point where he was afraid to call anyone To his home.

“You have to teach the parrot good words, but do you teach him swearing?” Loki tried his best teach good words to bird. As it learned, it became more and more provocative, and the same words were uttered over and over again.

With this he decided not to keep the parrot in the house anymore. The next morning he took the cage out of the village and left the parrot. Glad to see his height. The parrot flew comfortably towards the forest.

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