Lord yamadharmaraju took incarnation as a family man

Lord Yama not happy with his life. Destroying the lives of living beings, punishing them with hell. He was bored with his work because it was the same thing. All the other gods appeared to the devotees who were penitent about themselves somewhere every day, giving them the desired gifts getting Poojas if he was living so comfortably and happily, he seemed to take the lives of everyone like this. With that, he approached Brahma, explained his situation and complained that he would go to earth for some years.

That is why Brahma Yama! I have no objection to sending you. But how do you adjust there? No Lord! I will decide what to do after I go there so send me to earth first,” Lord Yama pleaded. “Okay, go ahead. But you have to live as normal as you can. Yama agreed and came to earth happily.

He was thrilled to see the beauty of nature and beautiful women on earth. He stayed there for a while and observed the way of life of the people. He also wants to marry a girl here and live a human life. He was fascinated to see a nice young woman named angelina where he was staying. He approached her in the guise of a handsome young man, talked to her for a while and finally said the real thing. She agreed.

However, he insisted on doing the whole house. Lord yam happily married her. Years later, Lord Yamaexperienced all the hardships of household chores. Whatever it is, none of his powers will work. At last, with the advice of the neighbors, lit the stove with great difficulty, cooked the rice and called his wife. When he saw the rice in the pan, he was incensed. This time, if it is not cooked properly, it will not settle down.

Lord Yama eventually learned to cook rice. But how to get the nutrients has become a problem. A trick struck while thinking. He left those who were approaching death, so he knew the cure and left the rest of the patients on medication. With that the money started coming in. That was fine for a while, but with the birth of a son new difficulties began. Child care, housework, medical care – everything has become difficult to take care of. In addition, the wife is able to achieve by twisting in the response.

Lord Yama could not bear the harassment. What he had done before seemed good. With that, he set out for his world without looking back, thinking he was alive.

playing tricks on everyone leads to grief :

Once upon a time two friends were traveling from one town to another on foot for business. When they reached an England, they were very hungry. Immediately they found out where the inn was and went there. A cook named Alexandra cooked hot rice without getting tired of them for coming at an inopportune time. The two friends ate the full stomach satisfactorily as they were very hungry.

I can’t pay your debt. Keep this money. Alas, I do not want money, Dear. It is a virtue to give rice to the hungry. However, this is a free inn. This inn is run by a donor will smith. Said the grandmother.

Later in the conversation she asked if there was any tip that she had back pain and that no matter how many medications she used it was of no use.

DiCaprio, one of the two friends, is playing tricks on everyone. Without listening to another friend, he said, Alexandra, tie a rope around your waist and hang from a tree branch in your backyard and swing ten times. Even then, if your back pain does not go away, it’s our hometown.”

“Sadly, why did you lie? It is not right to tease an innocent grandmother,” the friend reprimanded DiCaprio.

“Didn’t I say something funny does she know that? She’s not swinging a rope by herself. If anyone asks for help, they will reprimand us along with her,” DiCaprio said.

Some time has passed. Both friends forgot about this incident. One day some people came to the village in search of DiCaprio.

I am DiCaprio. What’s the matter? He asked. Sir, we have sent a rich woman named Alexandra. Can you tell me a tip? It worked well. She also said that the gold coins hidden by her ancestors were found there when the branch of the tamarind tree broke, and that she should definitely meet her if she ever came across it.”

DiCaprio, believing that what they said was true, immediately went to the village without thinking back. DiCaprio, believing that what they said was true, immediately went to the village without thinking back. When the villagers found out what had happened, they cleverly brought DiCaprio back to their hometown, purified him and sent him away. DiCaprio was so blinded by death that he realized that he would never do such a thing again.

small goat conversation with big tiger :

There was a small goat in a herd. No amount of intelligence at a young age can take away from an adult. One day the owner took the goats down to the bottom of the hill for grazing. There is a big forest on top of that hill. The small goat jumped back and forth towards the forest away from the herd. The tiger awaited as he realized his mistake and was coming back. The kid trembled at first when he saw the tiger. Somehow the heart pounded and bravely stood in front of the tiger.

When the tiger was ready to jump on the kid, the tiger said, “Tiger King! Wait a minute. I will tell you three truths. If you agree that they are true, you must stop eating me.”

The kid’s words seemed interesting and the tiger said “OK” with curiosity.

“Would you believe me if I told you with the rest of the tigers that ‘today the kid was waiting for me.’

“Really!” Said the tiger. “Also my fellow goats also don’t believe that you left me without food. Really?” That’s a kid. The tiger said yes.

“And the third is true. I’m been standing in front of you for a long time. You’ve been talking about not killing me. You’ve already eaten so you’re not hungry!” That’s a kid.

Seeing such a small child standing in front of him and speaking so boldly, the tiger closed. “True. You’re so smart. I’m leaving you, Go.”

Oh God, the kid who ran away from there thinking he should never leave his mother again.

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