Many years ago there was a Master in a village. He was very white, tall, and handsome. Everyone in the village admires his beauty. The Master was very proud to hear everyone’s compliments.

With age, the beauty began to diminish a little. Wrinkles on the face of men as they get older, they will fall! He, too, began to change his face a little.

One day when he looked in the mirror, he saw black and wrinkles under his eyes and he was very sad. His beauty is his pride. He doesn’t like that beauty diminishing at all. Pretty much, always ready to do anything to stay in the game.

There was a sage at the end of the village. She went to him and plotted. The sage gave the Master a mirror. “Look in the mirror today. All the changes that you have to go through with age are reflected in your reflection in this mirror. You will continuously be the same, the sage said. “It simply came to our notice then. The better you are as a human being, the better your reflection will be. Every evil deed you do will be reflected in you. ” Warned. The Master took the mirror and happily went home.

From that day on he lived a life of arrogance, fearlessly committing sins and making mistakes as he pleased. He suffered for five minutes looking at the changes in the daily mirror, but the things he did and the behavior did not change.

For a while, the face in the mirror became very ugly. It was unbearably disgusting to look at. But there is a kind of bandage to that mirror. Could not help but see his reflection.

One night he could not bear the night and pulled the mirror over the wall and threw it down. The mirror was shattered to pieces. Morning entered his room and found the corpse of an ugly, ugly old man lying on the bed. It is not yet known to which the corpse belonged, their owner or the Master.

Except for the sorcerer with the urchins.

seas would sink even if I set foot on it :

The generous Hercules of the earth allowed scholars to enter into his possession at all times. One day an old man who seemed a beggar was about to enter the clutches of the earthlings. The gatekeepers saw his incarnation and stopped him.

“Don’t treat me like this. I’m Hercules Brother.”

“We do not have such roles. Our Hercules has no brothers or sisters,” said the janitor.

“On the off chance that you are doing not accept me, go straight to the Hercules and Inform him that your brother has come to see you,” said the old man. Hercules was shocked to hear what the gatekeepers said. Yes… bring him before us immediately,” he ordered.

When Hercules saw the man, he said, “Welcome to Brother. What’s up? He asked.

He sat down in front of the Hercules and said, Brother, I have no good news. I’m in a lot of trouble. The Hercules dom is collapsing day by day. Hercules looked at him very curiously. He then told his treasurer to give him fifty rupees. Saying “Fifty rupees is too little.” Brother money is in trouble. My treasury is depleted, said the Hercules.

The old man once sighed and said, “There is gold sand on the shore of the seven seas. Come with me and fill your treasury with that golden sand.” “And how to cross those seas?” Asked the skeptic. “You will notice the greatness of my feet. If I step into the sea, the water there will also evaporate,” said the old man. Hercules ordered the treasurer to give him as much money as he wanted. When the old man left, the Prime Minister said, ” Lord… I do not understand your conversation.”

The Earthling smiled slightly. He was once a well-lived scholar. Luck made me Hercules on the one hand, and he made me poor on the other. His Hercules dom was no other than his body. His thirty-two servants were his fruits. He gently criticized me for saying that the seas would sink even if I set foot on it.

Old horse can fly in the sky

That is the country where Innocent Albert lives. The country was ruled by Bruce. His name is Kind but he his very selfish. He is even more jealous. He always takes advice from Albert but never gives him a good reward. Albert begs Bruce to give him a horse. Selfish Bruce did not want to give the horse to Albert.

With that, Albert got an old whipping horse. One day, Bruce and his entourage set out on a hunt. Albert was also with them. Everyone joined the Sahara Desert. Meanwhile, the wind and dust raged. The clouds parted. Just then the avalanche began with thunder and lightning.

The horses that Bruce and his soldiers rode were strong. They all rode on those horses in one go and went back to the city. However, by the time they reached the village, they were drenched. Albert’s horse is an old, single, whip horse. No matter how much you hit, it does not move, it does not move. Albert mounted the horse. As the rain began to fall, he undressed and hid under the horse. Staggered in the desert and stood still.

When the rain subsided, he got up, put on his clothes hidden under the horse and came to the horse. Bruce was shocked to see Albert, who came in dry clothes, without a moment’s hesitation. Is that so Albert? No matter how fast we came, we got drenched. How did you not get wet? Where have we been so far?” Bruce asked curiously.

“Aha ha! What can I say Huzoor? Awesome. Amazing. Albert said mesmerizingly, pretending to be still excited. Bruce’s curiosity grew even more. Tell me quickly! ” Bruce bothered. Hoozoor! I have to thank you first,” said Albert. “Why?” Bruce asked eagerly. “Hoozoor for giving me such a wonderful horse!” Albert said more humbly. Bruce looked confused.

“Let me tell you in detail, Huzur! Did you all ride fast towards the village as soon as the wind rain started? Exactly then I also hit my horse. Then what happened was amazing! Your horse is not ordinary Huzur! It can fly in the sky. When the rain started, it took me into the clouds. Above the cloud. It took me to the garden like the paradise in the clouds. How nice it was to be there, Hozur! The fragrant flowers, the sweet fruits, the birds came chirping. Albert described the scene as blindfolded.

Bruce was mad. He cried for giving such a wonderful horse to Albert. Albert wants to get the horse back anyway. The horse you gave is old. Although it can fly in the sky, it does not run as fast as usual. Give it back to me. I will give you another good horse. ”

Albert grinned and said “Hoozoor! Do you get the notoriety of having a given item taken back? I do not want you to have a bad name because of me. ”

Next day They went hunting again. As Gobi entered the desert, the wind rain came the same day as the day before. The old horse on which Bruce rode stood like a stone statue at the beginning of the wind rain. Bruce whipped it. Punched fists. Cursed by the rebels. Kicked. Oops! No matter what, the old horse did not step on it. Bruce soaked in the rain.

He returned to the city with the stained clothes after the rain subsided. With that came a very cold and fever. As he leaned sideways that night, he realized that Albert had taught Bruce a lesson because he had given him an old horse.

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