A parrot raised her only daughter With love. Meanwhile daughter attained age for marriage. Parrot wanted to give the baby to the groom and get married. So the daughter arranged for Swayamvara and went to invite the nearby brides.

On the way to Parrot… Hen was seen climbing up the hut and sitting in luxury. I have arranged Swayamvaram for my daughter tomorrow and you must come,” she said.

With this.. “Is your daughter beautiful..?” Hen was devastated. The parrot went to another house.

When Peacock appeared to Parrot who was playing well… “You must come to my daughter Swayamvara Dear.” That is. “Is your daughter as beautiful like me…?” Peacock chuckled. My daughter also went ahead thinking that your beauty is not inferior Parrot.

The parrot also went to the houses of parrots, pigeons and storks and asked her daughter to come to Swayamvara. However, everyone laughed like the hen. However, Parrot corrected all of them in some way, answered them and persuaded the daughter to come to Swayamvara.

The next day in a mango orchard.. Parrot daughter Swayamvaram was set up. All the heavenly beauties have come to this Swayamvara. The whole place was buzzing with noise. The pigeon, who was leaning on a tree branch, appeared to Parrot, who was spinning around in a hurry in the daughter’s well-being.

Seeing Parrot… “Indeed in the event that Swayamvara did not call me, I would have come..!” Said pigeon. Parrot chuckled. The pigeon went to the end and sat down.

Parrot’s daughter was dressed as a bride and brought to the stage. Parrot’s daughter, who was holding the garland with her mouth, ran towards the bridegroom. First Hen and then Peacock King, Parrot, Stork and Myna passed each other and went ahead.

Parrot’s daughter who went like that stopped at the end. The pigeon was there. Parrot’s daughter looked into pigeon eyes with shame. Pigeon also gently winked. She put a necklace around his neck, smiled at his mother and hid behind him.

This is the same confusion with mangoes. All the faces of the who had gathered for Swayamvara faded with shame. If not, persuade and bring too much, so insulting…?! Unable to stay there, they left immediately.

Parrot, who was disgusted with what her daughter had done… realized the mistake she had made and immediately opened up… “oh baby… my mother..! If you did not know what was on your mind..! Isn’t it? ” The parrot kissed her daughter happily.

Gloomy Cheetah:

There is a cheetah in a forest. One day it went near the canal to quench its thirst. His reflection of it was clearly visible in the clear water. It stopped drinking water and stood looking at his reflection. ‘Aha! How beautiful I am. Anyone else has big eyes, betel-like ears, and glowing skin with gold dots? Like looking at every part of her body… beautifully described and standing with sincerity. Meanwhile, its focus fell on the legs. Immediately its face turned gloomy. What are the legs likes? Thinner and thinner! God who gave such a beautiful body gave such legs’? That was very sad.

Suffering entered the cheetah’s mind, which had been very happy until then. Wouldn’t it be great without that little flaw?’ To what it seemed. Meanwhile, something smelled like an accident was coming. Someone had warned its mind that the hunter was secretly hiding in a tree. At least without turning his head he ran at once in the same direction in which he was standing. The sound of footsteps following someone in the back, the cheetah ran fast, laying on its limbs. Keep running until you reach a safe place without a hitch.

Realizing that the accident was missing, he stopped running and stood under a tree, “Oh God! How long has it been? Thought. The husband looked at his escaped legs. His legs, which had previously looked so beautiful, now looked so beautiful like gold bars. She knew why God gave her such legs and thanked God for giving her such legs.

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