The most beautiful hands in the world are the hands that are ready to help others

One day three princesses went for a picnic in the park. With the beauty of nature, they turned around wondering how beautiful nature. Meanwhile, they had a doubt. That is whose hands are the most beautiful of them all.

One girl said that my hands are better than the other two Another girl also said that my hands are better than both of you. As well as another girl so they started arguing among themselves. Noticing all this, a fairy came to them dressed as a beggar.

The princesses, who saw the fairy with disheveled hair and dirty clothes, hated the fairy and asked her to go to the side. The beggar who liked it walked away. The girl, whose face was sunburned, was given shelter by a poor man in a hut on the way and given rice.

Despite being poor the goddess in disguise who was satisfied with putting rice in her stomach as long as she had gave her wealth and longevity. It just so happened that she was immediately blessed. The princesses are watching all this without blinking.

The fairy in the form of a beggar changed into her original form and came to the princesses. “The most beautiful hands in the world are the hands that are ready to help others,” she said. The princesses, enlightened by this, decided not to be like that anymore.

So children the moral we need to know through this story is beauty and greatness are hidden in helping others. The mind that helps others must understand that the hands that donate to the poor are great.

ants unity solved the problem :

God appeared to a king in a dream Presented the gem. It has holes on both sides. Do it. The king wanted to wear a necklace.

Calling the courtier into a good necklace Load it up.

Other day the goldsmith came and informed “King! How much Tried through the gold wire gem Do not move. The hole for the gem is right.

Don’t seem to be interrupting in the middle.

Let’s make the thread a little thinner,’

It’s already very thin! Said.

With that the king of the nations Summoned the jewelers. Anyway No result far thinner than that gem No one was able to thread.

Once upon a time there was a wise young man in the same country.

Come to the king and say, I have tried.

I’ll see. Look either way, though What do these people not have, what do you have? Said the king.

Wisdom, perseverance these two are in me Wrong to try?

Said the young man. The king rejoiced.

Taken from goldsmiths made of goldsmiths Young man, with that gem the day before Wrestled but to no avail Really into the gemstone hole Thread not far away.

After a while he had an idea. Lord! Have mercy one day time he asked. The king was right.

The next morning at exactly the same gem necklace The young man brought and presented to the king!

The gem in the necklace is neatly arranged!

Well! Not the work of so many great jewelers It was because of you. How much did you do?

Asked the young man “Great King!”

Smells like honey for a while, The aunts wrote into the gem. I gem I put it in motion. As well as the wire I was careful not to slip out of the gem. After all, when it was white, the ants were drilling the wire.

Locked up on the other side! And so on.

This is not my greatness. Ants unity solved this problem.

On hearing this, the whole house cheered.

As the king honored the young man richly Besides, make him his personal advisor.


How The thief has been found by inn owner?

A foreigner came to see India many days ago. He resides in an inn and every day he sees the beautiful places, wonders that are nearby. There are many Indians and foreigners in the same inn. Once this foreigner came back tired after seeing the beautiful places a short distance away, there were no valuables to have in his room! However, no newcomers entered the inn that day.

No luggage in the inn is allowed to go out. That is, the people who stole the foreigners’ belongings must have been people inside the inn! The innkeeper immediately searched the inn for all the places he suspected but to no avail. This thief is a house thief God can’t even catch a house thief but he has to fix it anyway how? The owner thought a lot.

The wife of the inn owner is very intelligent. She told him a trick. Accordingly he brought a cloth covered toothpick and placed it in a small, dark room for all to see. Then he called all the people in the inn and introduced the foreigner and told him about his belongings: “Friends, this thief is in the midst of us. Many days ago a monk came to our inn and on his way back presented me with a chicken. It was a glorious hen. It has the magical power to remember those who stole.”

“I put it on the table in the middle of this dark room. You go one by one into the room from the other side and carefully wipe the hen inside with both hands and come out from the other side. You follow me one by one.

One by one, everyone in the inn went into the room and wiped the chicken figure on the table in the middle of the room. The chicken does not bark. The innkeeper holds hands and greets everyone who comes out. The thief began to sweat as he hid in the remaining few. “The hen screams when she touches him – how? How to escape from being found?” He thought the same. That’s when it came to use!

The thief who went into the room did not even touch the table where the chicken was kept, let alone the chicken. “When he’s done, he’s screaming? If he’s not touched, he’s not screaming, he’s not holding back!” Thinking that, he did not touch the hen.

Without shouting, chicken also came out as a king. The owner, who was outside the room, happily approached him, holding both hands and congratulating him, and stopped – “The thief has been found! Here is the thief!” Cried. The bewildered thief did not understand that he had been caught. He did not touch the chicken it’s not the sixth – but how did the owner know about his theft? When everyone threatened, he admitted his mistake and returned all the alien’s belongings.

How did the inn owner find the burglar? What glory is there really in a hen? Answer The doll was made of a soft material like cotton wool. Before putting it in the room, it was thoroughly moistened with ink that had been put in the pens. The thief was found!

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