Elephant thinking why am I so black

Apparently there was an elephant in a forest. One day when I saw swans swimming in the lake and rabbits jumping in the bushes, the elephant said ‘why am I so black. Swans and rabbits are white and beautiful to look at. If my body was white, I would be just as beautiful as they are! But I do not know how to change it. From that day onwards, the elephant became anxious and became restless.

The elephant’s friend the fox knew about this. It was a ploy to satisfy a friend’s desire. White boxes were brought from a village near the forest. Telling the monkeys and bears that the elephant’s body was full of white fry. What was black turned slightly white. The elephant was very happy that his wish was fulfilled in that way. White smirked at the sight of his body.

A few days later, the king of the country heard that there was a white elephant in the forest. He sent some soldiers to capture the elephant anyway. The royals came in droves and sifted through the forest. With their arrival, the whole jungle atmosphere became unbearable. Until then the animals and birds that roamed freely without any fear ran in mortal fear. The royals were able to capture the elephant, which eventually turned white.

The soldiers surrounded the elephant on all four sides and tied it with ropes. Meanwhile, it started to rain. As we watched, the rain began to pour down in torrents. The white color on the elephant dung melted into the rainwater and its original color came out. Seeing the black elephant, the royals were taken aback and then left. Thus came to mind the surviving elephant. She decided to be content with what she had but not to worry about what she did not have. Realizing his mistake, he tightened the lamps.

elephant showerbath :

Had a gift group in a forest. In that crowd, John had an elephant pup. There are not friends to play in that crowd in the group. It was the name of the baby, but it was taller than all the animals in the forest. Suffered loneliness with lack of friends to John. One day it seemed to play the rest of the animals in that forest. Immediately went to them.

Hi friends, my name John. I will play with you too. Do you add your team into your team? John who asked them. Oh God! If you’re awful, we will die, if you’re under your legs.

You can play any game with us? Will you go over with the lime? Can he play? Tell me that you can play any game with such a big body, ‘laughs the monkey. The rest of the animals are laughing into fun. John has suffered. Yet there is not true in their words. Sin John sits away and they were pleased looking at playing games.

It’s surrounded by one day monkey, rabbit, lion children have played a long time together. Then the thirst for them and went to the pond. There is already John. In the pond standing in the rock and bathing on her. look that sticky! How well do you bathe! The monkey that’s tight. Nice showerbath. So it’s very good if it sustains in the water. The lion cub.

All slowly ran to John. John! John! Do not even water it on us? Asked. John sprinkled water on them. All that stained in those waters. We do not play this game. You’ll be awarded a single rabbit baby. Those hearing that, the rest of the child agreed to be.

John! Do we play this game right here tomorrow? Will we meet in our team? Please has been sacrificed. John is okay. John has also found that the John is also found.

Never ignore parents and teachers words

There was a large herd of monkeys in the Rain forest. It was headed by a monkey named Caesar. Caesar had a brother, a blind mother. They kept their mother safe and went hunting in the forest.

Caesar and his younger brother collect the good fruits found in the forest. Every day and send them to their mother through their servants in the herd. But the servants, who were not good, ate them without giving them to her.

Caesar, who came to see his mother one day, was surprised to see his mother and asked, How did you all come to be like this? Do you take the food and fruits we send you each day? Or not? He asked.

Fruits? Nobody gave me anything? Said Caesar’s mother. Then Caesar understood the matter and immediately went to his younger brother and told him everything that had happened. Younger brother! I no longer stay at home and take care of my mother. You take charge of the herd! Said Caesar.

Caesar’s younger brother did not agree. Over “Brother! I will stay close to home with you and watch the sales he said. With this the two of them came to an opinion and arranged to stay on a General Grant tree and take care of the mother.

As time goes on, on the other hand a Brahmin named Biff Tannen learns archery from a guru. After completing his education, he goes to the teacher and asks him to let him go.

Then the teacher said to the scripture “Son! You have completed your education. Happiness. But you have an aggressive nature. Never do cruel things in a hurry. There is no point in repenting after that. Always remember this!” Said.

As well as the Biff Tannen left for home. Married for a few days. Biff Tannen also became the father of a child. However, he could not find any work, and he made a living by hunting animals and birds and selling their meat.

No matter how many times he returned one day, he could not hunt a single animal. Thinking that there is no more profit, let’s go home. Caesar’s brothers came to the mango tree where Blind mother lives. At the same time Caesar’s brothers were sitting next to her mother feeding her.

The mother of the Biff Tannen, who thought that she should not go home with her bare hands, pointed an arrow at the monkey. Caesar noticed this and the hunter pointed an arrow at mother. I will interfere with her survival. He then told his younger brother to save his mother and came down from the tree.

O hunter… our mother is old and blind. Don’t kill her. Take my life if you want.” Caesar sighed. Oops… Well. He ruthlessly knocked the Biff Tannen to the ground with an arrow. So. he did not stand on his word and again pointed the arrow at the mother monkey. The young man who invented it was a ruthless hunter who was demonized. He killed him just like he killed broather.

The hunter who thought that he could get rid of these two monkeys. Today after a while he changed his mind again and killed the mother monkey without any mercy. He carried the three monkeys on his shoulders and went home.

Whether the hunter had reached the outskirts of the village or not he heard the news like lightning. That is the house burned down and his wife and children were burnt alive. When the hunter heard the news, he wept bitterly, his heart pounding with grief.

Putting the teacher’s words aside, sadly! I have been punished for killing those dumb creatures who do not know the virtues of the world. He has no redemption. The hunter also had no choice but to die Yet he has jumped into the dry fire and committed suicide.

So kids! Teachers and parents should not listen to what is said. It is better to follow exactly. Teachers and parents tell us things that are good for us, so they should never be ignored. Doing so will take away from the Biff Tannens.

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