modern generation intelligent ass story

Grandpa! Grandpa! the baby Ass ran over to Grandpa the Ass.

What Ass that rush Grandpa the Ass asked sitting next to the baby Ass.

Grandpa! Day before I went to the city out side with my fellow Ass. There is a vineyard there, Grandpa! Clusters of grapes hanging in clusters. ”He said.

Really! If you look at the bunches of grapes. Too old Ass reminded the Ass of the past.

”My mouth filled with water Grandpa! But their fathers told them that the red Ass, the peacock Ass and the peel Ass were grape sticks. What grandpa grape is sweet? Asked the cub Ass.

Grandpa had no idea what to say to the Ass. The taste of the grapes itself is unknown. I remember trying so hard to eat grapes in those days and giving up when I could. Fly I fell down and backbone broke and came back. The king of Asses that day could not receive it, and the rest of the Asses were told a sour lie called ‘beautiful grape sour.

What grandpa are you thinking?

Grandpa Ass came out of the thoughts. Do I know what it tastes. Ass! If everyone was sour, I would think so too. I do not know what to eat or taste.

But have you ever eaten grapes?

I tried. But there is no way, she told her experience like a flashback story to a child.

Perseverance increased for the cub Ass who heard it. What his grandfather could not achieve. He must achieve! He must accomplish the work that is left to be beautiful to his race. Told his decision grandfather.

Grandpa the Ass smiled.

“Ass! No one in our race has ever eaten grapes. How much perseverance do you have? Leave it. ”He said.

”No Grandpa! Nothing is impossible if tried. Come with me tonight! I will succeed. Grandfather Ass sai ok.

After a good night’s sleep, the grandchildren left. Reached the vineyard. Rising clusters of grapes looked crooked. They are hanging high. The cub tried twice to catch the Ass fly and failed.

That was his past experience! Laughed the grandfather Ass. Let’s go Come Come Ass!

”Why so hurry Grandpa! For a while. Must try said the baby Ass with perseverance.

Destiny or somewhere collapsed grandfather. In the idea of how to achieve baby Ass thought in different ways. Examined around. Sharpened the brain. Baby Ass belongs to this generation. The intellect belongs to the increased generation. One idea Flash in its Brain.

Speed ran that way. There are big mounds there.

The day before the ripe grapes was taken away the garden owner brought them. The day before he had taken the grapes with some baskets and left the rest of the baskets aside.

Boby Ass snatched a basket out of them. The basket was bent under bunches of grapes.

The child looks at the grandfather in amazement.

Baby Ass climbed on the bored basket. It now has bunches of grapes.

Surprise in grandfather Ass eyes. Happiness!

Speed cut bunches of grapes. The full stomach ate.

Some grabbed it by the mouth and ran towards the forest.

Grandpa the Ass was proud he could not achieve his grandson achieved!

The grapes received are sour sweet ! Let’s get to know the Ass walk!

with intelligent we can escape from every danger :

In one village there was an old woman, a Calf. The grandmother, who had no one like her, was raising Calf. Grandmother did not take it to the forest every day for grazing. One day he was not taken to the pasture. What happened to the Calf that noticed it ! Asked if he had taken me to graze. Nothing Calf ! I had a fever and said I did not understand how to take you to the pasture.

Do not worry Grandmother. I was the only one who said Go to the red hill and come to the hay I will Go to the green hill and graze the grass.

On the way, encountered a fox. When it came to eat on it the Calf said”Dear fox,, go to the red hill and graze hay; go to the green hill and graze the grass, then eat me. The thought-provoking fox sent OK.

Then a wolf was encountered if the Calf was walking. When it also came to eat the Calf No wolf dear go to the red hill and graze hay; go to the green hill and graze the grass, then eat me said. The wolf also agreed that it was okay.

If the Calf was walking slowly and eating grass. on the encountered a tiger. The tiger came hanging near the Calf to eat on the abdomen. Here, too, the Calf wisely said the same thing to everyone above with the tiger. The tiger who heard everything ok, come quickly and sent word that I am very hungry.

Hmmm the Calf that was going to be alive also encountered a lion. The lion also came to eat like everyone else. The Calf, as always. No, Lion dear, no. Go to the red hill and graze the hay; go to the green hill and graze the grass,” she believed. The lion, believing the Calf’s words, sat waiting like everything else.

Thus, Calf, who survived all the traps, went to the red hill and grazed hay and then went to the green hill and grazed the grass. When she saw a big pumpkin there, she squeezed it and left thinking Roll roll pumpkin my dear pumpkin.

If so, the lion will be confronted. Then the lion said, “Such a Calf is gone. Did you see anything? Then that pumpkin said “No no I didn’t see anyone on the way home.” That is.

If so the tiger encountered and a Calf flew like this. Have you seen the Calf? Calf escaped by saying that a Calf like me never looked original. As well as the rest of the lion, the wolves responded in the same way quickly tumbling out of the pumpkin.

However, the clever fox became suspicious and brought a large boulder to the pumpkin and blocked it. With this the subject came out of the meaningless Calf pumpkin, flew over the chewing gum, and escaped without being caught by the fox. Somehow Calf approached her grandmother and said happily to her grandmother. I went to the red hill and came to graze hay. I went to the green hill and grazed the grass”.

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