Hungry tiger honest cow

In one village there was a farmer named John. His house had many cows and buffaloes. Among them was a cow named pari. It is a very tame animal. Always lived in great harmony with all, without quarreling with fellow cattle and buffaloes.

One day while Pari was grazing alone in the forest, a tiger hiding next to him was preparing to eat. Pari noticed it and was not afraid Tiger king! Stop for a moment. Hear what I have to say first. I have a baby near the house. The calf was not even four days old when it was born. The baby has not even learned to eat grass yet. If I leave, I will feed my baby from the womb. Then you can feed me again.

The tiger smiled loudly when he heard Pari’s words Aha what are you talking about. Will you go home and give milk to the baby and come back? I don’t want to be stupid as long as I am in the forest. I am not crazy she replied angrily.

O Tiger King! It is not right for you to think so. I am not a liar. Once a word is given, there is no purpose to life. Such people must never die. Would it not be better if you satisfy your hunger with food? I will be a benefactor to you. My last wish is to see my baby and satisfy my hunger, said Pari.

The tiger, who listened patiently to everything the cow said, said, “Okay, let’s find out how much justice there is in the animals in this town. Pari, who went home on a run with this, looked after her child alone and breastfed him. Pari went to the forest with the Buddha, saying to his child, Baby! Live wisely and with goodness. Be friendly with your peers and do not lie under any circumstances. You should bring a great name with good behavior.”

Pari was very surprised to see the tiger. What a great quality this cow thought the word given was more important than her life. The tiger, who thought that killing and eating such a great truth-teller would wrap himself in sin, praised the cow and told him to go home and live happily with his child. Pari thanked the tiger for sending him to his baby and left.

unity is strength and unity brings happiness :

In Amazon forest, some bees, a bear, a rabbit, an elephant and other animals live together. However, the bear always drank as much honey as the bees had accumulated. But the bees could do nothing but grieve at the sight of the bear’s antics.

One day the bees cried out to the rabbit, the elephant, and all the other animals in all their pain. They begged everyone to avoid the bear pain anyway. Just then the rabbit hit a trick. However, when asked if this is to their advantage. it is okay for the bees to promise to give you all enough honey.

The rabbit thought well and advised the bees to “hide the honeycomb behind the lion’s den. They did as well. Meanwhile no matter how much the bear searched, the bee did not appear. So the bees escaped the bear. But the bees did not keep their word to the rabbit and the other animals.

However, the hopeless rabbit and all the other animals stopped the bees. But they did not forget the good they had done. They went to the bear angrily and told him about the bee. Again the bear began to drink the honey. The suffering of the bees began again. Unable to do so, the bees, along with the rabbit and other animals, begged for forgiveness and protection.

According to the plan the bees took a tar drum and put it in the lion’s den. The rabbit went to the bear and said, “Bear Dear! The bees made honey from a drum and hid it in the cave. Let’s go and drink it all after dark tonight.”

But the bear wanted to go by itself before the rabbit and drink the honey. It was getting dark, and she went to the cave alone. What was inside the drum in the dark did not look right. The bear that saw the tar actually thought it was honey. In an attempt to receive it, the drum slipped and got stuck immediately.

Ha, bees, rabbits and other animals came and saw the bear doing the haha noise. The bear, realizing the mistake, begged to be saved. Then all the animals together with the help of the elephant pulled the bear out of the tar drum and rescued it. After that everyone became friends. The bees kept their word and gave a good feast with honey to all the animals.

Foolish monkey and cleaver crow story

There was a big birch tree on the outskirts of Houston. The hundred-year-old tree has been attracting a variety of birds, lizards, and other animals for generations. Every year for four and a half months the tree would share its unripe fruit with them.

One of the monkeys named King lived on that tree. The king befriended a crow named “Casper” who nests in the tree. The two were happy to play, make jokes and share each other’s experiences. One day the king saw a strange object at the beginning of the tree. It is a thin jar that is buried in the ground up to the neck. That jar contained almost half the unroasted peanuts! Monkeys love fried peanuts. The king was overjoyed to see them.

Casper was the only one on the tree at the time. The king shouted from below Oh Casper, look, how good they are What! Imagine! Meals for me just got past my house! All in all, my favorite meal!

Casper could not believe it all. It seemed to be a taxing trap for any hunter or monkey. If it sees the world from a height higher than a monkey, it knows a little more about human behavior. It’s a bit scary when you look at the intelligence they use to catch animals. So it said to the king, “Friend! Leave it on its land. Reduce what is on the roasted peanuts. This is nothing if you do not eat them all at once. Why, you will fall into endless dangers? That is.

But the king did not take the advice of the crow. Imaginations about the taste of the food on the opposite side captured its mind. In that ecstasy it was completely unheard of what the original Casper was saying. “This crow always says ‘no’. Its foresight sometimes does good, true. But how does it work all the time? I know how to get this job done without getting caught, me. Do I at least have that intelligence? Monkeys are very intelligent. Probably: This crow underestimates our intelligence. I have to be careful, but I have to eat this pup anyway. ” As expected.

Thinking so, it flew closer to the jar. Thin its arm, easily slipped into the jar. The jar inside is spacious. The king grabbed as many ways as he could. Looked everywhere. There is no trap. It made me so happy. But, despite looking to pull the hand out, the hand did not come out! Do not move into a closed fist! The king tried to pull his hand out using all his strength. The arm was bent and pulled to all sides. No matter what, the jar was scratched with its fingers, and the fist did not come out of the jar. As the pain subsided it began to scream not even opening its fists.

The king’s shout was heard by the monkey catcher a short distance away. He laughed and wrote on the other side. Seeing from above, Casper became angry and said to the king Ore! Leave it, monkey! Loosen the pup in your hand. Do not tighten your fists, open it. Leave that pup. If left, your hand will slip out, “the stubborn monkey did not loosen his grip.

The king who does not give up, is thus ruled by monkeys. Everyone needs to learn to let go – no matter how much you need to hold on, you need to let go! What is it called?

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