Good student

Harry is reading the fifth class. The habit of stealing the belongings of others from childhood. Pens of pens, pencils and books in school, even without knowing anyone. If the interval at the school was given to the outside of the child, their school bags were observed. Once the lad of Dhiraj was brought to the book of colorful toys. Brews didn’t even get to the brews of twice. Peter’s lad of Peter to buy the rewards in school and steals them without knowing anyone in the rupees.

Harry was a lot of fun. Objects are glad to suffer, seasons. It is not even known to parents who are coming to carry the goods of others. It was fun in the steal that did not know why the habit came. The thing that ate the others of others is cautious without knowing anyone. On Saturday civil dresses, Smith’s lad was awarded the most expensive sandals. The outside of the classroom will be seated inside. Going out of the teacher to go to the passage and go out of the slippers and turned away in the closure of nothing again and again came into Classroom. After that, there is no matter how paired the sandals. Sandals have been losses by Smith.

Harry is staying in America. When one came from America, Harry was a car doll. If the key is key to the car, it will revolve it. Haran also sets if any of it is blocked. This car toy loved the toy Harry. Children of home, school to show this toy for school, and enjoyed. This car was shut down in the country where the toy did not find somewhere in India. One of the children took the car toy to the one-day and showed all the children.

By the time the next time, it was late and dropped dark. In the plastic bag and holding up with the books, the unknown person was in the car, including the bag on the bicycle. Harry’s thief did not appear to be rotated along the bicycle, deactivated. This is the subject of the parents and told the parents. The rice does not even eat. Battered. No matter how difficult it’s parents. Harry friends are so crying when showing sympathy.

One day the books on the locker were pencils lying under the bottom of the books. Harry’s mind has been smelled. Our belongings are the first time that others are tossed. He has been a good student who has been a good student without being hoping on the goods of others since he has suffered so much because of the robberies.

White Rose wish :

With the school holidays today. Julia and her mother, who wanted to cut flowers in the garden, ran to the garden to cut flowers. Be careful mother. Julia’s mother Angelia said that the rose trees had thorns. Julia also entered the garden.

One of the white roses ready to bloom among the green plants, smiling at the breeze. swaying like a king. Julia was shocked to see the scene with her bully eyes. Go there immediately. Wow pink, will you befriend me. Julia said as she kissed you.

Pink smiles. Rose immediately saw Julia asking her to be his friend . Surley Julia. I will befriend you too, I will turn you on. I will mesmerize you. With this, Julia gently brought the rose tree behind the house and placed it in front of the house.

And since then, Julia has been growing a rose plant every day, playing happily, singing and watering happily. The baby who looked at the white rose, ate the handful of nails and lived comfortably. Three days later the rose blossomed.

Julia noticed it. one day she was eager to cut the rose! Whether it touched the flower or not, “Mom” said and withdrew her hand sadly . Her finger was sharpening. Looks like blood is leaking. The girl who saw it was terrified and cried.

Seeing it, Rose said, “Oh my friend! Take care of me Julia! I have invisible soldier thorns for my protection. Otherwise, they will easily cut me off by thieves. So I have made some small arrangements for self-defense.”

Julia who forgot to cry um ..! Did you even make such arrangements, how clever you are in such a small brain, that’s why I like you with me” said Julia. Do you know how much I’m looking at you? “Even our country’s leaders would have been vigilant if like you had thought. Terrorists and destructive forces would not have been in a position to kill innocent people,” she said.

However “There are many brave soldiers who have lost their lives working hard all night to save the country. It’s like they’re going to put you at their feet and tell them the salute, sorry rose friend said Julia.

The white rose who listened to everything patiently baby.. baby.. What more could I want than to go to such a place? Quickly cut me and take me there Julia … I will also pay homage to those brave soldiers” Rose pleaded. With this, Julia cut the rose plant and set out to pay homage to the heroes.

Know the value of real friends

There were two patients in a hospice room in a village. One of them was next to the bed window and the other patient was away from the bed window. The patient near the window would occasionally get up and sit down and describe to the second patient that the views outside the window were very good.

Wow! how big the field, the green grass, the beautiful garden to see, the colorful flowers in that garden that the patient next to the window would tell the second patient every day. He also talks about the cool breeze on a cold evening, the flowering trees that sway in the wind, the large pond in the middle of the garden, and the ducks and lilies in it.

The second patient, who listened to all of this every day, became more and more jealous day by day, thinking, “How nice it would be if he was next to the window, watching all the scenes outside.” During this time, the patient next to the window became serious one night. The patient next door was in a position to press the button set up to call the doctor but he did not press. What’s more the patient next to the window died because the doctor was not available.

Still jealous, the patient, who was away from the window, slammed the hospital staff and shifted his bed to the side of the window. Early the next morning he sat up on the hardest and looked outside there was a banyan tree, nothing but the well below.

The patient who came up with the idea. How many days does his fellow patient tell him so many scenes to make him happy? He is his true friend. He regretted that he had not been able to help such a person in the last stage. So, kids! What you need to know from this is Never be jealous that the people next door have, we don’t have.

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