In a small village. There was a farmer named Rajanna in that field. He had a small farm and some cows. Rajanna increased the number of cows near him by having a quicker return on milk than on the crop. Eventually, the number of cows near Rajanna increased so much that he had to tie one of his cows outside the barn – there was no place in the barn anymore! Rajanna as he was milking out a slender cow that was humble among all the cows near him. That cow is so good. No matter how good it is, it is better to breastfeed at any time. It is a gentle cow that can suckle without even having to leave the calf.

Rajanna also had a good chicken coop. Every day before dawn it wakes everyone on the street with its majestic snort. Every day, Rajanna would wake up for the third time and go to the barn to milk the chickens. Latha, who observed Rajanna’s daily routine, had a misconception, she was waking up to her first chicken coop every day. As soon as he awoke, quickly went into the hut, The cow, which was tied up outside the barn, squeezed all the milk and ran home.

Sadly, when the third hen wakes up and goes into the barn, the cow outside is not suckling! Rajanna was confused for four days without understanding the reason. There was no more profit, he guarded himself and stayed up all night looking to see what was going on with all the disappearing mustard. Whether the hen was down or not, a female form appeared in the manger. It went straight to the cow and eagerly squeezed the milk. And then that shape went into Latha’s house next door. The looking Subban understood the matter. He wanted to give a tough lesson to latha who is squeezing Palani every day.

On the same day, the hen was sent to their relatives’ house. As it was getting dark they went to the laundry house on their street and asked him to tie his ass in his lap for one night. Rajannayite lays good grass for cattle. That night was a feast for the donkey. So, ‘What is one night? No matter how many nights, the silk toy ‘said Pullanna.

Rajanna then tied the donkey to the place where the cow was kept outside the barn every day and laid good grass on it. The donkey ate his stomach when he found the grass. If anyone sees it in the dark, they will think it is. After all, was set up Subbanna slept comfortably looking for a place to be a source. The chicken did not hatch the next morning.

Latha, who arrives at the right time every day, hesitates that day and says, “Aww! It’s as well late.” Energetically pressing the drain, not taking note of its shape or estimate. The frightened donkey kicked latha again and made her cry! The thief was found. To compensate for her mistake, latha had to work for free for a week on Rajanna ax! Plus it costs a lot of money to repair broken bones!.


There was a village called Ramapuram. There were a lot of kids in that village. Among them Padma, Kiran are good friends.

One day all the children of that village were together Are playing. Then named Somu The boy said to the children there, “Okay! The last of our village From a large flower tree next to a large bungalow, A single flower went off tonight I’m going to give them ten peacock feathers I will give.”

The Kiran loves peacock feathers. But to you, Darkness is very scary. That’s it New moon on the day too! But ten peacocks at once When the feathers came, he was very hopeful. “I’ll be there tonight, anyway,” he said Go and get that flower, I’ll show you! “He bet with Somu. The Padma knew this. The very Padma Be brave. She is a torchlight Take it, and go big with the Kiran tonight Departed to the bungalow. The two together As he approached the bungalow, something on the Kiran leg in the dark Looks like a hit! Immediately the Kiran feared, Loud “Ghost! Ghost!” Cried.

Then Padma said “Don’t be afraid Raju! I have Is there a torchlight! Let’s look at that, stop-one Minute- “he said to the side Puts out the torchlight. Looks a little there Rabbit- looking at the Kiran in fear There is! ‘Congratulations!’ Feels both Walked forward. The bungalow arrived but only to the Kiran, There are some screams in the mind. Everything seems ghostly. Very scary Casting. When the bungalow gate was removed, the Kiran did not Go into a state of inability. Then the Padma On top of the big hyacinth itself, a flower Got cut. Both were very happy. Took the flower and turned back. But The Kiran, however, did not lose his fear. Katika is dark Looks like something in the middle of the road. Glow The worms are roaming Remembering! The Kiran did so, They were both scared Reached. Giving a flower to the Padma Kiran, Tata said and went to their house.

For the Kiran near the dawn tree, All the kids are waiting. Kiran that He took the flower and gave it to Somu. But, Somu did not keep his word. Ten peacock feathers Not given to the Kiran. “At night you take the Padma with you, this Brought the flower. Otherwise you Babu, where is the courage to be alone! “Said Somu Mocked the Kiran. The Kiran disagreed. He began to brag that he had gone by himself. “If you do not take the Padma with you-Look, Padma is there. You go She deserves a blow! Somu bet. The Kiran likes this bet Nope. However, if he loses the bet, everyone mocks him, he went and put on Padma’s cheek One blow struck. With that the Kiran courage Everyone applauded. Ten to Kiran Somu Gave the peacock feathers. The Kiran found peacock feathers though- but, that Later Padma never saw the Kiran face again. Their friendship is as trivial as gold Spoiled due to betting!

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