Nice humorous stories with moral

In a forest there was a pair of fox-a donkeys. All the animals in the forest measured the fox and the donkey as their kings. They usually graze together in the forest. But one day fox-donkey went to a village in search of fodder. They both went to the garden in front of the village. There was enough food for both of them.

And it’s also a pile of cats. and it’s also a pile of cats. After that fox-donkey went to the garden every day and started licking their stomachs. Going to the garden walking like this climbing there enough going home and sleeping on top of it was a daily chore for both friends.

As soon as they got there daily, both the fox and the donkey jumped on the food they found. The fox, however, quickly snorted and came out of the garden, barking loudly. The donkey ate slowly, but did not move from there. The whole orchard was run every day. Caught good hounds. The man left them in the garden at the time of the fox’s nesting.

The fox, who was eating first, went out of the garden and sniffed the arrival of the hounds and fled into the forest in a hurry. However, the hounds found a donkey still grazing in the garden. That immediately the garden owner came and grabbed the donkey and tied it to the tree. After the tie said, Donkey! All these years you have eaten the whole crop in my garden therefore you must pay me compensation.”

we’ll keep you doing what you say for a year and pay your dues, said the donkey. The farmer who thought “now got in the way” worked in the garden for it. The donkey also closed its mouth and remained works in the garden.

But the story of the escaped fox was different. It ate well enough. Even after his friend the donkey was found by the hounds. The fox could not escape from the garden. “That’s all for me, can ordinary hounds get it?” As expected. But one day it also got caught by the hounds. Had to work in that garden with the donkey.

But the donkey is already well accustomed to work. It was very hard working. The newly arrived fox was not going to get to work. Besides, the mind is not even willing to eat without doing anything and work for the wandering fox. So it went and lay down under a tree and slept. But as it was time for the farmer to come to the garden, he would go to the donkey and say, “The owner has brought the rice.

You go and wash your hands and feet.”As the donkey went to the pool and washed his legs and hands, the fox would muddy his dung. The owner would come and look at it and think, Oh, the fox is doing well so it’s muddy look at the donkey, it’s not working at all it’s not working at all.”

When the owner left, the fox said to the donkey, “Did you see? How much do you like the farmer? Lie in the shade of a tree like me, and do not work at all. Even then the farmer will not feed you on his stomach.”

One day fox destiny is bad, the owner came a little bit early. At that time, the fox was sleeping peacefully in the shade of a coconut tree. The farmer saw it and did his job without saying anything. But when it seemed that it was time for the owner to come every day, the fox got up, talked to the donkey, washed the donkey’s legs and hands, and the fox went and cared for his dung – all went according to plan. Observing all this, the farmer understood the daily commotion.

Then the farmer caught the fox and smoked it with chillies. The fox, who knew that righteousness would one day win, has been sober since then! Soon the two of them settled the debt and reached the forest.

Fools do not listen to good words and good advice :

Giving advice to such people is not a wasted effort. Occasionally there may be a threat to life. That is why it is best to stay away from fools as much as possible. In this story, we learn about a bird that lost its life after giving advice to a foolish monkey.

Formerly there was a group of monkeys in a hilly area. They came in droves to the villages at the bottom of the hill, ate as much food as they could find, grabbed the rest of the food and hid in their base in the hill country for several days and then fell on the villages for food as usual. A pair of milkweeds were perched on a banyan tree near the monkey’s base. The strange antics of the monkeys every evening entertained the couple.

It’s winter. One evening the monkeys had an idea to get cold. Immediately brought the glowing gnomes flying over the trees and piled them up and sat around them. With no heat from the glowing worms except the light, they did not understand what to do, and their fur was gouged out. The milky couple laughed at the sight of their problems from the tree. The male in the couple said ‘sin! They suffer from not knowing how to cause inflammation. I will tell them in detail ‘he said.

That’s why the girl ‘No! The milky couple laughed at the sight of their problems from the tree. No way! They’re not so stupid. The monkeys in the group looked at the milky crooked horse leaning between them. Dairy Ignore it ‘Friends! These are worms which cause some light but not heat. If you want to cool off, go get some dryers and light them with flint.

Then the fire will come and it will be cold, he said. The monkeys were angry that the milkmaid had come to advise them. ‘Can you advise us anyway?’ They grabbed the quail, broke its neck and killed it. Sadly the girl in the milkweed flew away crying for the lost male without hearing that it was not good to give advice to the fools.

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