Krishna stopped Govardhana on his little finger and saved livingbeings and nature

In Nandagokulam Cow care is the main occupation for Yadavs. Govardhanagiri is the main source of fodder for the cows.

Located on top of this mountain Cattle feed was adopted as food for cows and milked by Yadavs.

It needs water to grow this fodder on top of this mountain, this water was based on rain.

Thus, the Yadavas perform Indra Yagya every year to cultivate crops by pouring rain on Govardhana Giri where Lord Indra, the lord of the clouds, grazes his cows.

But one day Krishna interrupted the performance of this Yaga. Since Govardhana is our main resource, let me worship cows, Brahmins and Govardhana.

With this, all the Yadavas begin to move around Govardhana. Noticing this, Indra tries to punish the Yadavas with mahogany. Gokulam pours down a torrential downpour of rain with lightning bolts and car clouds without leaving a trace.

It has been a month since people could not live there.

With this, all the Yadavas seek the surrender of Lord Krishna and Swami Govardhanagiri wears it on his little finger to protect all the people and cows.

In this way he protects himself from those who seek refuge in the continuous rain for 7 nights and 7 days.

He blesses those who are in His shelter so that they may be in the ocean of bliss through Yoga magic without getting the feeling that they have been there for so many days. In this way he indulges.

All the people return to their homes praising the cow as the one who saved the cows.

. . This is the story of this episode in its entirety. And should we read the story or grasp the significance of Swami miracle?

The scholar’s implication on this point is different.

Govardhanam is an immovable mountain. Also, the hill is the abode of all living beings.

We measure the cow Kamadhenu as each form. Kamadhenu is measured as the abode of the Almighty. The more cows there are, the more wealth. The Aryans believe that the lineage of the male and the milk of the cows increase the abundance of milk.

Also, India is the head of the Ashtadikpalakas. To take away must be subject to Him. But Vishnu, the protector of the universe, is today in Nandagokulam in the incarnation of Sri Krishna and is doing polite protection.

That is why all people are praising God. But Krishna, at this time, prevented the worship of Indra, so he became jealous of Indra. This caused trouble to living beings. But at that time Krishna stopped Govardhana on his little finger and saved livingbeings and nature.

The power of goddes statue :

There used to be a sculptor in a village. He is a very wonderful sculptor. He would carry such carved toys on his donkey and sell them at the village fair. One day the sculptor carved a statue of a goddess. The toy seems to be very beautiful and divine.

He carefully carries the toy on his donkey and carries it to the next village. Passers-by look at the image of the goddess and think that she is really a goddess. But all this seemed like another kind of ass. Everyone looked at him and wanted to greet him. As he walked, the donkey became proud as everyone greeted him frequently. ‘To so many people I look like a big man, respectable! Was shocked. ‘No need to listen to anyone anymore,’ she said. After a while it got leg pain. So it stopped in the middle of the road. Even if the donkey stops, the people are still beating the goddess on it.

No matter how much the sculptor assembled the donkey that the donkey had stopped, it did not move. Wouldn’t I be great if everyone in the village respected me? Why should the nobles listen to the masters and not move from there?

The sculptor got bored and pulled the idol of the goddess off his donkey and put it on his head and walked forward. One of them crossed the road and hit the donkey on the back with a stick. With that, the donkey became enlightened. “I imagined myself unnecessarily.

good manner parrot bad manner parrot :

Two parrot cubs lived on a banyan tree in a forest. A boa constrictor caught the two children and sold them to a saint on the shores of the Godavari, the second to a merchant. The baby parrot bought by the saint was named “Peter” and the baby bought by the merchant was named “smith” and kept in cages.

The parrot growing in the saint was accustomed to good words and great culture. Learned good manners by observing the practices of eating good food and respecting guests. Gradually it made everyone who came home respectful and happy with kind words.

The parrot that the merchant raises has become addicted to bad habits day by listening to the bad language spoken in the house and watching the violent acts. The merchant said it rudely to everyone who came to the house. doing things that others could not tolerate.

After a while, the two parrots fortunately escaped from the cage. Among the parrots that came out, Peter went to the mango tree and smith to the banyan tree and made a nest and lived there.

One day, a Brahmin on his way to Dar, where there was a banyan tree, got tired and stopped there to rest under the tree. Meanwhile, a parrot by the name of smith immediately called out to everyone around him, “Someone seems to have come here. Come and stab and torture his body.” Hearing all this, the Brahmin fled and went and stood under the mango tree where Peter lived next door. Meanwhile, the parrot noticed the Brahmin and said to his fellow birds, “Someone came to rest under our tree, tired from the heat of the day. Welcome, feed him with fruits, and then serve him.

The moral of the story is that the behavior of two children born to the same mother is related to the environment in which they grew up. So, children who are accustomed to good friendships, good manners, and moral rules in childhood will have good communication, good intellect, good thoughts, good manners, and virtues when they grow up. Therefore, it is best to raise children in a systematic way from an early age.

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