Dirty Devil story

Brad Pitt and yang mi were a couple living in Florida. On business Brad Pitt went with his wife to a village called Maryland. However, no search was done for Brad Pitt in the village, and not a single house was found for rent. Eventually an abandoned house at the end of the village appeared empty. Brad Pitt complained about the owner of the house in Village.

The owner of the house is Smith. Smith died in his house, Ten years after his death, still clinging to that house. All the village people come to the other side. They advised Brad Pitt and yang mi to stop thinking about the house.

However, Brad Pitt, who had no other choice, said he would go to that house. However, the house is very dirty! yang mi and Brad Pitt entered the house with broomsticks and powdery mildew. Whether they set foot in the house or not, the demon of Smith appeared before them and said “Uh”. When the two of them stopped hanging, it giggled around them, “Who are you? Why did you come to my house? Do you know not to bring broomsticks and dust here? Shouted out loud.

Brad Pitt’s heart was pounding. He just wanted to tell the myth that the devil is gone, but he did not think that the gingers would turn around like this! But yang mi is stubborn. We have to stay here. Whatever you like whatever it is.”

The devil has never heard such an answer before. Those who run away when they hear someone screaming. yang mi’s stubbornness loved it. But over the years it has become a habit to live a lonely life. Now it seemed difficult to share his house with anyone. However, yang mi did not listen. If you dare, both of you will be here – OK, but you must obey the five conditions I set.”

“What conditions, don’t listen to me!” That is yang mi. “No rubbish in this house. No mold. No bathing. No bowling. Apart from these, you have to cook fish for myself every day” said the ghost, grinning. It is known that no human being agrees to these conditions.

But none of these conditions weighed heavily on yang mi. “Ok! Is that so? I like you. I thought it was something else. Anyway! I do not care if the garbage is not blown out, the dust does not wash off. That is yang mi, as if pouring.

The next morning yang mi and Brad Pitt left and went to the village pond and took a clean bath. Then they reached home holding two large axes there. As soon as he stepped inside, Smith was confronted by a demon, who gritted his teeth and said, “Why not my word?” “What did we do?” Said both of them. “What else? you both had bathe! That is demonic anger.

“Aww! What can I say? We had to go down to the pond to catch this fish. Suppose it’s dead in the cold. That is yang mi. “Before I said I would bring it” the demon said a little less. “Then shut your mouth. If we work so hard to bring in fish, it is not wrong to make such a mistake, said yang mi.

From that day on, the demon did not stop them from bathing. yang mi was cooking fish curry that day and deliberately put mold and spiders in it. The ghost of Smith, who could not stop the smell of fish, jumped with joy. But when the curry was finished and I sat down to eat it, instead of fish, spiders and mildew appeared on it. It angrily shouted. Not spiders, I want fish curry!” Shouted out loud.

If there is mold around, what else will come into the curry? However, spiders do nothing to demons, said yang mi. The demon, however, did not like the curry. If you go back to the pond for a while, I’m going to get rid of the mold. But this is what I’m working on unnecessarily, yang mi said wearily.

yang mi cleaned the house as happily as the demonic barrier to remove the powder was removed. However, the dust and debris could not be blown out of the room! No longer do the utensils remain unwashed? yang mi put some moisture, dust and rubbish in the pots and made them rotten. If they smell dead, the next day the fish curry cooked in them is demonic.

The demon who ate the curry started vomiting and diarrhea. By evening it had a fever. “What a curry, mother! It’s not so cold when I’m alive, he said, trembling. “What do I do? If you do not clean the bowls, you will get the disease together with the mold and mosquitoes that made the fish smell rotten yesterday. Do not go to the rituals and bring any medicine?.

“No no no. Sweep away this rubbish. Keep the bowls clean. Don’t think of anything. I can not stand this tremor the demon pleaded. “Okay, what if you stay in your house and don’t do as you say?” yang mi swept the house and cleaned and washed the dishes.

Two more days passed, and he was demon-possessed. Now it hears yang mi coming back every morning and evening at six in the cool breeze. Also doing an hour of meditation daily. Very soon seemed to think it was better to be clean. Meditation also reduced its anger. Heavenly contemplation has increased. Not only that it was so focused on yang mi that she believed that her house would be safe in her hands shining like a mirror.

For years it was on top of that house that love perished. Eventually, it handed over the house to yang mi and Brad Pitt and went to the forest in peace for penance.

Only thief can catch another thief

Once upon a time there were two notorious burglars named vicky and smith. They had heard of each other as they were notorious in different places but never met. However, Oneday accidentally met two thieves. Immediately vicky invited smith to his house for dinner.

vicky’s wife served the meal in a golden bowl to smith, who went to dinner as per vicky’s wish. The sun was found on the bowl where the rice was served to him. He had a plan in his mind to steal this bowl anyway. However, vicky easily sensed his intentions.

As a precaution, vicky filled the bowl with water, put it on the roof and slept under the roof at night. smith, who wanted to steal the bowl, also slept elsewhere in the house. While vicky was sound asleep smith put an old cloth in the bowl.

After absorbing all the water in the bowl, he stole the cloth and buried it in knee-deep water in a nearby pond. When vicky woke up, he could not see the bowl. He thought it was smith Pane and came to him and looked at him and noticed that he was wet up to his knees.

Immediately vicky went to the pond and found the bowl near the marked stick. Next Day smith Look at that bowl Do you have two bowls like this? He asked. Abbey is not the sun! The only bowl I had was the one that said it was yesterday. Saying that the matter is going to make sense smith fell from there instead of shouting. Seeing this, the vicky couple laughed and thought, “Can a thief steal?”

So for those who steal, for those who lie, for those who cut, their gut is easily exposed when they are neutralized like that. The reason is that their secrets are well known to themselves. That is why our elders have brought to light the adage, “Let the thief steal.”

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