A virtuous man who is kind to plants and animals

Jacob was a big businessman among them. He loves flowers. So he planted a variety of flowering plants in the open space around the house. He set up a gardener named Levi to cultivate the plants. The Levi lazy. He worked very hard to water the plants. Summer has come. In addition, he had a water shortage. It was very difficult to find water for their use in Jacob’s house. Therefore, the water in the house was not to be poured on the plants. Observing the garden is a Levi task. So he had to go to well, three miles away, to water the plants. All plants need four buckets of water to water.

It is difficult to bring four ponds at once. Even if you go twice at the rate of two bins, you will not be able to water the plants. Levi thought it would be beyond his power to walk that far and fetch water. Brought in two days of hard work. On top of that he found it difficult. For the birth of the intellect to reduce work. With that he brought two buckets of water and watered all the plants little by little.

Everyone knows the water poured in to see. No one knew that less water was poured. One day Jacob came to see how the flowering plants grew in his garden. Most of the plants are withered. Immediately call the Levi, are you Watering the plants or not! He asked if everything was fading. Levi hands clasped, sir! He said he would go three miles a day, fetch water and feed the plants.

Jacob could not believe his words. Once he saw the plants and thought, he decided that what he thought was right and walked out. The days of the week are over. Levi and Jacob eat rice at home and stay there. One afternoon when he was hungry, he took the bracelet and went to the seller.

Jacob’s wife gave him half of the rice that Levi always gave him. Noticing that, the Levi saleswoman cut the rice well. Asked to put more rice. Then she said, Levi! The price of rice has gone up. Thats why Jacob reduced the rice and ordered me to cook less only.

The Levi was incensed when it heard this. He came out without saying anything and ate the rice. Half an hour passed, and he began to feel hungry. Water the plants. It was very difficult to bring water with boredom. He must work, though! Anxious in his mind, he took a sip and walked slowly, fetching water and always pouring a little water on the plants.

He was very hungry. But self-esteem prevented him from asking the mistress. In the evening Jacob came home. Levi go to him! Be unjust as you did. It is not fair to reduce food for me as prices have gone up. Have you cut down on eating rice! How can I not believe in you and work hard at you and not feed my stomach? Said.

Jacob laughs at Levi’s words Levi! It is fair to say that the maid should not be bothered. But don’t you do injustice by not getting enough water for the flowering plants that give us fragrances! If the seller does not put the meal, your stomach will be the only problem. But you are bothering all the plants! Said. Don’t be a Levi. I said I was watering all the plants regularly every day.

I did not say that you did not go to the water. We are watering the plants. We are doing them injustice that they do not speak. You asked me when you had a little less rice. Have you thought about them? A virtuous man who is kind to plants and animals. I found you lurking without you knowing that you are watering the plants less.

Jacob said,”I told the seller to let you know what hunger means. Forgive me for bowing my head in Levi shame. Never do injustice to plants like this again. I water them all the time. He said I would reduce my laziness and work hard from today. From that month Jacob increased the salary of Levi by twenty rupees. Enthusiasm for the Levi increased with the increase in salary and he walked as far as he could, went as many times as he could and watered all the plants.

Within a few days all the plants had grown and blossomed into colorful flowers. The kingdom was overjoyed to see them and forgot all the hardships he had endured.

one who controls his anger will become strong, virtuous and rich :

There was a Lord Shiva temple in one of the villages. In the courtyard of the temple was a large snake, which also contained two rattlesnakes. Devotees who came to the temple used to drop eggs and milk into the mound. The snakes that have been feeding on them for a long time roam outside at night.

As time went on, one day a big wind and rain came and water reached the mound. With this, the snakes that could not stay in it came out and hid in the temple of Lord Shiva that night. The snakes came up with the idea that if next day went to the mound in the morning, the water would kill the people if they went into the village. Later they thought it was safe to be behind the idol of Lord Shiva and lay motionless.

As the sun came up the people slowly started coming to the temple. As usual, they visit Lord Shiva and put milk and teeth in the mound. As the priest left the temple in the afternoon, the two serpents, which were already starving, slowly set off towards the birthplace.

At the same time, a monkey is sitting near the anthill and eating the eggs and teeth left by the devotees. The original hungry snakes were ready to attack the monkey in a fit of rage when they saw the scene. However, the monkey did not notice this and was doing his job.

The snakes that bit the monkey bit hard with their venom. The monkey flinched and died. Some children who came to play at the same moment saw the scene and thought the monkey had been unjustly killed by the snakes and stoned them to death.

The snakes killed the monkey in a fit of rage and eventually lost their lives. So, children since rage is the source of misery, rage must be kept under control. Remember that the one who controls his anger will become strong, virtuous and rich.

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