sparrows unity

Many Sparrows lived in a forest. But they were not united. They were flying apart from one by one. There was a kite in the same forest. It often ate Sparrows.

The declining number of Sparrows on a daily basis filled the kangaroo with confusion and fear. They all came together one day to think about how to solve this problem.

“The kite is attacking us because we are flying one by one. If we all fly together, nothing is done. So let’s all stay together,” said a dove.

From that next day, all the Sparrows flew in flocks. With that, the kite was unable to attack. Hence, it was also difficult to find food. One trick went to the tax kite Sparrows. “I did not come to kill you. I came to befriend you.”

Although the Sparrows had not believed before, they believed that the kite had not tried to attack them for two days. On the third day, the kite approached the Sparrows and said, “Looking at your group is captivating. But you need a King. If you have a King, you can be better.”

They did not understand who among the Sparrows should be the King. The kite said, “If you do not mind, I will be your King.” The Sparrows said well. Now You have to arrange the food for your boss’s kite every day. So the Sparrow has to come to feed me every day,” said the kite. The kite’s seduction to the Sparrows made sense. Immediately all gathered and drove the kite away.

ant’s words pierced the black fox:

That’s empty space. The street is between two houses. For all those street lovers, that empty space serves as a garbage can. The owner of that place is a black fox! The black fox, the people of the house next door, wanders around the barn, eating the cushions of the discarded spreaders. The fox that barks angrily! Whenever another fox came into the area, it would fall on it, bark, bite and chase the fox away. All the plates that fell in that place were its property; Do not let anyone touch them. However, ants and flies keep swarming on the leaves! That black fox keeps pushing them.

However, on a festive day, more than a dozen people came to the place every day. The black fox was overjoyed to see them. But, in the meanwhile, another fox came there to smell the starchy pieces that had fallen with the leopards. It was too late for the fox to come and the black fox barked at it and shouted loudly! The new fox turned on the black fox showing fangs.

There was a big melee with screams and screams. With that blow, all the pulpits became chaotic; all the mud was washed away. Finally, the new fox was chased to the end of the street and the black fox came back. If you look at it, it does not look like rice in the mud, rust, and rubbish. Atu Itu sat looking anxiously …!

A fleshy ant hovering over the leaves looked at the black fox with pity; “Someone’s eaten and disposed of. You’re inaccessible to anyone. Your seduction that no one should be except me has made you without even … look … our ants! If we find ravenous food anywhere, we will call all our ants. We all eat together; We’ll be fine … If you look at our ants and come to your senses, you and your species will be fine, fleshy ant! ”

The ant’s words pierced the black fox, who was starving and tired. As well as lying down, looking at the clay leaves, moaning in tears.

The tiger, frog and fox

One morning one of the tigers was walking near River near his cave. “What do you find to eat today?” Slowly it went to river, drank the water, and sat on the cold sand there. Something soft hit the tiger that was sitting like that. If you look at ‘what if’ there is a big old frog there.

And the frog jumped to the side and said angrily, “stupid! Do you have a sacrament? Are you a buffalo? Don’t you know how to look before you sit down? Shouted.

The tiger was angry when he heard those words. I will eat you for what you did wrong.”

The frog raised its head proudly “You can not eat me. I am the king of frogs. Someone smarter than you! Said proudly.

“Let’s prove it!” That tiger.

“However, I challenge you in jumping, eating, wrestling,” said the frog.

Okay said tiger.

Then the jumping bet began. The tiger jumped to the other side using all its strength. Jumped three meters past the other embankment. But surprise! The frog was able to jump a meter farther than the tiger! However, the tiger did not know that it was holding the tiger’s tail and jumping.

“I ate two tigers this morning. And what did you eat? Asked.

When the tiger heard those words, it did not look at him in fear.

Noticing the tiger’s fear, the frog called for him to wrestle with him.

The tiger thought for a while and decided it was best to run away from there. Immediately jumped out and ran into the forest without stopping. After running for a long time it came across an old fox.

Seeing the frightened and frightened tiger, the fox asked, dear tiger? What is the matter?

The tiger explained everything to the fox.

The fox tried to tell the tiger, “There is no frog that eats two tigers at a time. She even called on the frog to come to her if she wanted to, and then prove that the frog’s words were not true.

In order not to leave the fox in the middle, the tiger agreed to go closer to the frog on the condition that the two tails be tied together.

The two then tied their tails together and walked towards the river. The frog, noticing their arrival, stood firmly in front of them and shouted, “Oh, clever fox! You are a true friend. I wanted to eat this tiger, but then it escaped. But for me, I’m so glad you brought it back to me.”

The tiger trembled when he heard those words. The fox imagined that he had deceived himself. She began to run into the forest, dragging the fox with its tail tied. The tiger increased his speed as the fox tried to say anything. After running a long distance it did not stop. By then the fox was all but dead and bleeding all over his body. Sadly so many bones are broken.

Even then the tiger did not untie the tail knot! Unwrapped and exhausted, it said to the fox, “Such intelligence does not extend to me,” but its cheek seemed to swell with anger!

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