Do not underestimate their great qualities in front

A mango tree and a neem tree are planted side by side on a farmer’s farm on the banks of the Godavari River. The owner of the farm who noticed them was stepping on the mango tree, adding good manure and watering. Never cared about the neem tree.

The mango had the feeling that the farmer was paying attention to him because he was great himself. Mango pride also increased. Over time the two trees grew and matured. The flowers bloom and the nuts ripen. Mango fruits are sweet while neem fruits are bitter. As everyone loved and ate his sweet fruit, the mango grew more and more proud and stopped talking.

Neem noticed it Mangoes! What has not been with me recently before? She asked. Me too what a comparison you have. I provide everyone best sweet fruits. You are useless bad fruits that do not look. What’s less than me How can I befriend you? ”Said Mango proudly.

“Do not be fooled into thinking that you are as great as the sweet fruit. Did you know that there was a good demand for my seeds? However, friendship with the arrogant is not necessary. .! ”Said neem.

So the mango and neem arguing feasted on the banana tree that had vertically grown next to them. The words between the two squealed at it stop! Stop your argument. I Can’t hear said.

Those banana tree they get tired like that. If the best tree between the two of us can’t come up with something said the mango. Which of us is the greatest! That should end the conflict. Whose land they live on. Said neem.

“Are you crazy?” One is great. ..Another less! Our trees are great for anything. Everything has to be something special. Avoid your arguments. ”banana reprimanded.

But the best tree among them is the mango that decides to settle something. “Okay! I say so because I am asking so much Do not be offended when I say… ”said the banana tree.

“Also,” said the head mango, neem.

“Neem is the best tree in my eyes” said banana tree.

“How can you say that?” Questioned the mango.

“Everyone loves to eat sweet mango fruit. They can give taste and satisfaction to the eaters and neem fruits are bitter to eat. Neem seeds, however, have medicinal properties and can be used to treat many ailments. I have decided that neem with such good properties is the best tree. It’s up to you said banana tree.

“It simply came to our notice then. You are jealous of me. They did not say so in support of it. I will not accept your judgment.

Time is running out.

Mangoes are infected with non-infectious diseases. The root rot took root. The leaves and nuts fell off. The twigs also had a dry face here and there. The farmer noticed the rot on the mango. He immediately crushed the nuts under the neem tree and planted it at the beginning of the mango tree. With it the mango root worm was exterminated and the mango was made healthy again.

Then the mango had a break.

As the coconut tree says giving sweetness is not great. It is great to give health neem accepted it as the best tree and continued the friendship again.

mother never gets angry on children :

Jessica’s husband, who was pregnant, died on the way to and from a neighbor. Raised and raised a male child born after the death of her husband. She helped everyone in many ways and educated her son without any depth and made him a benefactor. Got a job in Boston.

Everyone liked his personality and got a good relationship with him. The marriage took place with the consent of the mother. Jessica lives with her son and daughter-in-law. Some time has passed. The sister-in-law became pregnant and gave birth to a son. The aunts and uncles were reciprocal. After a while, the daughter-in-law ruthlessly sent her mother-in-law out when her husband was not able to speak.

Jessica thinks that there is no one to guide her and goes to a distant place. She is happy with the welfare of her son and daughter. Jessica told her mother-in-law that she had left the house when her son came home. But the son went to bed without doing a faithful job. Eat whatever is cold or hard with comfort. The mother apologized to her mentally deranged husband for the mistake she had made. No matter how much he searched for his mother, he did not appear.

Some time has passed. The husband and wife set out together in search of Jessica. When she saw her son-in-law walking through the village where Jessica was staying, the mother went to them, sad that she could not stop her love. Jessica fell on her feet and apologized to her son-in-law. She told me that she was comfortable and that your happiness was important to me. You are asked to be comfortable.

Meanwhile, the working farmer came there and realized the matter. The farmer lovingly joined them and told them to stay there too. Helping the farmer in all possible ways, he leased his own land, bought a farm and a house and lived happily ever after. The farmer also enjoyed seeing the farmer’s son and daughter-in-law living abroad as their own.

The farmer said to Jessica, “Mother! Your patience and perseverance are the protection of God. My son has escaped for me. My daughter-in-law has no idea that we are at least engaged in earning money. You are very lucky.”

Why King expelled her first wife

The king of the Most Famous country had two wives. The first wife had one hair on her head, and the second wife had two hairs on her head. One day the prince’s second wife asked the prince, “Does your first wife have only one hair? Get her out of the house. The king immediately expelled his first wife.

When the first wife was leaving the house, she saw ants and said If you leave us without skin, we will give you lots of rings when you come. Also if the queen is careful not to peel them. The rose trees on the side of the road said If you water us, you will give lots of flowers when you come back. The queen also watered the trees. Then the cows appeared to the queen and said, If you feed us, we will give you as much milk as you can when you come.”

Meanwhile, the queen saw the poor grandmother. She immediately told him everything that the king had expelled from her. The poor grandmother, who was suffering from it, said that if she bathed in this river, her hair would fall out. As soon as she bathed in that river the queen’s hair came out. After that, the poor woman packed the new clothes given to her by her grandmother and went back to the king.

When she came back, the ants gave rings. The cows gave milk, the rose trees gave lots of flowers. The big wife happily approached the king with all of them I have a lot of hair, your second wife has two hairs. So get her out of the house she asked. Immediately the king chased away the second wife.

So when the second wife was leaving the house, she also saw ants. They said the same as they told the first wife. However, she ignored them and walked away. Also, the rose trees were not watered, and the cows were not fed. The poor grandmother appeared and said that if she drowned in this river, her hair would come. The second queen who drowned in the river got her hair.

The second queen drowned in the river again. Hoping to get so many more hairs she drowned in the river again. Her hair was gone and she was bald. Oops! what happened? Returning crying, she was told that the cows had not grazed, the roses were pricked with thorns, and the ants were well stung. With this, the lives of the second queen were merged in Air Now the story is over Let’s go home children!

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