The Lion King and Rat Friendship

One day a lion got tired in the sun again and snarled under a tree. One of the hamsters jumped on the lion without looking down from the tree. Then the lion looked at the rat angrily. The rat was frightened and begged, “Sir, I am a small creature. I did not jump on you because of ignorance. Please forgive me the Lion King.” The lion kindly left the rat without killing it. The rat rejoiced and went into his burrow, saying, “I will never forget the good you did.”

A few days passed. The lion, which always roams the forest, is trapped in a trap set by a hunter. Tried so hard to get out of that trap. But could not get out. And she tried hundreds of times to get out of that trap, screaming terribly that her life was going to end today.

The rat heard its screams and came out of its burrow. Saw a lion trapped in a trap. Don’t worry the Lion King! I have a chance to reciprocate the favor you have done,” she said, biting the net ropes with her emaciated teeth. The lion that escaped death thanked the rat.

golden cradle is for the good guys :

Literally a Maryland village. There is a big forest around that town. There was a farmer named Hulk in that village. He has a young daughter. That girl is like shit colored gold. The father was called Lily Collins. Lily Collins’s mother died when she was a child. Hulk got married for the second time. Her name is Elizebeth. Envious of Lily Collins. Elizebeth had a daughter.

Kirsten, that baby name. Kirsten wants toys for herself. All the candy should be eaten by itself. The gowns are all her own. Sadly! No matter how hard Lily Collins worked, Elizebeth kept on feeding and giving. Give torn gowns. Not exactly putting rice. Kirsten had a mother comparison. The body is dark black. If everyone who came to the house looked at Lily Collins and complimented her saying “Your like a golden toy”, Elizebeth, look and grin! Elizebeth was jealous, angry, working for Lily Collins in the sun! Her body color would turn black if she worked in the sun like that.

Elizebeth is not the one who puts rice to Lily Collins. Tired of working, she sat in the cattle shed. Seeing the gold, the ants went into the kitchen as a team. They would bring pieces of bread and give them to Lily Collins and leave. The pet parrot would fly on the rive and bring the gourds and drop them on the golden belly. Came into the golden forest. The puppy also came along. Accompanying Parrot was also flying. Lily Collins walks in the forest, walks, is hungry. Thirsty and tired and fainted. The puppy went for a run and brought the ones that were not in the forest. Grandmother splashed water on Lily Collins’s face.

Grandmother told Lily Collins that she would give him a “good gift” if he worked in his house. The golden work was done. Golden is not a lazy! Every work is done very diligently and hard! Do not fight with anyone. Once Grandma went into the woods, put gold jewelry all over the room and left without closing the door! In the evening Grandma came back and saw the jewelry! Not a single piece of jewelry was missing.

Next day morning grandmother again filled the kitchen with sweets and left. The evening has come! Not a single candy was spilled. Lily Collins ate only the piece of bread given to her. By the time I got back home, everything was intact. Not a single gown was stolen, even with a gold-plated gown. Grandma was very happy. Those who are not greedy for money, do much good to others! Our Lily Collins is also such a good man! Grandmother gave Bath to Lily Collins. Put on a new gown. Put candies. Jewelry is provided! Not only that. Then he pulled out a whip near him and beat him. Immediately there was a fine bell ringing in the air, and a beautiful golden cradle shone brightly.

Grandma grabbed Lily Collins and sat her in the cradle! “Girl! You are a very good child! I will give you this ‘whip’ as a gift. You go and help everyone in your village sitting in this cradle. If you sit in this ‘cradle’ and ask for anything, it will come to you” said the golden hand whip. Lily Collins closed her eyes and thought, I want a nice gown.’ Immediately the gown was on her lap! Lily Collins came back home.

Suffering from rains or drought in the village. Live the golden cradle with the golden whip. With that the drought was over. Everyone went on to bless Lily Collins as the “Golden Mother. Seeing this, Elizebeth was very sad. She wanted to kill Lily Collins and take that ‘whip’. ‘Give me that whip once,’ she said lovingly. Lily Collins offered. Elizebeth sat in the cradle with Kirsten sitting on her lap! That’s it!

Once the cradle was tied to the Elizebeth with iron rods. Saw blades on the bottom, fires all around! She was burned in it. “Girl! This golden cradle is for the good guys!” If the wicked sit in it, they will have the same ‘punishment!’ Said and disappeared. Seeing this, everyone in the village left the bad Habits and walked with good manners!

Hunter life changed. Hunter stopped hunting because of two bears

A hunter carried his long pistol to his shoulder and set out for the forest with a box of bullets on his other shoulder. Going a long way, he reached a valley. “If you cross this valley and go into the forest on the other side, there are a lot of bergamot trees. There are a lot of bears coming in. You can easily hunt,” he thought softly, crossing the valley. He went to the berry trees.

Immediately the hunter noticed a small bear passing by a narrow path near the fruit trees. If he fires a gun now this kid will fall into the bear valley, so he thinks there is no profit and goes ahead. However, the hunter saw another large bear coming from the opposite side of the cub.

Even if one turns back on that narrow path that does not allow two people to walk at the same time. There will be no way for the other two to go. Both of those bears who did not want to go back in that order were confronted. The fighter thought he would eventually fall into the valley and die.

“If the pony burns one the other will fall into the valley for that sound. So whatever he does to them will be of no use to him,” the hunter decided firmly. That’s right now the guy was interested in what they were both doing in that thin thread. So he hid in the trees next door and watched the two with interest.

Meanwhile, the two bears confronted each other. The hunter did not understand what they were saying in their language. After a while the big bear sat in silence. The little bear climbed on it and came this way. Then which way did they go?

The hunter who saw all this without burying it. Are animals so clever ? Whenever I see foolish people, I am great I think I am great and fight with pride? Thought. This mouthless creature that lives so well has killed itself, someone accidentally slapped him on the cheek. And the hunter who went home from there stopped hunting from that day onwards. He worked hard and lived happily by raising his wife and children.

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