Why does the baby elephant became lame

There was a landlord in a village called Louisiana. He had an elite Elephant with him. That Elephant means a lot to the landlord, so he takes care of it very carefully. He also hired a maid to look after the Elephant.

After a while the Elephant began to limp. The landlord, who could not bear to see his beloved Elephant limping like that, showed it to many doctors. To no avail, however. No doctor who saw the Elephant could find the cause of the limping.

After some time a saint came to him. The saint, who was a sage, went to the landlord with his Elephant, believing that he would tell him why his Elephant was limping.

The saint, hearing the whole thing ordered, “Bring here the servant who will rule over this Elephant. Immediately the landlord brought him out.

The saint saw the workman coming Dear, your Elephant is not lame because of some disease. Did you see him? He is lame. It is because he imitates the person who is with him every day.”

If your Elephant is to become lame, you must also change the person who looks after it ! Said the saint.

After hearing all this, the landlord immediately changed the workman who looked after the Elephant and hired a new walker. After a while the Elephant imitated him and began to walk normally.

Hunter realized that animals behave better than humans :

A hunter went to a Amazon forest for hunting. He went a long way into the forest in search of animals. Somewhere in the forest a dried-up brook appeared on its cane bridge. The bridge is so narrow that no two people can cross it at once.

There are apricot trees on one side of the bridge. On the other side is a dense forest. The hunter knows that bears like apricots. The hunter sits behind a boulder waiting to kill any bear that comes next.

After a while, the hunter saw a big bear coming from the apricot tree and another small bear coming from the other side. He knew that bears could not cross each other. He felt that something was amiss there. The hunter sat watching the scene.

The bears came closer. Stood for a few moments facing each other and looking at each other. Then the big bear sat down and carried the little bear on his back. The little bear climbed on the back of the big one and crossed over. After that they went on their way.

The hunter was shocked. He realized that animals behave better than humans.

That is why man has so much to learn from animals!

We must aware the dangers that come after applying the idea :

There was one big pool in the Amazon Forest. There was a banyan tree near the pool, on which the female and male storks lived. As the days went by, the female stork in the pair laid her eggs and hatched.

One day when the male stork went hunting for food and came back, the female stork was seen sitting on the ground. What happened and why? Asked the stork. No more there was a big Anaconda under this tree. The snake in that mound came up to the tree and the little bird was eating all the babies. So all the previous birds on the tree left the tree in fear and fled,” she said sadly.

“Ok is that so? Don’t be afraid. I have a good idea. Anyway, let’s get rid of that snake plague said the male stork with courage.

Then one day he called the stork and said, I will sniff some fish and drop them in a row near the snake’s nest. So the mongoose will surely come for the fish.

The next morning, as mentioned earlier, the male stork brought the fish and dropped it before birth. Seeing the fish, the mongoose ate each one in hope and approached the anthill. The mongoose was even happier to see the snake in the mound. After confronting the snake for a while, he finally killed it and ate it.

If the mongoose which killed and ate the snake looked up with triumph the eggs laid by the stork appeared. If she swallows the eggs that look like that before, she will just release them.

The moral we need to know through this story is when any danger occurs, it is not enough to think of a plan. One should also be able to think of the dangers that come after applying the idea. Otherwise, we will take what happened to the pair of storks yesterday.

What is my mother tongue :

Kalingapuram was ruled by Hercules. He would invite artists from different kingdoms, give them art exhibitions and give them good gifts. One day a scholar came to their kingdom. He is fluent in many languages.

“Maharaja! Can any of your scholars find my mother tongue?” That threw down the gauntlet.

All the leading scholars asked different questions in different languages. When asked any question in any language, the scholar answered without hesitation that the language was his mother tongue. Eventually, the aristocrats shook hands.

Aren’t there geniuses in your kingdom who can invent my mother tongue? Said the scholar looking at the Hercules.

The Chief Minister asked the scholar questions in some of the languages ​​he knew. The scholar went on to answer without hesitation. Eventually bored, the general angrily took the sword of a soldier and went to hunt down the scholar.

“Aww! Save!” Cried the scholar in Kannada.

The chief minister smiled. Hercules! The scholar’s mother tongue is Kannada. The words we speak when we are in danger are in our mother tongue. Said.

The scholar agrees that the mother tongue is Kannada. Defeated, he walked out of the meeting.

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