There was an epic poet named Abraham in the possession of Kennedy. He is very intelligent. He could easily defeat anyone with his intelligence. That kind of makes Kennedy happy and receives many gifts.

There were also four notorious thieves in the royal empire. Together they planned to rob the house of Abraham one day. The robbers, who had come to steal from Abraham’s house as expected, were sitting foxes in a banana bush in the backyard.

As it was lunchtime Abraham came into the yard to wash his hands. He accidentally looked at the banana trees and saw thieves hiding in the bushes in the dark. Without even bothering to look at them, Abraham came up with a clever idea.

As soon as he thought, he immediately called his wife… “The fear of thieves is very high in this town. Jewelry and coins should not be kept in the house these days. Let’s wrap them in a bag and throw them in the well in our backyard What?” Abraham said gently winking.

Abraham’s wife, who understood her husband’s idea, agreed. Abraham then whispers in his wife’s ear that he goes home and prepares a bundle and comes into the yard with his wife and throws it in the well. All this while the thieves who were hiding there were watching and rejoicing inside.

The thieves were glad that the missing wire had hit the leg… they decided to stay until everyone was asleep and then go down to the well. It was getting dark. As expected, the robbers came out of the banana trees after everyone was asleep. Hung into the well. Immediately someone jumped into the well and searched for a long time for a jewelry bag, but found that the jewelry bag could not be found due to the high water level.

There is no profit anymore, if you add water from the well, all the water will decrease. Then a thief advises that you can easily find the jewelry. According to him, the rest of the people, one by one, poured water from the good one by one. Abraham, noticing the thieves sneaking in the water, gently came into the yard, set footwell on the banana trees, and went home without banging.

No matter how long the thieves dug the water, the water in the well did not decrease at all. The banana trees were well watered. The thieves kept pouring water until dawn. The jewelry envelope was finally found by the thieves. Abba the thieves opened the lid, pretending that the difficulty had paid off. However, when they saw that there were black stones instead of jewelry in the bag, they are amazing.

The thieves, realizing that Abraham had deceived them, bowed their heads in shame and fled. They could easily plunder many houses, pretending that there was no one better than themselves. Such was the case that even a small object in Abraham’s house could not be stolen.

Kennedy knew all about the incident that took place in the meantime. The Maharaja, who was endowed with the wisdom of Abraham, honored him with innumerable gifts. So kids the moral to know through this story is that you can conquer any danger with cunning.

helpless creature :

There was a pond of water in a forest. There were many animals in that pond. One of them was a small sea horse that was affectionately cared for by other animals as well as other sea horses. That sea horse was lovingly talking and friendly with all the animals.

One day a crab saw the sea horse swimming and coming to the shore of the pond. Since the crab was new to the pond, it did not know about that sea horse. Seeing the sea horse, the crab began to shout, “Aye horse! Why are you coming to the shore of the pond? You must take my permission to come ashore.”

The sea horse choked on the crab’s words. Until then no one had spoken like that with it. It went into the pond without saying anything to the crab. Even then the crab did not leave the sea horse. The sea horse jumped into the pond and got behind. “Did you know you’re a helpless creature? I can not even dream of coming out of the water, but I can swim in the water and live on the ground,” said the crab. The sea horse remained silent without saying anything. At least not looking back at the crab. That made the crab angry.

The crab continued to unite his greatness. “Can you at least speak? I can even sing in unison he said as he flew from the pond to the shore and started shouting “Beka Beka”. As well as shouting for a long time. The crabs woke up the sleeping snake in the adjacent mound. The crab appeared on the shore of the pond to the snake that came out angrily to see who had awakened him. She jumped on the crab and swallowed it. The sea horse slipped into the cold water.

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