monkey flew into the sky

Upper Fairfield Township is a village located in the Krishna River region. One Rich man has a son named Kohli. He has the agility to learn in such a difficult educational moment. Kohli on the without aiming. Can easily lift any weight. Great can feel like wrestling. He helps his father with farm work and his mother with household chores.

Your son Kohli is active. The intelligence sent by him to the Tom Hardy in the United States can still excel, said the village elders. And he has no education that does not fall. The great scholar. He said that those who have been apprenticed to Him would have no shortage of life sustenance. Father Shankara told Kohli about them. But Kohli did not listen to them.

Kohli confidently said, What should I do to learn new education in life? I should help four people as long as I can. Why should I learn? Why should I do a apprenticeship with him? Am I not great? I can invent new education myself. He intended that the people of his village should learn something in order to realize his greatness. There is a large garden in that village. A tree in that garden has berries. They are as bitter as edible corn. No one will go for those nuts. Good thought out about them.

The next evening a monkey ate the coconut and flew into the sky with double excitement. Noticing this, Kohli ate two nuts, pocketed four more, flew upwards and gradually descended. Lord Anjaneya, who ate such fruits, was also suspected of being Crossed Lanka. Kohli the village elders the next day and them to fly away. The news spread like wildfire. They came to this village and met Kohli. He made himself a disciple and asked to be taught that education. Said about him.

Kohli asked, “Are you Tom Hardy? Do they have no education? Did you come to me in search of this one education? Is it arrogance that you should not have education that does not come to you?” Son! If I am so proud, I will come to you to do a apprenticeship. Kohli asked. The educated man has no nostalgia for making money. What I have learned in education is not for me. It is a good intention to share the knowledge I have with my future ones.

“I am careful not to let the knowledge we have without extinction disappear with us,” said Tom Hardy humbly. Kohli smiled sarcastically and as this education had with me. He said the world would not be harmed.

“Yes Son! Man must swim in the water and fly in the air. Tolerate all weather conditions. If a fish or a crocodile comes out of the same water, it can be valuable for the weaker life. The bear in the Himalayan mountain ranges is not in the desert. There are many benefits to any education and can be used by human beings as per the need.

When Kohli what they, he to him and on his and, “Excuse me. I will make you a disciple and develop my knowledge. I will present to you the education I know as Master gift.”

He said, “I have an ego in me that I am great, and I have convinced you. Accept me as their disciple.”

Humility is like an ornament to the educated. Worship the Guru daily with devotional zeal and keeps him as a good disciple and a good citizen. Education brings wisdom, humility and wisdom. There is a saying that the uneducated are strange beasts.

Know the value of life :

He is the one who lives by washing stones While doing his work during the day A stone in the eye of the beholder is very attractive Appeared. He screwed it to that stone Wrap it in cloth and take it home Gave to the wife. She put it in the shelf.

A few days Then beat the squash nuts Used it to find the stone Then use that stone for the same purpose Used many times. One day their child was playing hide and seek Took the stone and walked out. For a while He is a confectioner The kids were all in that candy cart when they arrived Nodded around. This kid also rocks Holding in hand Went. That stone attracted the candy merchant. He Will you give me that stone with kid.. you are a Chocolate said I will give.

Child Gladly gave him that stone. His climbing garbage in the evening If a friend looks and asks about that stone Wouldn’t it be nice if he was in someone else’s hands He said that he had given a Chocolate. That’s it The friend asked for the stone and gave it to him. He mixed that stone with the rest of the garbage Go to the junk dealer Divide objects into different types and give him As a seller he would look at this stone and give it what it is He asked.

For that he had some cash Took and gave the stone to the merchant. Good Let the merchant put it as a paper weight on the table Used. A wholesaler to his shop for a few days Come and see that stone and give him some cash Took the stone. Take it to the diamond merchant If taken and tested it is a few coats It turned out to be a precious diamond.

Ethics: – The same stone is used to make nuts Used to knock. One of the stones Used for gameplay. The eyes are a Chocolate For gave it to others.

Used as a paper weight. Really its Anyone who knows about its value Received. That is why this human birth is so precious. Much Rarely available. What should it be used for That is, subject to the stimulus of their intellect Will be? Essence of human life Those who knows is using this birth properly Will be able to get rid of life. Those who don’t will waste this life. Let’s identify the purpose of life – the course of life Let’s move on.

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